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August 4, 2016

Will 'Truth' Soon 'Slay The Beast'? Cat May Soon Be Out Of Bag After Cryptic Warning Issued On Twitter By NSA Whistleblower: 'It's Time' 

- Or Will The 'White Devil' Soon Become The 'Most Hated President' In US History? 


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

It may be the Tweet that Hillary Clinton and the entire Democratic Party establishment may have been dreading, and straight from the Twitter page of NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden. 

We pray that it's the Tweet that finally puts Hillary and the globalist establishments plans for our country out of America's mysery: "It's Time" Edward Snowden warns. 

"Hmmmm, very interesting...time for what?" Susan Duclos asked me last night when I shared with her the Sputnik News story that ANP reader OkyDokyArtichoky left in our Breaking News section. According to Steve Quayle in an email conversation with him just this morning, his 1st impression is that we may soon witness a "massive, unimpeachable data release from different NSA sources worldwide - the cat is about to be let out of the bag!"

We should all pray that "it's time" for the "truth" to "slay the beast". As we read in this new story from Infowars, Hillary and the globalists have EVERY INTENTION of stealing the election if they cannot win it legally. If 'the truth' Snowden reveals is to take down Donald Trump and 'all of his crimes', so be it. However, we strongly doubt that's the case here.  


As the Sputnik News story tells us, the Twitter post "reads like a cryptic rallying call" while apparently asking that former NSA colleagues of the NSA contractor to contact him or Barton Gellman, a reporter who has promised to help Snowden to "tell it truthfully." Tell WHAT truthfully? What does Edward Snowden have planned? Will Snowden confirm that Hillary Clinton is 'the founding member of ISIS' as claimed by Donald Trump in the 1st video below? 

We can only pray that we get the 'truth'...for 'truth' is the 'kryptonite' of 'the beast' that must be taken down for the sake of all of humanity. Legally and peacefully, of course. 'Peaceful humanity' should avoid falling to the same level as 'the beast'. 

As we told you yesterday, it appears that the devils who work for Hillary Clinton and the globalists have killed once again. As we told you in the story, it's just the latest time that the beast may have slayed an American truth seeker - we dread the warning that the death of 'Victor Thorn' will probably not be the last.  


If 'the white devil' has her way, we expect that the 'Body Count' that follows Hitlery around will probably grow by the thousands to tens of thousands if she gets into the White House. Just imagine Hitlery with her hands on the NDAA and the full power of the establishment 'wrecking ball'. With one family seemingly above all others, the fate of the entire Republic is at stake

As a former public servant who unfortunately had the opportunity to work for Hitlery recently implied, she's a God-awful human being who even hates animals. Did the K9 in that linked story that sent Hillary into a fit of rage sense her evil ways or did her 'Muslim instincts' of hatred towards dogs kick in? 

If somehow (s)elected, will Hillary soon become the MOST HATED US president of all-time? Judging by the record sales of anti-Hitlery merchandise that is exploding off of the shelves and onto Americans bodies, Hillary ALREADY IS the most hated presidential candidate of all-time with even the left-wing of her party screaming for the evil-witch to be put into prison. God forbid she ever get back into the White House. 

As Susan Duclos told us in this story yesterday, Hillary Clinton hates America and she hates Americans. If she's voted into office, she'll surely be accelerating our nations complete and total destruction

Will Edward Snowden and his 'band of merry truth tellers' soon 'take her down' with 'truth'? We must remember these words of warning: "In times of universal deceit, telling the 'truth' is a revolutionary act'. 


With Trump recently being bludgeoned by the globalist-controlled mainstream media while Hitlery gets a free-pass on her war crimes and murders and crimes against humanity, we still see signs that the globalists are panicking, en masse, as was recently exhibited by Barack Obama himself.

What secrets will Edward Snowden soon unveil or, with all things falling apart for them, will Hitlery and the globalists once again take America to war to hide their myriad war crimes, crimes against Americans and crimes against humanity? 

This story from Kit Daniels over at Infowars shares with us a list of Hillary Clinton's top 10 accomplishments during her career. They ask us to share this list with every Democrat or potential Hillary voter that we know. 

If Edward Snowden and 'truth' can't put Hitlery and the 'warmongering establishment' out of America (and the world's) mysery, it'll be up to the American people at the voting booth in less than 100 days.

If Snowden and Americans can't put a stop to Hitlery and the globalists by November 8th, it's clear that America will be lost. Just like the globalists have been planning all along. If Hitlery and the globalists win, Americans and America loses. We hope that what Snowden has to offer is a whole lot more than just fluff. Truth on a massive scale is what's necessary.

In an interview with Chris Wallace as heard in the 2nd video below, Hillary Clinton drops a bombshell upon Americans that should persuade anybody still on the fence to run to the polls on November 8th and vote for Donald Trump. Telling Walllace that NOT ONLY is the 2nd Amendment 'open to and subject to reasonable government regulation,' Hillary claims that the 1st Amendment, the right to speak freely, is also subject to such regulations. Who granted her the power of 'God'? 'God-given' rights should NEVER be infringed upon by government bodies.

While we'll be the 1st to report that the 1st Amendment doesn't give us the right to threaten others nor incite violence, that has also long been the case. From what it sounds like here, Hillary has other things in mind and believes that government should be able to 'regulate' the 1st Amendment further as was astutely pointed out just days ago in this story from James Wesley Rawles at the Survival Blog


As Rawles warns us, if Hillary gets into the White House, we can surely expect a 'war upon the blogosphere' and anybody who writes (and tweets/facebook posts?) against her. As we clearly saw recently at the DNC, silencing dissent is what people like Hitlery do best. We've long warned that if we think the presidency of Barack Obama has been bad, the pure evil exuded by Hitlery and now thrown in our face proves Obama was mere childs play. From Rawles story.:

Now that Hillary (“Hitlery”) Rodham Clinton (HRC) has received the Democratic Party nomination for president, there is a strong likelihood that she will win the election in November and then be enthroned as president in January of 2017. I predict that she will waste no time in launching an onslaught of punitive new policies via executive orders, presidential memoranda, and policy directives promulgated through her cabinet and Federal agencies to eviscerate our Constitutional rights (most notably the 1st and 2nd Amendments). A key goal this campaign will be silencing dissent in the alternative press and the American blogosphere. Given HRC’s history in government “service”, her outlook on life, her socialist agenda, and her vindictiveness, I anticipate that any or all of the following measures will be undertaken by the HRC Administration. 

ONE EXAMPLE: The Department of Justice (DOJ) will be used to selectively prosecute dissenters for “hate speech”. For instance, simply objecting to illegal immigration or state sponsored relocation of Muslims will be called “evidence of hate.” They will also declare blogs, news sites, and podcasts to be “public accommodations” and hence saddle them with a long list of new restrictions that would effectively muzzle them from making any comments opposed to HRC’s agenda and “protected” classes. Even the use of “trigger words” could be restricted. Much more of what Rawles expects from a Hitlery administration here

How do Americans legally combat such evil from an authoritarian 'Hitlery-regime'? Rawles further shows us the way.:

I can see all of this coming, and I refuse to be muzzled. I aim to misbehave. If need be, I will relocate so that I can still blog freely. In anticipation of HRC’s possible upcoming coronation, here are some possible countermeasures for my fellow bloggers to seriously consider:

Contract for the use of an offshore server in a country that has minimal influence from the United States government, and move your web pages there.

Get set up for encrypted e-mail. (The free GPG software installed on your local PC works quite well)

Post provisos on your web site that are similar to my own. (Most importantly, these provisos must declare that you do not operate a “public accommodation.”) Much more we can do to legally and peacefully 'misbehave' here


Was the cryptic Tweet from Edward Snowden a sign of what's to come and a warning to Hillary and the crumbling establishment? As we hear in the 1st video below featuring Trump, we now have proof that ISIS killing Americans and people around the world is largely Hillary's fault. She helped to create them and we have proof now that she's armed them.

Why are ISIS sympathizers not held accountable if their names are 'Clinton' or 'Obama'? After hearing what Hitlery says in the 2nd video below, should ANYONE in America trust her? According to RT and Julian Assange of the whistleblowing website Wikileaks in the final video below, the 'next leak' SHOULD lead to the arrest of Hitlery. While we won't hold our breaths waiting for that moment, these latest developments do offer us some fresh air. However, simply fresh air isn't enough. We pray they soon bring America 'truth'...for 'truth' can slay the beast. Peacefully, and legally, of course. 

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