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May 13, 2016

The Perfect Storm Is Here - Disaster Preparedness Warning & Banking Collapse


Submitted to All News PipeLine by A Minute To Midnite

In Episode 042 of A Minute To Midnite, Tony & Matt discuss what appears to be the perfect storm.  We are in the birth pangs spoken of in Matthew chapter 24, and as in any labour process they are getting stronger and closer together. One thing we can see is an increase in earthquakes and natural signs happening around the world.

A second thing that they talk about is how the central banks are stockpiling gold, and so are a number of billionaires. You need to ask why. At the same time a record deficit between mined silver & silver sales is occurring, and this parallels the financial system that teeters on the edge of collapse.  They discuss an article found at the SRSrocco Report that deals with the figures on just how big the deficit actually is.

Matt and Tony discuss how it's likely only a matter of time before the demand for silver bullion won't be able to be met at all. Meanwhile central banks are pushing for a cashless society, that will give them and central governments more control over people. Ultimately pushing us towards a  global currency is their end goal.


Matt brings up some great points relating back to the 2010 and 2011 earthquakes in Christchurch New Zealand that crippled the city, costing lives, throwing infrastructure into chaos and crippling the digital financial system in that city. He speaks of how only cash was able to be used  because EFTPOS and electronic banking was broken and inaccessible. Tony then also brings up the point that during the banking crisis in Greece in 2015 when banks went into 'bank holiday' mode, people couldn't access even their safe deposit boxes. If they had precious metals in those safety deposit boxes they couldn't get to them. Even today  people are limited to only taking a 67 euros a day from bank machines. More is revealed about a digital currency software that is being tested for a likely global currency.

The discussion continues to bring up great point about how to prepare for disasters. The importance of holding cash and precious metals, and also of creating a bug out bag for emergencies is talked off at some length. Matt describes some of what you want to put into the bug out bag.

From there a conversation ensues that deals with the recent election of a muslim mayor in London City. Tony explains how there is a distinction between the City of London, which is the Rothschild controlled financial district whose current overseer is the Lord Mayor Jeffrey Evans, and the area of London that the new Islamic mayor Sadiq Khan has jurisdiction over. He then also comments on a statement made by Mr Khan deriding US Republican hopeful Donald Trump.

The issue of UN Agenda 21 - Agenda 2030 policies and how they are impacting nations is then brought into the discussion. Matt discloses some information given to him from a source in Alberta that shows how the mainstream media is not telling the whole truth about what is going on with these wildfires in Canada, and how theta tie in directly with Agenda 21 policies. Matt has written a revealing article on the information he has received  on the Fort McMurray fires. That article can be found here:

We see an  enhanced push for a totalitarian world government coming at us from every side. The events mentioned above, and other signs are discussed in this episode of the a Minute To Midnite show,  along with some practical ideas on how to prepare for what is ahead. You are warned that there may not be much time left to be able to do so, because the perfect storm is here.

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