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February 4, 2016

Experts Warn Of 'Destruction Of Food Chain' Edging Towards Completion - 'Whole Systems Out Of Whack And Other Freakish Phenomena' - There But For The Grace Of God Go We


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

The absolutely heart-wrenching new story on ENENews tells us about the biggest West Coast bird die-off ever in recorded history, ongoing as you read this right now and for more than a year now, that has left a staggering number of birds deads with stomachs completely empty and 'a host of other freakish phenomena". 

While government and scientists still are unable to say exactly what is causing this latest mass die-off, anybody who has been paying attention to the countless reports coming from the West coast and Pacific Ocean of the endless die-offs know much better than the so-called 'experts' do. In fact, we'll go so far as to say that government and science are proving themselves totally irrelevent as they continuously claim they don't know why all of these mass deaths are occurring when it's so obviously clear that Fukushima's radiation is well on the way to destroying our ecosystem and the food chain along the west coast.

Though they don't have answers, they freely share the symptoms they're seeing, over and over again, in the dead birds.:

We’re seeing the effects of this throughout the food web,” [Rob Kaler U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service biologist] says… "The murres’ stomachs are completely empty."

The reason for the dead birds is still a mystery… “I think it suggests something more related to the food web structure,” Heather Renner with the USFWS said, “The really frustrating question of why they are starving to death.


With hundreds of thousands of newly dead birds to add to the countless millions of other sea, air and land creatures that have been dying in the Pacific Ocean and surrounding areas, why are the scientists still claiming they have no idea what is causing this disaster? Are scientists being threatened with death by government agents working feverishly to prevent the truth from getting out? We know that there is a very long list of scientists who have mysteriously met their untimely end over recent years. Are more now being threatened over 'Fukushima's death row' that we're now all on?  

In fact, the L.A. area has a double whammy to deal with due to the never-ending flow of radiation spewing from Aliso Canyon at Porter Ranch that has left many sick, animals dead and a warning of lethal levels of radiation coming up out of the ground. With these events, are we witnessing the depopulation agenda exploding before our very eyes?

We also learn in the 2nd video below via Cryptome of a Hillary Clinton email that was sent out to staff after the Fukushima disaster happened warning to stay inside and avoid going out if at all possible. "Stay indoors if at all possible. There is nothing, no events, parties, sports, movies, etc that are worth getting more exposure to radiation. The stuff travels far, very far." She also said this: "As long as the radiation leak is going, and up to 24-48 hours later, the threat is at is (sic) highest in most cases." As most of us know, the radiation leak from Fukushima is still ongoing. Nice of Hillary to tell her staff but not the American people. 


Republished below are excerpts from several of the recent reports coming from ENENews via other sources on this latest mass die-off that scientists can't explain (but is totally heart-wrenching nonetheless) and another sign of where humanity is heading if we allow the 'Fukushimas' and 'Porter Ranch's' of the world to continue to destroy our planet...extinction.

The videos below include the 1st one, a new one from BeautifulGirlByDana who tells us that, while 'experts' are telling us that all of these birds, fish and animals are starving to death, they're neglecting to mention Fukushima. Durnford tells us that these scientists and other experts neglecting to tell the truth of the matter will come back to haunt them forever. 

Alaska Public Radio, Jan 28, 2016: [T]his event will likely be the largest and most widespread on record. And seeing the starving birds dying far inland apparently searching for food is “nearly unheard of,” said USFWS’s Heather Renner.

KHNS, Jan 15, 2016: We’re seeing the effects of this throughout the food web,” [Rob Kaler U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service biologist] says… The murres’ stomachs are completely empty, Kaler says… Not only is the bird die-off unsettling, the implications are scary, [bird expert Pam Randles] says. Our salmon eat that stuff and who knows what else is dying off, or starving, or having trouble?” Norm Hughes has been commercial salmon fishing in Alaska for more than 30 years. He says last season saw skinnier fish – up to 20 percent smaller… “there’s less fish”…

CNN, Jan 22, 2016: “We have never found close to 8,000 birds on a 1-mile long beach before,” [seabird biologist David Irons] said… “It is an order of magnitude larger than any records that I am aware of… Seabird biologists say seabirds are indicators of the health of the ecosystem. Now they’re dying and that is telling us something… this is bigger than I’ve ever seen.”

The Economist, Jan 30, 2016: [Probably hundreds] of thousands of these birds have drifted in dead… last summer they failed to raise chicks. And they have been dying in large numbers along the Pacific coast, from California to Alaska… “Whole systems are out of whack,” says Heather Renner… Old-timers in Homer have never experienced anything like this. And they are perplexed by a host of other freakish phenomena…

KTOO, Jan 28, 2016: “[T]here’s dead murres on the ground everywhere, and it’s hard not to notice them.”… The reason for the dead birds is still a mystery… “I think it suggests something more related to the food web structure,” said Renner.

New York Times, Jan 18, 2016: Animals Die in Large Numbers, and Researchers Scratch Their Heads… The latest victims are common murres… this die-off has surprised experts, because it has been going on for around a year and it covers such a vast area… “I still don’t think we’ve seen the worst,” said [John F. Piatt, USGS seabird expert], who… speculated that if the worst happened, the deaths could reach into the many hundreds of thousands.



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