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February 28, 2016

Exposing The Truth - The Luciferian One World Order Agenda In New Age & Spiritualism


By Minute To Midnite - All News PipeLine

I'm sure to most of the well informed readers at  All News Pipeline the fact that the World is headed on a clear course towards a global government is not revolutionary new information. Some of the less informed members of the public are probably still unaware of this fact, while there are other people who simply choose to be willfully ignorant of it, or simply don't care. Preoccupied with their daily lives, their cellphones and Apps, computer games, and the television they are blinded to the truth. The various media forms appear to have mesmerized the masses. While most of us here know this is not a good thing at all, there is another group of people who believe it would be a giant step in the right direction for mankind to have a One World Order. Many of is group they are looking for a kind of collective consciousness, and where peace, love and oneness with the universe is the mantra. They embrace the thought of joining together in a march towards spiritual utopia. Many of these people are very spiritual. Many of them are even good people too, with sincere motives. But how many of them ever stop to really question who, or what is behind this push for a collective consciousness and heightened spirituality? We see a move towards a oneness of religions as well. Fundamentalist Christians who see God as having set boundaries and spiritual laws in place are frowned upon. Those that speak of sin, are largely berated by by this group. Those who speak of a God who will judge us for sin are seen as extremists and bigots. They are comfortable with a sort of New Age Jesus who exudes only love – minus any judging for sin.

So fundamentalist christians are somewhat of a problem for this group of peace loving collective consciousness types. An increasing number of people are embracing new Age spiritualism in various forms. Wicca too finds plenty of adherants. There are many variations on the theme, but something that many of these streams of spiritualism and New Age thinking have in common is a linking to the teachings of Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, an occultist and spirit medium, who author who co-founded the Theosophical Society in 1875, and Alice Ann Bailey, writer of more than twenty-four books on theosophical subjects, and one of the earliest to coin the term 'New Age'.

Whatever we call it, the goals of this One World Order are advancing rather rapidly. Moves towards a cashless society leading to a One World Monetary system, a Global Government ( think Agenda 2030, the various UN initiatives etc here). Along with this is the move towards a One World Religion, which will, at least in the early stages, seek to amalgamate the religions of the world into one. Eventually however, the powers behind this movement will show their true colours and the true luciferian agenda will be revealed. As Christians, we know that lucifer the light-bearer became satan the dark lord. But most people – even spiritual people don't see that. The gol of thearticles and videos presented here today is to shine sme light on this, and to expose the true nature of the ugly demonic realm that is really behind the New Age movement, the spiritualist church. Free masonry and the Eastern enlightenment religious practices.

Laura Maxwell - Exposes Truth On Spiritualism, Spirit Guides & A One World Order

In this powerful A Minute to Midnite interview with Scottish Ex-Spiritualist Laura Maxwell, we learn the truth about the deceptions of spiritualism, The New Age & Mediums. She gives shocking revelations about the tie up between the demonic realm and The One World Order. Most mediums have no idea that they are being lied to by seducing spirits and demons, masquerading as benevolent spirit guides. Laura and her mother learned first hand the truth of the evil behind these supposedly "good" entities. Unfortunately the journey cost Laura's mother her life. This has led Laura to speak out boldly in the hope that it will give guidance to help steer others away from the luciferian deceptions behind the New Age Spiritualism, and also to give the keys to freedom from tormenting spirits that plague many who have dabbled in this arena.

As a member of a spiritualist church Laura was told that it was lucifer who paid the ultimate price, not Jesus. She was also told how Christians would ultimately be killed in order for the One World Order of peace and harmony to function.

When Laura and her mother tried to leave the spiritualist life they came under immense spiritual attack from demons, and none of the mediums and spiritists had any answers for them. Ultimately Laura's mother died during the struggles that ensues, while Laura then found Jesus and freedom. This is a “must watch” for anyone who is involved in the occult and wants to find freedom!

For those that would like to get a better understanding of where the demons and fallen angels who are behind these deceptive movements came from, and how they tie in with the nephilim of the past, ( and possibly again today), then reading the following article on the A Minute to Midnite website could be greatly informative:

Noah, The Flood, Fallen Angels & The Nephilim

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