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April 15, 2016

More Proof We're Closing In On 'AmeriGEDDON' - We Were Warned: 'Sooner Or Later He's Going To Attack!'

Why Are Those With The Power To Stop Catastrophe Doing Nothing? 


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

'You've Got To Do Something About It Before It's Too Late' - Dr. Peter Vincent Pry

For 3+ years now, North Korea dictator Kim Jong-il has been regularly threatening to attack the US using nuclear weapons, including nearly weekly since the year of 2016 began. Despite those continuing threats, Barack Obama continues to mainly ignore them, likely with the hope that this 'little problem' will simply 'go away'. 

Despite the fact that North Korea just attempted to launch a new rocket (which disappeared before exploding) to celebrate 'the day of the sun' and the birthday of Jong-il's grandfather, the country's founder, the 'campaign of belligerence' from North Korea continues and is a central topic in the brand new, 1st video below from Rick Wiles at TruNews featuring Dr. Peter Vincent Pry, executive director of the Task Force on National and Homeland Security. Dr. Pry drops several bombshells upon us in the eye-opening and nearly hour-long interview below.   

Telling us that Barack Obama has 'deliberately misled' the American people about the danger that we face from North Korea and the very real possibility that they could unleash an EMP attack upon us that could easily 'wipe out' 90% of us within the following year we have to ask: why are the American people being lied to about such an important subject?

We're told that Obama being truthful about this subject would inevitably prove that the Iranian nuclear deal he is responsible for is doomed to failure and besides, if would forever tarnish Obama's 'legacy'.

Mr. Obama should imagine what his legacy might be should North Korea successfully launch an EMP attack against America that leads to the 'elimination' of 90% of us.


Telling us that the press caved to the Bill Clinton administration many years ago and misled the American people about the North Korean nuclear program that now threatens to destroy us and is a very real existential threat to us many years later, we're also told that Obama would rather kick this ball down the road for the next president to deal with (if we make it that far) as he doesn't want the Iranian nuclear 'deal' to be exposed as the fraud that it is.  

Should we be concerned about North Korea and their continued threats against us? While reading the very interesting analogy below that Dr. Pry gives us a look at why we should be concerned and why we should be ready to do something about it remember this: the upcoming movie release 'AmeriGEDDON' (trailer seen in 2nd video below) is based upon a false flag EMP attack upon our Republic that results in martial law and a 'new world order police state' in America. AmeriGEDDON was created by Mike Norris, son of martial arts star Chuck Norris.:

Imagine that your neighbor was a paranoid psychopath and on a weekly basis, he aimed his gun at you and threatened to shoot you....would you just ignore his provocations as Obama is ignoring North Korea's threats? Would simply ignoring his weekly threats help to improve your chance of survival in the long run? Simply ignoring the psychopath's repeated threats is just guaranteeing that the psychopath is going to one day, eventually, attack you and/or your family, Dr. Pry tells us. You've GOT TO do something about it, before it's too late. Much more below. 


Dr. Pry joins Wiles at the 46 minute mark for this very interesting discussion and at the 1 hour 1 minute mark, Wiles asks Pry to tell his listeners exactly how North Korea could carry out an EMP attack upon America from a nuclear armed satellite.

Pry also shares with us this very interesting information that we need to remember. While some experts have called North Korea's recent satellite launches 'duds', how do we know it's a 'dud' unless they attempt to detonate something using it? While the North Korean satellite's have been called 'Earth observation satellites', why are the satellite's not transmitting any return data to the Earth? As Dr. Pry tells us, these satellite's appear to be 'dead silent' - that's a sign that they likely have some other purpose than being an 'earth observation satellite'. Remember, these are satellite's that pass over the United States several times EVERY day. 

Invented by Soviet Union during cold war and designed to 'paralyze our command and control system' via a surprise nuclear attack by a satellite put into orbit approaching the US from the south, we're told how North Korea obtained the Soviet Union's plan and can attack the US w/o raising alarm with us having no early warning detection system facing the south.

With North Korea flying a satellite (or two) over America every day at 300 to 400 kilometers, the ideal height for the release of an EMP attack upon us Dr. Pry tells us, any such attack will fry everything, immediately, and we won't even know what hit us. Even EMP hardened military systems will be put at risk if an EMP attack is launched upon us Dr. Pry tells us. 

Pry tells us that 'sooner or later, he's going to attack'.... 'he's not doing all of this just for fun'. As Wiles tells us, since the beginning of the year, North Korea has released either a statement or a video talking about blowing up the United States and wiping us off of the map almost regularly. Should we be concerned? Does Barack Obama know something about the North Korean dictator that we don't know? 

The 2nd video below is quite interesting and gives us a little taste of what life under an EMP attack and a 'new world order' might be like. In the 3rd video below, Gary Franchi of the Next News Network tells us more about North Korea's recent successful ICBM engine test while in the 4th video, we learn more about the latest North Korean missile test. 

Is America now closing in on our own 'AmeriGEDDON moment'? Let's hope that those with the power to do something about this threat will do something about it before it's too late. 

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