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April 14, 2016

Desperate Michelle Fields Attacks Greta Van Susteren As 'Trump Shill' While 'Irresponsible' Megyn Kelly Eggs Fields On


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

Multiple news outlets including ABC News, Politico, CNN and others are reporting that Florida prosecutors will not be charging Donald Trump's campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, over an incident where former Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields claimed he "assaulted" her, asserting he grabbed her and she "almost fell to the ground," further claiming he bruised her in the process.


Back in late March, Fox News host Greta Van Susteren, a former criminal defense and civil trial lawyer, accurately predicted this outcome to the charges filed by Fields against  Lewandowski, stating "In my wildest dreams I don’t see how a jury ever convicts on this with all the ambiguity. In fact, it looks like two Secret Service who were protecting Donald Trump are reaching for her. I don’t know whether or not that is what is provoking the bruises or not. That’s the problem. Here’s your reasonable doubt right there."

One would assume that this saga would be over considering Fields' own claim immediately after the incident that she "never sought to be part of the story," and that she hoped the article she wrote giving her version of what happened had answered questions so she could "get back to reporting the news, not being a part of it."  Contradicting her own assertion in that article Fields immediately took to the media circuit to continue lamenting how the "incident" seen in the video above was so horrible it was comparable to the death of her father.

Those assuming the saga would be over now, would be wrong as now Fields is apparently considering a defamation lawsuit against Lewandowski in an obvious and desperate attempt to stay in the spotlight.

Upon hearing that Fields was considering a civil suit, Van Susteren offered Fields some free legal advice, based on years of experience, saying "don’t bring a civil lawsuit."

Anyone encouraging Michelle Fields to bring a civil law suit is not doing her a favor.  She does not want to take the stand in a civil case, subject to rigorous cross examination, that is likely to be on television to discuss a case that the DA won’t prosecute because he does not believe the evidence shows assault.  Yes, the burden of proof is less in a civil case, but she is just not going to win and it will be expensive and a heartache.  Even if one can win, it is not always worth it.

Anyone encouraging this young woman to bring a lawsuit is irresponsible to her.

PS. Just so we are clear, I am not ‘for’ assault.  I know the court system.

Fields, reponded via Twitter: "I think I'll pass on getting legal advice from a Trump shill. Thanks tho."


Greta responded with "this is silly-I relied on years of experience in court system,she relies on name calling :)" followed up by "Is everyone who disagrees w/ her,including the prosecutor who says  no case a "Trump shill" in her mind?"


Van Susteren makes a couple very interesting points when she states in the article quoted above that "Anyone encouraging this young woman to bring a lawsuit is irresponsible to her," and via Twitter when she asserts "Anyone in the media telling Michelle Fields to prosecute that claim was using her," right after stating "Terrible that some in the media pushed her to this."

Van Susteren doesn't name any names of those in the media she is referring to, but looking at the times listed we see she tweeted that one hour after "irresponsible" Fox News host Megyn Kelly tweeted "@KatiePavlich: Lewandowski tried "to defame [@MichelleFields]… when in fact video evidence… showed clearly he did in fact touch her." (H/T Gateway Pundit)


Note the twitter time mention of 12 hr, meaning Greta tweeted that 12 hrs before I took the screenshot, now note the time mention of the screen shot of Kelly's tweet shown below.


Without actually naming her, did Greta basically just call out Megyn Kelly as "irresponsible?" Or is the timing of Greta's comments coming approximately one hour after Kelly "eggs" Fields on, simply coincidental?

It is noteworthy that Kelly was also one of the first in the media to bring fields onto her show and treat her like a victim of some horrid "violation" in what Greta has previously referred to as "media scrum...with routine pushing and shoving," which should never have ended up with an allegation of a crime.

Has Kelly been "using" Fields in order to stay in the spotlight herself?

Below we see Judge Andrew Judge Napolitano agreeing with Greta as he tells America's Newsroom he was glad the Florida court did not proceed to charge Corey Lewandowski with battery assault against Michelle Fields. From the beginning Napolitano thought the entire case was a sham. The judge also noted that Fields would have a difficult time if she filed a civil suit against Trump or Lewandowski.

We have to wonder if Fields will also call Napolitano a "Trump shill" as well.

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