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July 25, 2017

The War Has Begun - They Are Coming For You, If You See These People Coming At You, Run Like Hell! 

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

I would like everyone to take a good, hard look at the image below.

(Image of "men" in rompers)

Before going any further, readers are encouraged to scroll down to the comment section and leave their first impressions of that image, then come on back up and read the rest.

If rabid feminists of today have their way, all "men" in the next few decades will look like those above in their 'male rompers,' emasculated, pussified, whatever word you want to label them. Throughout the last few years we have detailed how all around college campuses across American and elsewhere we are seeing lectures, programs and classes on "toxic masculinity," all geared toward "violence prevention," on campus.

Just today, the Drudge Report linked to a College Fix article explaining that Princeton is looking for a "new ‘men’s engagement manager’ to combat aggressive masculinity on campus, where the article explains that the university "is in the process of hiring an 'Interpersonal Violence Clinician and Men’s Engagement Manager' who will work with a campus office called SHARE that’s dedicated to 'survivors' of sexual harassment, assault, dating violence and stalking."

Via College Fix:

The men’s manager will also launch initiatives to challenge "gender stereotypes," and expand the school’s Men’s Allied Voices for a Respectful and Inclusive Community, a self-described "violence prevention program" at Princeton that often bemoans "toxic masculinity" on its Facebook page.

According to the job description, the men’s manager will develop educational programs targeting the apparent "high-risk campus-based populations for primary prevention of interpersonal violence, including sexual harassment, sexual assault, domestic/dating violence, and stalking."

The job posting implicitly refers to men as perpetrators and women as victims.

The position may also implement a mandatory "accountability program for students accused of sexual misconduct under Title IX," it adds.....................

Founded in 2013, Men’s Allied Voices for a Respectful and Inclusive Community program seeks to "promote healthy masculinity" through workshops and other educational programming on campus. The program also fights "toxic masculinity," according to numerous Facebook posts, and subscribes to the feminist theory of "fragile masculinity," which denigrates men for subscribing to traditional gender norms.

Given the fact that College Fix could not find any corresponding clinician targeted toward women, this is a specific attempt to tell men that acting "manly" is wrong. We see these attacks against men in the constant bemoaning by feminazis of "man-splaining" accusations by rabid feminists who think if a man dares open his mouth and disagree with anything they say, they are somehow "talking down" to the women. Or the constant lamenting of "man-spread, where if a man dares sit comfortably, he is accosted for it.

Make no mistake, I am not claiming there is no sexual assault or violence or stalking. There is, but the university assuming that men are the "perpetrators" and women are the "victims," without understanding that rabid feminists stalk and perpetrate violence as well, is short-sighted and deliberately pushing the agenda that "masculinity" is toxic without addressing the massive amount of toxicity within the new wave of rabid feminism.

Then we come to that next line, which instigated this rant of mine, where it says "mandatory "accountability program for students accused of sexual misconduct under Title IX."

Really??? Someone is to be held "accountable" over nothing more than an "accusation?" I take serious issue with that given what seems to constitute a reason for accusations of "sexual harassment" and/or" assault" by today's rabid feminists and their liberal cohorts.

One of the most recent examples came when President Trump dared mention that a reporter had a "nice smile," which in turn set off these rabid liberals  and feminazis into declaring that was "harassment,"  because the compliment "objectified & humiliated," her.


That liberal guy probably has a couple of rompers in his closet!

To feminazis, a compliment is "hugely inappropriate and disrespectful."


In that Twitter feed thread comments regarding that compliment ranged from "creepy," to bizarre," to "sleazy," and much, much more.

Some might say that represents Trump haters more than the liberal rabid feminist mindset because the haters simply attack anything and everything that the president does or says, so I will take the Trump Factor out of the equation for a different example.

Salon writer Amelia Bonow, works at a bar and man had the audacity to say she was "pretty."

I blankly responded that his thoughts on my appearance were not interesting to me and asked him what he’d like to drink. He stood there, drunk and caught off guard by his own boldness as well as my reaction. He tried to focus, knowing that the next move was his, his face reflecting the hazy fear that any dude who is at least trying to come correct feels when facing one of modern courtship’s classic gambles: I really do not want to be “that guy” versus this might just be crazy enough to work. He chose to hedge both ways and began slowly trying to dig himself out, struggling to enunciate and choose his words carefully but choosing the wrong ones. He bumbled between a handful of partially formed apologies before announcing that he felt awful, because I was clearly annoyed and he “would hate to offend such a pretty girl.”

I was so flattered that I instantly got super wet. Just joking! I was disgusted. It was 1 a.m. and I was tired. I wasn’t feeling combative enough to tell him to get lost immediately, especially knowing that he wouldn’t necessarily see the straight line between his actions and the punishment. But I also wasn’t in the mood to rah-rah a drunken stranger toward a potential enlightenment. Attempting diplomacy, I gave him a beer and put him in time out, instructing him to take 10 minutes to think about why even just his final statement was offensive. He wandered to the end of the bar and sat there in a fog.

After a little time had passed, I noticed his posture straighten and I turned to face him. His expression was solemn as I walked toward him, expecting at the very least an unconvincing performance of contrition. Instead, he stood up, took out his wallet, and tried to give me $10—not for drinks but because “sometimes you just have to pay for things.” Yes, this person had spent his time-out arriving at the conclusion that 10 whole dollars was enough to compensate me for feeling exposed, trapped, degraded and simultaneously invisible and on display at my own dumb job. I felt like a human sigh. “Just leave, please,” I said, and then he left.

All that because a man told her she was pretty. Wonder what her screed would have entailed if he told her she looked like a dog and should not be dealing with customers because she has the personality of a shrew.

I could probably fill up a dozen pages of examples where the "accusation" of "inappropriate behavior" or "sexual misconduct" is made over nothing more than a compliment, and now we have colleges thinking it is a good idea to have a "mandatory accountability" program over a mere accusation?


While the sheer idiocy of liberals wanting no "stereotype" gender identities deserve as much criticism that can be leveled at it, the agenda of emasculating men, basically turning them into slaves of rabid feminists, never to speak out of turn, to be told how they should be sitting, speaking, what language to use and when they are allowed to offer a compliment, has real word ramifications as well.

Think of the jobs, generally manual labor jobs, that men gravitate toward and women generally do not. Not because of "stereotypes," but because of the physical demands where men are simply built for it, most women are not. Construction, firemen, combat situations where heavy lifting is required, mining, roofing.... etc, etc etc... 

What happens when the majority of the male population are too feminized, whether from the radical feminist agenda and hatred of "maleness," or the chemicals in almost everything used today, dubbed "genetic genocide," by big pharma which are also emasculating men, to be capable of actually doing those jobs or too feminized to want them?


A newsflash and a piece of advice for the younger males out there. Real women say thank you when complimented, do not lament about it is disrespectful or inappropriate. They like when you hold their door open for them, buy them chocolate or hold their chair for them when they are sitting. If a woman castigates you for it, do not conform to her version of what a "man" should be, run like hell because she is a radical, rabid feminazi who would rather remove your testicles than date you.

One last piece of advice... never, ever, EVER, buy a male romper.


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