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March 19, 2016

This Scenario Could Be 'More Horrific Than All Hollywood Disaster Movies Combined' - Experts Warn Of Modern Civilization Stopped 'In An Instant' - Could Be 'Beyond Cataclysmic For The Planet Earth'


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

Imagine an America in a permanent blackout, without electric power, without communications, without mass transportation, without banking and finance, without food and water. Imagine the machinery of modern civilization stopped--in an instant. Imagine the high-tech EMP threat killing millions of people the old fashioned way, through chaos, starvation, disease, and societal collapse. Sound impossible? The EMP threat is as real as the nuclear weapons programs of Iran, North Korea, China and Russia. Dr. Peter Vincent Pry - Electric Armageddon

All News Pipeline has reached out to Dr. Peter Vincent Pry, the Executive Director of the EMP Task Force on National and Homeland Security, after receiving an alarming lead from Donald L. Merker who sends out a regular EMagazine and is a very concerned ANP reader who warns us that even 'preppers' likely wouldn't survive (for long) an EMP that takes down Americas power grid. In fact, Donald warns, all of life on Earth would probably be extinguished within an unknown period of time due to 'China Syndromes' all across the country with the possibility of every nuclear power plant in America going into meltdown mode. If you'd like to get Donald's free EMagazine several times a week, you can email him directly at [email protected] to be put on his mailing list.

More than 5 years after the catastrophic earthquake in Japan on March 11th, 2011 led to the devastating tsunami that leveled the Fukushima nuclear power plant, there still is no stop to the endless radiation flowing into the sea and into our atmosphere. All across the Pacific Ocean and West Coasts of America and Canada and up into Alaska we've seen the signs left behind as wildlife has perished in huge numbers as the food chain dies off as documented in many different stories on ANP, ENENews and several other alternative news websites

However, if we think that what we are witnessing now due to Fukushima's meltdown is bad, we haven't seen anything yet and as we learn in this story, if an EMP were to strike America, 'China Syndromes' all across the country could soon wipe out the remaining 10% of human life that wasn't extinguished initially by the after-effects of the EMP itself within the first year. In fact, some experts believe that such a scenario might be responsible for extinguishing all of life on the planet Earth as the fallout from the meltdown of ALL of our nuclear power plants soon spreads worldwide. As we've seen in Fukushima, very little can be done to stop the meltdown process at nuclear power plants once they get out of control. 


Sadly, since very little to nothing is being done about hardening our electrical grid against the effects of an EMP despite warnings going out from many different experts, including Dr. Pry and many other experts as seen in this letter to President Barack Obama, we have to ask, is this neglect of America's biggest achilles heal intentional? In fact, Investor's Business Daily penned a story back in March of 2015 asking if Obama was INVITING an emp attack upon America by Iran.  

The signs of something bad coming are all around us; back in May of 2015, Newsmax told us NORAD had returned to Cheyenne Mountain while warning of a possible future EMP attack. Cheyenne Mountain is an enormous bunker in a hollowed-out mountain that can resist an EMP. In October of 2015, US News and World Report ran a story telling us why building defenses against a possible EMP had never been more important, and telling us we needed to stop ignoring it...yet the threat continues to be ignored at the highest levels.

In the month of March 2016 alone we've read more stories of warning: from Dr. Pry who shares that the Obama administrations 'willful blindness' to the threats we face amount to 'denial, obfuscation and impotence'; from SHTFPlan who took a look at what happens to nuclear power plants after an EMP; from Ready Nutrition who gives us a huge list of what we can do to minimize the effects of exposure to radiation should nuclear plants in America melt down; and from E. Michael Maloof at WND who gives us what America needs now, some possible answers and solutions.

Telling us experts are eyeing US space-based defenses, Maloof also warns "we've been down this road before and should draw on lessons learned a quarter century ago." Yet, we do not seem to learn despite North Korea and Iran launching missiles into space recently capable of carrying an EMP that could truly lead to 'Electrical Armageddon' as also shared in the 2nd video below, a documentary called "Electrical Armageddon" and featuring many EMP experts including Dr. Pry. You can see the full 'Initiatives To Achieve Preparedness Against An Electromagnetic Pulse' document put out by the EMP Task Force on National and Homeland Security embedded below the videos at the bottom of this story. In the 1st video below, Dr. William Forstchen describes the horrific events that would take place if an EMP is detonated above the US. 


Across America there are over 100 nuclear power plants with more in Canada and Mexico. Imagine a situation in which all US plants nearly simultaneously began to melt down after power across the nation is completely knocked out due to either a natural EMP from the sun or an attack upon our electrical grid by North Korea, Iran, China or any other country capable of delivering such a weapon.

The mere fact that North Korea has threatened to 'wipe out America all at once' while Thursday, they conducted another ballistic missile test, firing a missile into the sea tell us they're not thinking about what would really happen should they decide to go through with such an attack. We also reported on March 14th that Iran was firing a rocket into space this weekend that was capable of carrying an EMP. Are all of Americas enemies that prepared to die as well? 

We thank Dr. Pry for responding to ANP and as we learn in the 3 books on EMP that he has authored and we have linked here from Amazon: Electric ArmageddonApocalypse Unknown and Blackout Wars, the dangers we face are very real. All 3 books detail the unthinkable and what we can do as families, communities and states to give ourselves a small chance to survive such a future event. Unfortunately, the total meltdowns of nuclear power plants across the country could lead to a worldwide scenario of what we're seeing now unfolding upon our West Coast and throughout the Pacific Ocean.

According to End Times Prophecy Watch, in the year of 2016 alone there have been 128 known mass animal deaths spread across 45 countries in the 1st two 1/2 months of the year. While all of these deaths can't be directly contributed to Fukushima, the lists maintained by this website since 2011 are extensive and well documented with links to every event. Keep in mind, Fukushima was one event; imagine the damage that might be caused by 100+ nuclear power plants melting down, all across the country nearly all at once, and at a time when life everywhere was stressed anyways due to the loss of electrical power. You can check out the mass animal deaths each year between 2011 and 2015 here.:

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See MASS ANIMAL DEATHS 2013 for the 2013 list.

See MASS ANIMAL DEATHS 2012 for the 2012 list.

See MASS ANIMAL DEATHS 2011 for the 2011 list.

As Donald L Merker tells us, an EMP over America, whether natural via the sun or an attack from an enemy, would quickly be more disastrous than all Hollywood disaster movies combined, with hundreds of millions dead in the US within a year and the possible extinction of the human race a strong possiblity as nuclear plants meltdown country wide. As Maloof shares, it would be 'cataclysmic for our planet Earth'. Everything that we understand about what 'life' is right now would change in one instant. The warnings given in the videos below are not 'fear porn'; they are potentially our future reality, and very little to nothing is being done to stop what's in these warnings from becoming our 'new reality'.  

STATE Initiatives For EMP Preparedness by All News Pipeline

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