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January 21, 2016

Dry Run Time -  'Historic' And 'Crippling' Winter Storm An Opportunity To Test Preparedness For A Major Event


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

With our local public alerts changing from a Winter Storm Watch to a Winter Storm warning, for heavy snow and blowing snow, which is in effect from 1 PM Friday to 1 AM EST Sunday, with expectations of 14 to 20 inches and an accumulation of up to two feet and northeast 10 to 20 mph with gusts to 35 mph, this puts us smack dab in the path of what is being called a "crippling",  "historic" and "colossal" winter storm.

While Washington D.C was "gridlocked" after just one inch of snow before they receive the expected increase of two more feet, with many not having a clue as to what to do if they lose power for any length of time, we find ourselves in the position that we speak of so often, preparing for the worst and hoping for the best, using this opportunity as a "dry run" in preparedness.

In fact this is a chance those of us in the NorthEast of the U.S. that have spent time prepping, to apply the knowledge they have gained, an opportunity to discover to learn more about how to survive without power, without running water, without the ability to cook on a stove or to take a quick trip to the store should we run out of anything...... an opportunity to "survive."

We have often reminded people that in preparing for disaster, or an economic collapse or an EMP, natural or from terrorism, then they would have the ability to survive even a basic extreme weather event and this is our chance to test our survival skills and our preparations.

Being at the top of a mountain in an isolated area we have no idea how long it would take for power to be restored if we lost it, no clue how long before the roads were cleared and we could travel again, no reference since we have not had a major extreme weather event as the one they are predicting for Friday through Saturday since we have lived here, so we have taken steps to assure ourselves we are ready for the worst.


Our generator is easily accessible, medical supplies close at hand, enough wood for the fireplace has been moved inside to cover any timeframe where there may be blizzard-like conditions where it would be dangerous to be outdoors - Check. Plenty of food, perishables to be cooked first, then if needed our survival supplies - Check.  Water, bottled and gallon jugs - Check. Light sources (not candles, we do not want to burn the place down!) Check. Battery powered radio - Check.

You get the point.... prepare, make sure your supplies are easily accessible, do your last minute checklist to make sure you haven't forgotten anything.

While this is just a massive Winter storm and those losing utilities will almost assuredly get them back, whether in days or a week or two, this is the perfect time to discover your strengths and your weaknesses in order to help prepare for when a major disaster strikes or a total lights out scenario.

Use it!

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Authors Note to ANP Readers - If predictions are correct and we do get nailed hard and lose the ability to access the Internet, then there may be no new content on Saturday morning, but we are highly prepared and for those that have expressed concern for us, we'll be fine, we are ready and looking at this as an opportunity to see how well we have prepared.

In the video below Mike Adams from Natural News who goes by the YouTube handle of TheHealthRanger has provided  excellent tips, strategies and things to consider in getting ready for a massive snow storm that might cut off the power... saying to use it as a preparedness drill!


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