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August 17, 2015

Elite NWO In 'Full Freak Out Mode' - Cannot Be Bought, Sold, Gagged Or Controlled


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

He refuses to obey party leaders, is completely politically INcorrect, won't bow down to the mutually agreed upon "unspoken" rules of campaigning and according to Bloomberg Politics Managing Editor Mark Halperin, Donald Trump has reached a turning point where "establishment leaders" aka the NWO elite, not only think he can win, but are in total "freak out mode," over the possibility that he might not only be capable of winning the Republican party nomination, but could very well win the presidency of the United States of America.

"Most importantly, we’ve reached a turning point with Trump, the major establishment campaigns of both parties now think Trump could win Iowa, and most of them think he could win the nomination, and a significant number think he could win the White House." And that the campaigns were in "full freak out mode."

He said, “Trump may not end up as the nominee, but right now, he’s changed the race, not just leading in the Fox poll, but coming to the fair. I’ve been to the fair with Barack Obama at his peak, Sarah Palin at her peak, with other candidates, George Bush. The reception Trump got here was not just about celebrity. I walked with him for 45 minutes after the helicopter ride, he came to the fair, and people were yelling things to him with passion. ‘Save us,’ ‘You’re the only one who can stop Hillary,’ ‘Thank you for making America great again.’ The other campaigns — the other leading Republican campaigns, monitored Trump’s behavior here. And that was part, along with the Fox poll, and along with the developments of the last couple of weeks, of them saying, as you just quoted, they now believe Trump can win Iowa.”

The Media establishment as well as party career politicians have declared the Trump candidacy dead multiple times, basically every time Donald Trump opens his mouth, yet according to the Real Clear Politics average of the latest polling data, Trump has a 22.3 percent rating with the second place candidate Jeb Bush coming in at 10.3 percent, leaving Trumps average lead at 12 percent.

The polls used for that average are the Fox News, Rasmussen, Monmouth, and Bloomberg

(Screen shot taken August 17, 2015)

There are variety of theories as to why "The Donald" continues to increase his lead despite the liberal and conservative's continuous attempts to declare his candidacy over. Some say it is because he "says what he means and means what he says," others think it is because he appeals to those that think "political correctness" is killing America, and yet others believe the economy is ready to implode and it will take a "businessman" to fix it.

One of the best theories I have seen, to date, was given before Trump's latest increases, on July 1, 2015, by Jeffrey T. Kuhner over at World Tribune, who headlines with "The elites’ problem with Donald Trump: He’s not for sale."

In fact, the opposite is true. Trump is an anti-globalist conservative, a nationalist who seeks to put America first. This is why our media elites despise him. He does not care for the New World Order based on free trade, open borders and globalization. Instead, he champions patriotism and populism — the very things our transnational ruling class fears.

He is right... Trump cannot be bought, he is a billionaire in his own right. He cannot be controlled, as recent events have proven conclusively. He cannot be gagged as Republican leaders have already tried and failed spectacularly in their attempts to do so. 

The NWO Elite are in a complete meltdown. 

BONUS VIDEO - "They're Back!"  - Suggestion from ANP to Donald Trump...... Hire these two!


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