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May 3, 2018

They Are All Radicals At This Point - 'Everything That's Wrong With Modern Day Feminism Right Here'


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

Let me start by saying as a woman, to me, modern day feminists aka radical feminists makes absolutely no sense. None. Zilch. Zip! 

They protest the "rape culture" by proudly marching half naked, topless, with the word SLUT written on their bodies, yet if a male happens to look at those "assets" they are displaying, it is sexual harassment. Oh, and whatever happened to public indecency laws,  re: indecent exposure and lewd conduct, or don't they apply to feminists? What happened to equality to be prosecuted the same as if a man ran around without pants or underwear?

Then these same people encourage the invasion of America by extremists from other countries that believe a woman parading around naked, or without a male escort, or women that are raped, should be killed, calling it "honor-killings." They claim to be supportive of the LGBT (or however many more letters are added after it these days) yet encourage people to come into America that believe all gay people should be killed.

They think wearing pink "p*ssy hats" is some type of feminist statement, then decide that wearing "pink" is stereotyping women. They think running around in vagina costumes (See image above).......errrrr..... ok, that one stumps me, I have no idea what they are thinking there, but frankly, in this woman's opinion, THAT is never a good look. Oh, let us not forget the new "Feminist" art by artist Judy Chicago, you can now feed your dinner guests using vagina plates. I. KID. YOU. NOT.

Modern day feminist insist that to be "male" or "masculine" is toxic, do everything in their power to emasculate men, then whine about how they can't get a decent date. They claim they are "equal," but that they do not hold the same responsibility for sexual encounters when both parties are "equally" inebriated, saying they can change their mind about "consent," after the encounter if they are unhappy with how things worked out. (Note- The man cannot, he is liable for legal action.)

Modern day feminists claim they are empowering themselves, yet they do so by claiming "victimhood" status, acting like being born with that vagina they have taken to wearing on their heads, (and eating off of as dinnerware!) automatically subjects them to sexual harassment, yet these days if one smiles at a women wrong, or compliments them, they have redefined that to be some type of sexual misconduct.

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Which brings me to the latest example of a feminist being perpetually offended, seeing potential sexual harassment in the most innocent of things, such as a sign at the Moorgate London Underground Tube station, which lists as their thought of the day "When you see something beautiful in someone, tell them. It may take a second to say it but for them it could last them a lifetime."


Nice thought..... unless you are a feminist, such as Dina Rickman, of GoFundMe, who took to social media, showing the image of the sign and declaring "Thought of the day: why not take the time to sexually harass a stranger."

In the hours after Ms. Rickman's post, she was roundly criticized by both men and woman, for giving feminism a bad name, making a mockery of actually sexual harassment victims, with the Daily Mail's Piers Morgan saying "Everything that's wrong about modern feminism right here."

I may not agree with Piers on much, but he is spot on here, and I am not the only one that found myself agreeing with him wholeheartedly as others pointed out "Never thought I'd agree with Piers but he's right. You're giving feminists a bad name. my nanna always told people they had a beautiful smile. she'd be talking to a stranger and would always say "haven't you got a lovely smile, her motto was more bees go to honey than vinegar."

Another woman chimed in saying "And you wonder why most normal women are fed up with radical #Feminism. It says "when you see something IN someone" for example kindness, humour, knowledge, etc. Ffs this is just casual man-hating."

Yet another points out "This ideology is dangerous. It legitimately threatens the social construct of healthy, functioning society."

More reactions shown at Daily Mail:

Jamie Gemmell said: 'Trying to work out how you took the words "something beautiful" to be sexual. I think the problem is with you, not the message.'

Another added: 'Translation: Complimenting people is bad.'

Ms Rickman was also accused by others of 'making a mockery' of people who had suffered sexual harassment.

Jake Rattley said: 'Making a mockery of anyone who has suffered sexual harassment, shame on you! Disgraceful.'

Another person agreed, adding: 'This tweet is disrespectful to people who have actually been sexually harrassed.'

Ms Rickman fired back at some of the replies, defending her position that compliments could be viewed as sexual harassment.

A few more from going through her timeline:



The perfect example of an "empowered" woman acting like she is the "victim" of a man after being called out by many, many people, is her response to the criticisms leveled against her by claiming "Piers Morgan organising a massive pile on on a woman shows exactly the kind of male entitlement that causes sexual harassment."

Yes, it is somehow Piers' fault that people, men and women, took issue with her original statement. She is now the victim of his male entitlement. Also, now it isn't only a compliment that represents sexual harassment, but his daring to criticize her is the cause of sexual harassment as well.

He is right, she exemplifies everything that is wrong with feminism today.

There is no modern feminism now, actual feminism is dead, they are all radicals at this point.

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