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October 25, 2015

Deception And The Babylonian World System


By Minute to Midnite - All News PipeLine

In this Episode from October 24th, some recent news stories are talked about. Chris and Tony begin by discussing the TPP deal and how it is not a good thing at all, and how that it is already becoming apparent. The  TTIP and TISA negotiations are also ongoing, and the fact the America is at the center of all these deals begs the question: Is America Mystery Babylon? Is this part of the attempt to control the commerce of the world and bring it under a Babylonian system?

The question of the Islamic refugee invasion of the west is also talked about, and how it is presenting serious health concerns for the countries facing this situation, as well as cultural and religious issues that it presents.

The fact that complacency  can so easily overtake us now that things haven't happened in the ways many expected ( in September etc) is to be avoided, because things are still progressing constantly towards difficult times. The need to continue to prepare is emphasized.

The main focus of the show turns to the deceptions that we are all faced with, and the need to discern truth from error in this difficult time. The deceptions will only grow deeper, and the need to seek truth more pertinent than ever. The discussions from here cover a number of difficult issues that are potentially be divisive-even among Christian believers. The floating cities in the sky, The situation in Syria, with the potential Gog/Magog war scenarios are mulled over. Where do Russia and America stand in the NWO? Should we support Israel? Is modern political Israel "God's" chosen nation or the "Synagogue of Satan"?  Also the desire of the Obama administration to take guns from American citizens while arming Syrian rebels is questioned. These and other difficult issues are brought into the discussion.

The fact that none of us has all the answers, and the need for us to have balance in our views is stressed. Many peoples' pet theories will turn out to be wrong. So our need to weigh everything against scripture is most important. That cannot be emphasized enough!


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