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June 24, 2017

Popular Feminist SJW Takes The 'Red Pill' - Social Justice Warrior Community Explodes

- The SJW Movement Implodes From Within

(Digital Art by Brent Cherry)

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

We have documented many of the antics across colleges where conservative speakers are violently protested again, attacked, riots started to prevent them, as well as the constant snowflake whining of "micro-aggressions" and demands for "safe spaces" so they never have to hear an opinion that doesn't match their own ideology, and today, I want to highlight one of those "Social Justice Warriors," who is a self-proclaimed and proud feminist, because she finally stepped out of her "safe space," and did the unthinkable...... she opened up a dialogue with those she disagreed with.

As she phrases it, she took the "red pill" and the reaction throughout the feminist and SJW community has been explosive.

Her name is Laci Green, she has over 1.5 million YouTube followers and 247K Twitter followers, the majority of which were other feminist and social justice warrior activists.†

Before getting into †the reactions, which shows more clearly than any 20 examples of what goes on across the nation in college campuses, as to the vitriol and closed minds of the snowflake crowd when one of their own steps out of line, listen to her comments about taking that "red pill," her reasons and the initial reactions to her foray into the world of open debate and discussion with those she disagrees with.

That was a month ago... since then, Green has participated in livestreamed discussions †with what she calls "anti-SJW's," including a transgender named Blaire White that has been shunned by the feminist/SJW community for White's assertion that being transgender is a mental disorder and her conservative beliefs as well as her opinion that feminists and SJW's are detrimental to transgenders rather than the "helpful" activists they claim to be.

Green has put out a "Red Pill 2" video, but this is about the reaction to her daring to consider talking to the "other side" that is the focus here because it is a great lesson on how quickly these so-called social justice warriors and feminists will turn on anyone that doesn't walk in lockstep with their fear of ever, ever, hearing an opinion they don't agree with.

Green, who as you saw in the video above, considers herself a "social justice warrior" (SJW), now describes what the movement has become in the following manner: †"i feel the need to draw a distinction bc "SJW" stuff isn't about social justice. it's ego, it's bullying, it's anti intellectual. whack AF." She goes on to say that now "i use the term "SJW" to refer to:†-censorship -dogma -identity as a measure of truth -anti science -abuse - all justified by "social justice."


Green's opinions on social issues hasn't changed, although she has admitted to agreeing with some of the "anti-SJW" points made in those open discussions with them, as well as disagreeing with some, but her opinion on the SJW movement itself has changed, not because she was "influenced" or "brainwashed" by speaking to the "enemy" (in the eyes of the feminists ripping into her) but from seeing them turn against her for no other reason than she had the audacity to listen to opinions that do match her own.

How dare her!

Thousands of videos on YouTube about this in just the last month, calling her a "fake" saying she went from SJW to right-wing, despite many of her actual positions on social issues not changing. The Twitter reaction from the feminist/SJW community has been brutal, where she has been doxed, called a Nazi, a white supremacist, threatened with rape and death, stalked online, and much more... not by critics of feminism and today's social justice warrior movement, but by SJWs and feminists that used to hold her up as a paragon of virtue because of her stances on topics, yet now she is the enemy, the devil personified because she is willing to discuss those issues with people that disagree her positions.

While much of this may just sound like an online/social media soap opera, the reason websites like Newsweek, Heat Street, and the Inquistr, , just to name a few, are addressing this over-the-top reaction to Green's decision to speak to those she disagrees with, is perfectly captured by PJ Media back when the first "red pill" video came out, with a very perceptive warning about what she could expect from her former SJW friends:

The truth is, no amount of the right blasting the SJWs on a situation like this will sway the rank-and-file leftists. They don't care what anyone at PJ Media, Breitbart, The Federalist, or similar publications have to say.

However, Green taking issue with this behavior may have more of an impact.

Some leftists -- the lion's share of her 1.4 million viewers, I suspect -- already have a favorable opinion of Green and her opinions. Her taking an issue with this stuff may make them stop and think and realize just how stupid all of this is.

And the ones who don't stop and think? They will soon teach Green that the Left's "tolerance" was all a big sham, hopefully driving Green further to the right and towards reality.

Emphasis mine and exactly what has happened in the subsequent weeks since her first video.

It appears that Green's reference to the "red pill" wasn't †about changing her stances on most issues, but it was in reference to being awoken to reality by being made into living proof that everything the "anti-SJWs" and "anti-feminists" have been accused of, re: censorship, war on free speech, militant activism, violence, and safe space mentality..... is true.

Oh, and if folks thought the reaction to Green taking that little red pill was bad.......... you should see the explosions within the SJW and feminist community when they found out she was dating an "anti-SJW" YouTube personality.


Via Heat Street:

Social justice warriors have turned the matter of prominent feminist YouTuber Laci Greenís romantic relationship with anti-social justice YouTuber Chris Ray Gun into a political issue.

Feeling personally slighted by Greenís decision to reach across ideological lines to engage with her former detractors and critics, theyíve taken to compiling a dossier on Green, releasing her private information, and engaging in a large-scale campaign of public harassment. The personal, as feminists say, is political.


While it is doubtful that many conservatives or free speech advocates will agree with many of Green's opinions on any social issue, the fact that she is calling out the SJWs and feminists for their "safe space" mentality, while finally being open to open dialogue †on those topics, where both sides are heard and debated, is a step in the right direction. After all, haven't many of us said that all opinions should be heard, discussed and part of the public conversation?

I doubt I will ever be a fan of Laci Green, but I have to give her kudos, for first opening the door and then having the courage to call out members of a "movement" she used to consider herself part of when she discovered what they actually were.

Below a videographer named Bearing highlights some of the most harsh reactions found on YouTube to Green, highlighting the hypocritical nature of some, and fair warning : LANGUAGE ALERT.

Below we also see that while many SJW feminists have turned on Green, there are some out there standing up for her and offering their support and respect for her willingness to reach out and open up lines of communication, as well as highlighting some of the nastiness being seen on Twitter toward Green.

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