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October 27, 2016

'Catastrophic Consequences From Cataclysmic Failure' Could Spread Like Wildfire Experts Warn - This 'Wakeup Call To Everyone' Could Be A Prelude To Martial Law In America


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

The recent SQAlert from a banking insider republished below offers everyone who does their banking online some great advice: get rid of it immediately. Warning us that we'll be the first to lose everything in a massive cyberattack because 'the devils that are' have all the passcodes and access no matter what the banks say, we continue to see signs of impending financial tragedy that could trigger the total breakdown of our system with the recent massive cyberattack upon much of the east coast that spread across America another red flag of something huge upon the horizon.

And as we hear in the videos below, preparation continues across America for what many believe may be martial law in our future with not only the financial system in a state of failure but possible election chaos ahead and a World War 3 with Russia nearly written in stone. We'll take a look below at more recent news that gives us great concern but first this alert from a banking insider.


As a computer person who sometimes does projects in banks, I NEVER NEVER EVER access my accounts on line. I only use ATM's inside branches to avoid tellers selling my account number. I NEVER use my debit card. I think anyone who does these things is foolish and naive.


The two new stories from The Express give us blunt warnings we'll never get from the mainstream media here in America about the dire nature of our financial system and why its failure will lead to huge existential problems in our country. With the future of the Deutsche Bank possibly in jeopardy, we're told a global economic crash could have been triggered as soon as today when bank bosses are to release 3rd quarter results.

As we're told, bad news could spark a contagion that could have very well lead to another global financial meltdown and another bailout by the German government of Angela Merkel who seemingly is opposed to doing so. Quite interestingly, experts fear that 'robot traders' could trigger a global crash. Still think the internet might not soon be used against us?

The 2nd story from The Express is called "Europe on eve of banking ARMAGEDDON which will dwarf 2008 global crash" within which we're told that Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Britain and France are all facing possibly catastrophic consequences due to ‘over leveraging’ as Europe's biggest banks prepare to release their latest financial numbers over the next two days.

As their story also tells us,"analysts say the potential for a cataclysmic failure could spread like a wild-fire hitting the continent and beyond as the true extent of deep troubles in the international banking sector are revealed" as well as "it's going to be a wake up call for the whole of Europe say experts who fear the reports are not going to be good for anyone."


While there is no guarantee that financial armageddon is only days ahead, we see the massive preparation taking place all across America right now as another sign of some kind of false flag upon the horizon and chaos could spread here as well, especially considering America is already a tinderbox quite ready to explode - all it will take is one 'main event'.

While it has been argued that the globalists may try to bring down the economy AFTER a Trump election to place the blame of the collapse upon him and his 'mighty band of deplorables', we see the fact that preparation is being taken at the highest levels for war as more proof of this long-given warning: When all else fails, they bring us to war. From the Express story.:

With alarming simliarities to the 2008 global financial crash, the latest results could spell disaster not only for the wealthy bankers paid to operate the system but for ordinary savers.

New York based David Hendler of Viola Risk Advisors says the next two days could have serious ramifications for the entire globe.

He said: "Like autumn leaves falling from the mighty oaks, the incredible yellows, oranges, and reds, will turn and rot into the ugly browns and black detritus, leading to smelly and then crumbled leaves.

"Once a mighty European bank, unfortunately, Deutsche Bank is going down that “death-spiral” path and much of the big European banks are too whether due to their own transgression or sucked down into the European bank ocean depths by the biggest bank in Europe, Deutsche Bank.


While many ANP readers and alt news readers in general have been preparing for a huge event in our future, stocking up on food and other necessities for what could be a long, cold winter, especially if all hell breaks loose in America, just think about the hundreds of millions of other Americans out there who don't have a clue about prepping or the potential disastrous scenarios that lay ahead.

With a huge part of the US population living paycheck to paycheck, should the globalists attempt to pull off a massive false flag cyberattack upon our banking system that brings the entire thing crashing down, all of these warnings will have come to fruition all at once and population density immediately could become a deciding factor in who lives and who dies.

And as we hear in the final video below, it's gotten real now.

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