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August 27, 2015

FEMA Camp Attraction Comes To California And Florida In September! Disney Tells Us Their Plans To 'Release The Beast'!


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

The world is watching history repeat itself and doing nothing once again with full knowledge of the devastation being inflicted on their cousins, if not brothers. Martin Shapiro 

As Jade Helm 15 'officially' is supposed to be coming to an end on September 15th, Disney's Universal Orlando in Florida is running some 'in-our-faces programming' from the 18th of September through November 1st as they welcome 'Halloween Horror Nights' once again, this year complete with a FEMA camp attraction! The LA Times reports that 'Halloween Horror Nights' will also run the same dates in Hollywood, California and will also feature a FEMA Camp attraction! As the Times story shares, it looks like deja vu all over again.

With 'FEMA camp malls' now going up across America, many of them with mid to late October opening dates, this years Horror Nights will feature one of the longest mazes in their history, allowing customers to "follow in the footsteps of the human survivors of the Walking Dead TV show as they try to escape the horrors of cannibalism, visit a lonely backwoods church cursed by the sins of its pastor and visit a FEMA camp where the government has lost all control." We also learn that 'The Wolves' will be there, and they are ready to 'spring the ultimate trap'.


The story at tells us a very interesting tidbit....there has never been an actual FEMA camp in the Walking Dead shows. Why are they suddenly shoving this into America's faces in what they bill as 'the longest maze in history?' Is this more predictive programming coming from Disney? More about Disney's ties to the 'illuminati' and the military industrial complex below.

We've also embedded a compilation video released on August 16th by Child of God called "Christian Persecution In American FEMA Camps End Of Days Death By Guillotine." While it contains older footage, it also tells a story that the mainstream media isn't telling. The 2nd video is directly from Universal Orlando Resort in which they tell us all about horror nights and 'The Purge', one of the attractions, telling us: "necessary provisions will arrive to allow my friends and I to.....release the beast."

A simple search of the whole The Walking Dead Wiki never mentions a “FEMA camp”.  Why would Universal so blatantly put a (what I’m sure will be very, very realistic) FEMA camp as part of it’s Horror Nights?

Do you think that Universal is just preying on conspiracy theorists and their fears?  Is this, as some believe, just another example of Hollywood “showing the public what is coming ahead of time”, as some believe?

Or, is it simply a ploy to get some press – like this very article?  Whatever the reason, I think it might be … interesting… to venture out to Universal Studios Hollywood this year for the annual Halloween Horror Nights to see what the movie wizards at one of the biggest movie studios on Earth think a FEMA camp would look like.  Or maybe I should say it would be interesting to see what the movie wizards know a FEMA camp looks like?

Let us know what you think or if you end up visiting the park for this years event below – send us pictures and videos!

Is Disney tied to the illuminati? The next video below from The Vigilant Christian takes a look at all of the illuminati satanic programming for children that goes on across the country and the world via an upcoming Disney movie called Descendants.

One of the 'attractions' at Horror Nights features a maze called "This Is The End" based upon a 2013 'horror-comedy' movie; is this more predictive programming coming from the illuminati? We find it very interesting that WND recently asking if the 'elites' are preparing the last phase of the 'new world order'. Is this more proof that the 'conspiracy theorists' were right all along? 


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