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April 13, 2016

What Do Empty Missile Containers Found In Pacific Ocean And Elite Buying Up Bunkers Have In Common? Suspicions And Concerns Raised By Mysterious Find As Globalists Prepare To Escape The Coming Civil Unrest


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

The bizarre story coming to us from out of the state of Alaska tells us that, quite mysteriously, two separate empty white boxes were found floating within the Pacific Ocean recently and on the same day. 

As we're told, a contractor taking a boat to a job site saw a floating white box in the water and decided to investigate more after noticing the strange shape of it. Upon arriving at the box, he nearly immediately noticed the 'data tag' on the box which stated - Contains: Guided Missile

It was later determined that the 'guided missile container' was empty after Alaska state troopers responded to the scene.

Interestingly enough, a 2nd empty box was found soon after in the same general vicinity with the same wording on it.

The story excerpted below next picture from Alaska tells us that the material that these boxes were made of was likely fiberglass and made them believe they were likely from the 1970's and 1980's.

While this could be nothing, the mere fact that TWO empty 'guided missile' boxes were found floating in the Pacific Ocean ON THE SAME DAY leads us to believe that there might be something 'nefarious' at play. Of course, we could be wrong and it could just be a coincidence that two empty boxes that once contained guided missiles were both recently found floating in the Pacific Ocean off of the coast of Alaska and that their contents, guided missiles, were missing.

Were the containers recently found in Alaska tied to those with nefarious purposes or something else entirely? The fact that 'panicking elite are buying more underground bunkers and survival shelters to escape civil unrest and disasters as shared in the 2nd video below tells us all that we need to know and will never hear from the mainstream media.


As of the moment, it has not been determined where these boxes came from nor who the original owners of these guided missile containers might be but speculation has already begun that they could be being used for nefarious purposes as we approach the dates of April 19th to May 1st, dates with 'potential false flag' written all over them. The fact that FBI Director James Comey told us back in 2015 that ISIS had infiltrated into all 50 US states, including Alaska, is also concerning. 

Clinton Cook Sr., of Craig, said he was on the 24-foot charter boat that discovered one of the white containers labeled "guided missile." It was not how he expected to spend his Sunday.

"I seen the data plate," Cook said of the hard plastic box, which was bobbing in the water about seven miles north of Craig. "It said, 'Contains: Guided missile.' And I was like, 'Holy crap.'"

"We need to leave it alone,'" he told the others.

Cook, a longtime Craig resident, said he was traveling to a job site to lay propane pipes in an area called Steamboat Bay when someone on the boat saw the object. They thought it was some kind of float, at first, and planned to motor by until noticing the unusual shape and size.

The container looked to be about 8-feet by 2-feet and was too heavy to lift, Cook said.

Wires could be seen inside, through a hole in the container, he said. The boaters phoned state troopers.

Eric Huestis, assistant harbormaster in Craig, said he saw the containers as well. They were from the 70s and 80s, looked to be fiberblass and had foam inside, he said.

We know from this January 2016 story that ISIS now has guided missiles and as far back as November of 2014 we knew that ISIS was getting US weapons in this story from the Independent called "How Did Islamists Receive American Weapons? See The Evidence From Guided Missile That Exploded Near Syrian Front Line". Syrian soldiers near the Mediterranean coast told of nearly daily missile attacks and this LiveLeak video show ISIS' guided missiles in action.  This July 2015 story tells us that an Egyptian Navy ship was attacked by a guided missile from ISIS

While we're unable to confirm that the containers recently found in Alaska that were supposed to be holding guided missiles were in any way linked to ISIS, we know that continuous threats are being made by the terrorists against America. We also learned in this January 2016 story tells us that ISIS is also operating a 'secret weapons laboratory' and as we have previously reported on ANP, Islamic terrorists also have the capability of making homemade artillery, 'hell cannons', which have been known to have deadly accuracy and can be fired at targets up to a mile away.

Are the 'elite' so fearful as shared in the 2nd video below because they know what is coming to America? As we've reported time and again on ANP, we see that there is an 'enabling' going on at seemingly the highest levels to allow this 'trojan horse' invasion of America to take place. 

The videos below take a look at this breaking 'missing missiles' story as well as several other stories including the fact that Germany has admitted that over 9,000 immigrants have gone missing as well as a story that tells us that 29 German soldiers have joined ISIS. We also look at a video that tells us that some 'ungrateful refugees' are pulling their own 'false flag attacks' by burning immigration centers while attempting to frame right-wingers for the arson as shared in the final video below. Are America and Europe being set up for a major fall? 


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