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July 12, 2016

Congressman Warns We're 1000 Times More Vulnerable Than We Were 50 Years Ago To This One Event That Could Be Responsible For The Loss Of Hundreds Of Millions Of Lives Starting As Soon As Today Or Tomorrow


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

Long-considered a topic only spoken about by military insiders, internet gamers, preppers or 'conspiracy theorists', EMP has become a hugely popular subject across the entire internet in recent weeks with well over 10 stories from various websites looking into what could send most of America back to the dark ages within an instant. 

While websites such as SHTFPlan, WND and ANP examine the dangers of EMP on a regular basis, to see websites such as the Wall Street Journal, TownHall, the Independent Women's Forum, The Spectrum (part of the USA Today Network), Newsmax and several other websites now stressing the importance of America preparing for EMP shows a growing awareness of the dangers that all Americans face from an event that could instantly set us on a course towards total destruction.

How many people reading this are prepared to live for the next week or month or 6 months or a year or more without electricity? Understand, that means no ATM's, no internet, no banking system, no refrigeration, no heating or cooling systems, no public running water, no sewer systems, no gas, no utilities of any kind, no hospitals with modern equipment, no stores open accepting debit/credit/SNAP, no transportation systems, no replenished food supply, no lights for when it's night out, no modern communications such as telephones or computers and no functional government, among other things. 


A June 13, 2016 story from the Wall Street Journal called "EMPs: A Threat We're Not Ready For" told us just how unprepared the US remains for an electromagnetic pulse from a nuclear device or a solar storm. We're also told that the US federal government has long known about the catastrophic threat that America faces from an EMP and has 'done little to defend against this danger'. Why has govt done so little about the EMP threat? In the 2nd through 4th videos below, Dr. Peter Vincent Pry joins the Jim Bakker show to talk with us all about why we haven't fixed the grid as well as what would happen in the immediate aftermath of an EMP attack or 'event' in America. 

Only a week after the Wall Street Journal story, Townhall ran a story called "The Government's Do-Nothing Approach To EMP Threats" in which we were told EMPs pose “existential threats that could kill 9 of 10 Americans through starvation, disease, and societal collapse.” In the final video below we're told why self-sufficiency is so important right here and now in America as an EMP could take out our power as soon as today or tomorrow.  

In the past 8 days alone at least 5 more EMP stories have come out that look at the threat of EMP from different websites including a very interesting one from the Indepenent Women's Forum that came out on July 7, 2016 which shows they are looking towards survival. Called "Policy Focus: EMP Threats And Disaster Preparedness" we are told "inaction is both unwise and unacceptable. Among government's core duties is to protect and defend our nation from significant security threats. Policymakers need to acknowledge EMP as a real concern and take meaningful steps towards preparedness, like securing the civilian electric grid." 

You can read the entire Policy Focus from the IWF on EMP Threats and Disaster Preparedness here. This 6-page focus gives those who are just learning about EMP's some very valuable information and shows us that more and more Americans are indeed awakening to this very real and potentially catastrophic threat.


One website that always does a good job of keeping Americans up to date on the EMP threat is Family Security Matters and in this July 8, 2016 story we read Ambassador Henry F Cooper's warning that EMP is NOT a 'vast right wing conspiracy' though to many who haven't done their research, they might think it is. Such lack of research and lack of preparation could end up being fatal to those who bother not to pay attention and their families. From Ambassador Cooper who is Chairman of High Frontier and a former Acquisition Executive for all U.S. ballistic missile defenses. He also served in several other senior USG acquisition and policy positions, including as President Reagan's Chief Negotiator at the Geneva Defense and Space Talks with the Soviet Union.:

There is absolutely no doubt that the EMP threat is real, and I believe initiatives to deal with it it warrant urgency. Not least among the reasons for urgency is that, as noted in one of our articles quoted by Corneliussen (Click here.), several authorities and I believe we should consider that Iran may already have nuclear weapons - whatever is the formal view of the Intelligence Community. If so, Iran could place a nuclear weapon on one of its satellites launched over the South Polar regions and detonate it over the United States to create an existential electromagnetic pulse (EMP) that could kill most Americans within a year.

Iran's military writings indicate they well understand and include plans to do just that to bring "the Great Satan" to its knees. Alternatively, Iran might provide one to ISIS, which is reportedly seeking nuclear weapons, to send our way via a ship that detonates it in one of our harbors - or launches it on a SCUD (They might purchase one for a few million dollars.) to create an EMP that could kill most Americans within a year. 


As we are told in this story from The Spectrum on July 3, 2016, EMP poses a very real threat to our very existence as a nation and as a people and we're totally unprepared for it. Why haven't we done anything at all about it on an executive level we're asked? Good question, we're told! Good question for our current President or Secretary of Homeland Security who think our greatest threat is (take your choice) human-caused climate change, guns in the hands of law-abiding citizens or who should be allowed to use the girls' bathroom.

One story that has helped focus Americans attention on EMP came to us from Circa News on July 6, 2016 in which they told us to imagine a bomb going off over America that could take down our entire power grid without immediately causing mass casualities. What their story doesn't tell us is how many Americans would likely die in the days, weeks, months and years following such an event. 

According to Arizona Congressman Trent Franks in this Newsmax story from July 7, 2016, the most dangerous short-term threat that we face as Americans is an EMP attack. Somehow though, America has gone backwards in our preparation for such an event according to Franks who tells us "we're a thousand times more vulnerable than we were even 50 years ago". Some progress our technology has brought us, huh? We're so technologically advanced that one EMP attack could cripple our entire country for a very, very long time. From the story:

"The greatest threat to the U.S. and Western civilization is an EMP that blacks-out the electric grid for months or years, thereby collapsing all the life-sustaining critical infrastructures, including communications, transportation, business and manufacturing, food and water," wrote Dr. Peter Vincent Pry, executive director of the Task Force on National and Homeland Security. 


However, all is not completely lost. According to an electric industry insider in this Wall Street Journal story from June 26th, 2016, the electric grid is tougher than we think and as an industry, they're working together to ensure that the grid is secure. We also learned back on June 24th, 2016 that a company called Serco has just been awarded a $38 million contract to protect early-warning radars for incoming missiles from an EMP - what do they know that we don't know?

As we hear from Dr. Peter Vincent Pry in the 2nd through 4th videos below with Jim Bakker, America is woefully unprepared for an event that could 'eliminate' the large majority of Americans within the following year. Why hasn't our government taken the necessary steps that would help to harden our electrical grid and perhaps save hundreds of millions of lives? The immediate aftermath alone of an EMP strike upon America should be enough to make Congress take action yet they don't.

Dr. Pry and Bakker take a look at the recent movie by Gary Heavin called 'Amerigeddon' and look at the immediate aftermath, including nearly a million people or more who might die instantly as the airplanes they're flying in crash to the ground. Massive natural gas explosions would likely cause firestorms across cities all across the country while anybody who neglected to prepare for this possibility has greatly diminished their's and their family's chance for surviving another day.


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