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January 31, 2015

FBI's 'Plan C' Exposed! Martial Law In America And World War 3 Possible Within Weeks! 

By Live Free Or Die - All News Pipeline

While many have called 'martial law in America' and the round-up of Americans a 'conspiracy theory', this linked story from RT and the brand new video below from All News Pipeline friend FreedomFighter2127 PROVES to us that as far back as 1956, during the cold war, the FBI had a plan to declare martial law in America and round up 13,000+ people (subversives!) to ensure the 'security of the country.' We also learn here that there were no Plan A or Plan B.

Interestingly, the 'round-up' would occur PRIOR to any ACTUAL attack upon the United States taking place according to this story and would include an 'emergency detention program' (FEMA Camps?) and as our videographer states, while 13,000+ names were on the list back in 1956, that number has surely grown to MILLIONS of names as Americans quickly 'awaken' to the unfolding global government and 'New World Order'.

With America once again in a 'cold war' and 'one false move away' from Putin removing Russians from America our videographer shows us why we are potentially only days and weeks away from 'Plan C' being activated in America and Americans 'rounded up' under martial law as World War 3 quickly becomes our new reality. All the stories spoken of in this video are linked below.

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