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November 10, 2017

'Fear Is Everywhere' In Hollywood As The MSM Covers Up The Sex Scandals Within Their Own News Outlets

- The 'Morally Superior' Elite Get Their Self-Created Pedestals Ripped Right Out From Under Them

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

Paranoia is running rampant throughout Hollywood and the Media industry with everyone wondering who is next to be named and shamed in the court of public opinion, rather than through due process in a court of law, and now we learn publicists are limiting access to celebrities, because Hollywood’s newest art form is "laying low and saying little" for fear of having the spotlight shine on them. 



We will start with Hollyood because every day we are seeing new accusations come out against yet another Hollywood star, with Breitbart's total now hitting 73, claims ranging from actual rape and sexual assault to the ambiguous "sexual misconduct," where it appears even an off color joke can potentially end a career, and celebrities that tend to think and act like they are morally superior to the rest of us peons, are finally being exposed as their self-created pedestals are ripped right out from under them.

The Guardian describes the atmosphere in Hollywood as "fear is everywhere."

“It’s fear – fear is everywhere.” It was fear of damaging your career – “if you want to survive in Hollywood you don’t want to be known as a troublemaker” – and fear of offending the internet outrage machine, said Asi. “Famous people have to measure every word. You can’t predict how the public or social media may react. Silence is the best protection, your best shield.”

There is fear even of acknowledging the fear. Several industry figures compared the climate to a witch-hunt, another called it Robespierre-style terror, but they declined to be named lest they be seen as insufficiently sympathetic to victims.

It will make for a fraught awards season, said Stone, the blogger. “Publicists are keeping their people quieter than usual, there’s not as much access.”

Immediately following the reports that Harvey Weinstein hired spies to silence his accusers and journalists, a group of women decided to publish a Google document which compiled over 100 allegations against Weinstein going all the way back to the 1980s, detailing cases of rape, assault and harassment and what struck me about the list is how few listed "police report" in the category of "action."

I cannot count the amount of times I have seen or heard a celebrity say "everybody knew," or "it was an open secret," or something along those lines, yet Weinstein continued raping and assaulting women in Hollywood for almost 40 years.

Anyone that dares criticize the women that didn't report it, didn't press charges, and didn't scream bloody murder about it to expose him, that allowed him to continue that behavior for so long, is instantly attacked for "victim shaming."

So be it, they should be ashamed because each person, whether she was a victim or not, or if they "knew" and just never did anything about the rampant abuses, willingly allowed the same thing to happen to the next victim, by not filing a report with the police, which in my mind makes them complicit.

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Perhaps even more astoundingly is that the media "knew" as well and killed the story as far back as 2004 (Yes, we are talking about you New York Times!), yet now they are the first to report breathlessly on each and every allegation regarding celebrities, most likely because they prefer to shine the spotlight on Hollywood right now to cover up the fact that newsrooms across the nation are in the midst of their own sexual harassment scandal as reports indicate they are receiving "an unprecedented number of tips."

They are seeing a "wave of tips," in fact, so many that they are having a problem deciding what to prioritize which claims to investigate first.

Via CJR:

Media reporters are fielding an unprecedented number of tips, making it more tricky than ever to determine which cases to pursue. “For instance, I’ve had people point out a man who allegedly sends drunk text messages to younger women,” says Michael Calderone, senior media reporter at Politico. “It’s something that may be worth pursuing, but at the same time, it seems like there are more egregious allegations out there. It’s important to prioritize the ones you think would be the strongest story.”

Washington Post blogger Erik Wemple says the so-called “Shitty Media Men” list that emerged after the Weinstein reporting opened the floodgates for tipsters sharing names of alleged offenders. “It’s almost I think at the stage where it’s hard to figure out who to pursue next,” he says. “There’s just so many calls about so many men being made.”

Media members listed on the "Sh*tty Media Men" list have already been exposed, and a number of liberal writers, so called "male  feminists"  have already been forced to resign and/or been fired from their publications, yet some of the biggest outlets named in the Media Men list, such as New York Times, Buzzfeed, Wall Street Journal, the New Yorker, etc.... not a peep about those on the list from their outlets, yet they merrily report each new Hollywood allegation.


As a side note, I do have to mention one of the most astounding quotes from the CJR piece came from Washington Post's Margaret Sullivan, who asserts the MSM should use the same standards to report on their own scandal as when reporting on others, stating "I don’t see this topic as one that requires us to reinvent the rules of ethical journalism. We have to apply the same rules we always do."

I actually laughed out loud when I read a quote from someone at that outlet talking about "ethical journalism" since Wapo doesn't appear to have any standards. Remember they reported a viral story about how Russia hacked the U.S. power grid, then had to correct it before two days later reporting that Russia didn't hack the grid. Wapo also reported on "Russian propaganda" websites, then had to offer corrections that one group they called "experts," "experts" couldn't be vouched for, just to name a couple examples to show that Washington Post has no "standards," nor do they have any "ethics."

The MSM has had no problem since the Weinstein scandal broke, publishing any and all allegations against different celebrities, even those that in no way indicate actual harassment, abuse or rape, yet they are holding themselves to a different standard by refusing to report in the same manner about the wave of allegations within their own industry.

They are protecting MSM sexual abusers, some of which are being accused of outright rape and sexual abuse, just the way Hollywood protected Harvey Weinstein for nearly 40 years.

That makes them just as complicit as those in Hollywood claiming "everybody knew," yet no one did anything about it.


While Hollywood crumbles and the MSM attacks Hollywood to cover up their own sex scandals, we are seeing a slew of reports that establishment politicians are having their own sex scandals revealed in Texas, California, Massachusetts, Kentucky, Florida, Illinois, Oregon, and Kansas.

The issue is so prevalent that it is being reported by NPR that "The House Administration Committee, which oversees operations in the U.S. House, is holding a hearing to review existing training and policies to deal with sexual harassment on Capitol Hill"


Narcissistic celebrities had the audacity to promote video after video to preach morality to the masses, stating clearly that they should use their "fame" to tell people who to vote for, while the MSM used their mighty keyboards to attempt to do the same thing, specifically working to influence the public into doing what the media wanted, trying to control the masses with fake news, outright lies, as they actively and blatantly became the propaganda arm for the Democratic party. Establishment politicians think that once they are elected by the people, they then have the right to be pompously arrogant while insisting they know more about the world than we, who put them in office to supposedly represent us, do.

The commonality here is we are watching people that think and act like they are morally superior to the rest of us become engulfed in scandal upon scandal, most sexual in nature, with accusations ranging from criminal to those that shouldn't even be addressed because they are so silly (such as "flirting") and it is ending careers and bringing down entire industries.

I still maintain that there is someone, perhaps a group, behind these takedowns happening one right on top of another, to members of the "morally superior" elite crowd.

Make no mistake, there is more coming.

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