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October 19, 2015

'Zombie Nation' On Verge Of Exploding - Americans Totally Unprepared For Coming Storm


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die


We recently read a very interesting story on RT where the writer compared America to a ticking time bomb - the only thing stopping it from exploding was the right detonator. The author proceeded to give us a series of reasons that the US is so fragile right now, a potential powder keg ready to explode on many fronts, and the likely detonators.

One of the reasons he tells us our nation is in such danger was recently addressed in a SQAlert in which the reader asked what will happen to America if all of the anti-depression drugs that Americans are on suddenly become 'unavailable'. 'Zombie nation' the reader said comes to mind. That SQAlert is republished in full below. However, that 'little problem' would quickly be only the tip of the iceberg as America is totally unprepared, physically, mentally and most importantly, spiritually, for what is likely ahead of us. 


The RT story begins with our declining food system with the destruction of farms and reliable food sources. We're told only 4.6 million Americans have the means to feed themselves as only approx 2% of the US population live on farms. He reminds us that the average American is a long way away from food if the shops close down. Food supply logistics stretch thousands of miles, and shops have only a few days supply we're told - any of us who have lived through a snowstorm in the DC area or Northeast knows how quickly the shops clear out when anything more than a few inches of snow is projected.
According to Cargill foods executive Greg Page in a recent address to Kansas State University students, we are looking at food shortages in America as “U.S. production of corn, soybeans, wheat and cotton could decline by 14% by mid-century, and by as much as 42% by late-century". A story from The Hill just days ago told us that according to a study done by a group within the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, the risk of food scarcity is likely to rise in some places over the next decade, putting those areas at risk of social and political unrest. DeSmog blog told us days ago the food industry itself warns of devastating food shortages that will be potentially life-threatening as shared in the 1st video below. 


A recent story from The Street tells us that according to executives from some of the food industry's biggest players, "one of the most significant future risks to the packaged food industry isn't consumers losing interest in their products -- it's the difficulty in delivering products of any kind amid a shrinking water supply" and while each of these stories lays the blame for what we're facing upon 'climate change' and 'global warming', all we need to do is to take a look at this recent story from ENENews to understand that it's much worse now than that. 

The headline of their story alone should be enough to awaken the still sleeping masses yet they slumber onwards, completely unaware of what awaits them and totally unprepared for what may soon hit them.:

“Mind-blowing” die off of seabirds underway from California to Alaska — Experts: “This is unprecedented… Worst I’ve ever seen… Why they’re dying, I’m still baffled” — “Every bird we’re seeing is starving to death… Basically withering away” — “Catastrophic molting” due to unknown cause.

We have clearly forgotten that what we do to our oceans, we do to ourselves. Is 'global warming' to blame for what's happening along our West coast or is it something more, radiation from Fukushima maybe? With millions of dead seabirds up and down the entire West coast, does it really even matter what the cause is any more if we're not doing anything at all to fix it and top scientists have no idea what's causing all of the death and dying? How long until this all comes crashing down on us? What we are officially being told in this ENENews story is quite alarming.:

San Francisco Chronicle
, Oct 15, 2015 (emphasis added): [T]housands of common murres… have been found dead… “all signs point to starvation from a lack of forage fish,” [Marine ecologist Kirsten Lindquist] said, adding that the same problem has been documented along the Oregon, Washington and Alaska coastlines… many endemic marine birds and mammals are suffering.

International Bird Rescue, Sep 22, 2015: An unprecedented number of exhausted, hungry seabirds continue to flood International Bird Rescue’s San Francisco Bay Center… The sight of so many starving seabirds has raised red flags among seabird scientists…

Santa Cruz Sentinel, Sep 25, 2015: A troubling number of starved and weak seabirds are washing ashore on beaches from the Monterey Bay to Alaska… “There’s been die-offs in the past, but this is one of the worst ones I’ve ever seen,” said Lupin Egan, an animal technician… 

ABC San Francisco, Sep 22, 2015: The number of birds being delivered to the rescue center daily is the number that usually comes over the entirety of a month, center officials said. “The sheer number of birds we’re seeing is pretty mind-blowing“… Curtis said. “This is unprecedented. Sometimes we get spikes and it dissipates. But it has not stopped.”

Santa Cruz Sentinel, Sep 2, 2015: A huge influx of weak, starving seabirds have been overwhelming a Fairfield bird rescue center… “They’re like the canaries in the coal mines,” Curtis said… “the first ones to tell us if… there’s something wrong with our environment.”

KTVU, Sep 25 2015: Up and down the West Coast, thousands of starving sea birds are washing up… [The murres] resemble penguins, but can fly… “They are washing up extremely skinny… They’re starving to death,” lead rehabilitation technician Isabel Luevano told KTVU… “they’re basically withering away“… 

Daily Astorian, Aug 25, 2015: “There’s a pretty raging debate among seabird biologists at the moment,” [Julia Parish of the U. of Washington] added…“Every bird we’re seeing is starving to death,” [Josh Saranpaa, of the Wildlife Center of the North Coast] said. “It’s pretty bad.” Many are adults… The high number of starving adults along the North Coast, even experienced scavenger birds, indicates a “serious sign of a stressed ecosystem,” Parish said… “When you see so many starving, something is not quite right out there,” 

KMXT, Sep 15, 2015: “It does look like the birds are emaciated, which means they don’t have any fat on their bodies, and they don’t have any food in their digestive systems“… 


We need not worry about lack of food alone when it all comes crashing down. This SQAlert makes some excellent points - if all of a sudden, all of the prescription medications that Americans are now taking become no longer available, how long would it be until America becomes 'zombie nation'? Many people feel that we already ARE 'zombie nation' - not to mention the immediate danger millions are suddenly faced with no longer able to get their live saving prescriptions. We pray it never comes to this.:


Hello Steve,

I went to CVS on Friday to pick-up my 10mg Zolpidem (generic Ambien) refill. They didn’t have it and said the manufacturer is not making it any more. What do you mean, I asked? They are not manufacturing it at this time, everyone is on back order and they cannot get their orders filled. I managed to get it filled with double 5mg pills.

I don’t know the extent of this problem. I do know that for those of us with severe insomnia (probably related to the chemtrails, fluoride, heavy metals, GMO, etc), we get very irritable with no sleep. This just feels like a puzzle piece in a bigger Illuminati New World Order rollout plan for maximum chaos when the civil unrest starts here in the US.

I thank the Lord often for waking me up to see the truth outside the box and prepare for what comes. I have asked many times why he does not wake up everyone to what is happening. He keeps giving me the same answer: For some of us, he is preparing us for a long term plan, for many others, it is a short term plan. Then I get sad while thinking of the beheadings & torture of Christians in the middle east and the women raped in slavery and traded to a new Muslim man each month. I watch our Muslim president flooding our country with Muslims and I know they are coming for us next. Then I go to my mega church with thousands of other Christians where they never discuss world events as it might offend someone. I go home from Church each Sunday with sadness, knowing that most of them will be in that short term plan because the Church is not preparing its people for the days of darkness that we have just entered.

Steve, I pray often for all of the watchmen’s safety as you bring us the truth of the times we live in and what approaches. I thank you for your sacrifices and look forward to reading your website daily and listening to your talk shows. PRESTON

We also learn in the 2nd video below another story of sea and animals dying off of Mexico's west coast as shared more in this story. 


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