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January 10, 2015

Earth's Shift, Polar Vortex, 30 Year Cold Spell Imminent- Are You Prepared? 

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine


While the "global warming" crowd continue to beat their drums, other experts are issuing dire warnings about what they believe, looking at the same data, is really happening. This is evidenced by climatologists now warning that we are in for a "30 year cold spell" and that a "new cold era has begun." As the linked NewsMax article indicates, other experts, namely Russian astrophysicist Habibullo I. Abdussamatov have long argued that a "mini ice-age" is coming.

In early December ANP reported on the Inuit Elders issuing a dire warning to NASA and the world, informing them that the Earth has shifted, "wobbled," and that their "Skies have changed," and in the video below by Gary Walton, we see the ramifications of this earth shift with news of thousands of dead fish wash ashore along the coast of Chennai, India; Alligators raccoons turtles, and fish dying at Turkey Creek in Palm Bay Florida; Star Fish dying off. Bluefin Tuna all but gone, Sardine vanished Oysters and Scallops are dying now sea birds falling out the sky over Oregon coast.

We are also seeing an increase in volcanic activity, meteors entering earth's atmosphere, strong and more frequent earthquakes, all signs of these changes, all evidenced in the footage seen below.

For those wondering what can be done to prepare, there are some excellent tips on the Internet, some of those are listed over at Off The Grid News, which include tips on food storage, growing your own food, heating, lighting, medical supplies and much more in an article titled "How To Prepare For The Imminent 30-Year Cold Spell (You’ve Probably Never Heard Of)."

With news of the Polar Vortex returning with "dangerous" artic air roaring into the US, which threatened to drop 2,000 square miles of snow, becoming almost daily news this winter, reports of  record snowfall in Florida, Hawaii breaking a 122 year cold weather record, and other recent events, perhaps now is the time to prepare for what is coming.

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