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August 10, 2016

Forget The Clinton Body Count, Who Is Still On The Clinton Hit List?

-How Many Who Are Opposed To A Hillary Regime Have A Bullseye On Our Backs?


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

There has been much talk about the "Clinton Body Count," and names seem to be added with increasing frequency, with some saying three more connected with the DNC have been added with the untimely deaths of DNC staffer Seth Rich, Shawn Lucas who served the DNC on July 3 with a complaint and summons in a fraud action on behalf of Sanders supporters, and John Ashe who was begin pretrial meetings involving shady financial dealings regarding a former Clinton crony when he died on June 22, 2015, and others claiming the Body Count actually has risen by five in the last six weeks.

Each of these deaths should be investigated, especially with the recent  news that WikiLeaks is offering a $20,000 reward for information leading to a conviction for the murder of DNC staffer Seth Rich, to which official reports indicate the authorities believe was a random "robbery attempt" although he was shot several times, once in the back, and Rich still had his wallet, watch and phone when police discovered his body, in connection with the very deliberate wording of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, where he implies that Seth Rich was the source of the leak that led to the release of the damaging DNC emails which were published right before the Democratic Convention began.


Description of the video below: - Julian Assange seems to suggest on Dutch television program Nieuwsuur that Seth Rich was the source for the Wikileaks-exposed DNC emails and was murdered.

So yes, those deaths should be investigated heavily and reported on, but what about those still on the Clinton "hit list?"

On August 8, 2016, Jeremiah Johnson a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne), wrote the following on August 8, 2016 at SHTF Plan:

Everybody who criticizes the incoming dictator is marked, make no mistake about it. We still have a little bit of time, but not much, and effects generated need to have substance, not form. No juvenile displays of occupying a shed/storage room/visitor center in a National Park or Forest. No standoffs with a disbandment and then everyone is arrested individually. The torch is being passed. Everyone who is criticizing Obama and warning about Clinton is a target and they are marked, along with countless others of the 325 million of us.

Is he right? Is there a bullseye on the backs of Hillary Clinton's most vocal critics? We all know that in conjunction with the Clinton Campaign, at least one SuperPAC has more than a million dollars invested in hiring paid trolls to confront and push back against Clinton  "attackers," but could this paid "task force" which includes former reporters, bloggers, public affairs specialists, designers, Ready for Hillary alumni, and Hillary super fans, also be investigating and providing physical locations to the Clinton campaign of their most vocal critics?

Correct The Record will invest more than $1 million into Barrier Breakers 2016 activities, including the more than tripling of its digital operation to engage in online messaging both for Secretary Clinton and to push back against attackers on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, and Instagram. Barrier Breakers 2016 is a project of Correct The Record and the brainchild of David Brock, and the task force will be overseen by President of Correct The Record Brad Woodhouse and Digital Director Benjamin Fischbein. The task force staff’s backgrounds are as diverse as the community they will be engaging with and include former reporters, bloggers, public affairs specialists, designers, Ready for Hillary alumni, and Hillary super fans who have led groups similar to those with which the task force will organize.

What about whistleblowers?

For example, yesterday ANP published documents that an anonymous Twitter user claimed were Hillary Clinton medical documents, and while the validity of those documents are still in question, the fact that the Twitter user @HillsMedRecords disappeared within the day, account page gone, with no official word as to whether Twitter deleted the account or the user did, is concerning.

To be fair to Twitter, despite the obvious liberal bias they have shown over the years, the user very well could have deleted his/her own account. If those documents were real, the user could have been worried about violating the HIPPA law - HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996) is United States legislation that provides data privacy and security provisions for safeguarding medical information.

Violating HIPPA can carry some hefty penalties, as shown in the chart below, obatined from the American Medical Association.


If those documents were real or not, the user still could have deleted his/her own account for fear of their life, after all, many who have "attacked," or "betrayed," Bill and Hillary or been "inconvenient to the Clintons, over the years, have ended up dead.

Make no mistake, assassinating Clinton foes is not something Democratic supporters are opposed to, as evidenced by a statement back in 2010, about WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, the same group that recently released the damaging information about Hillary Clinton and the DNC, plus emails showing collusion between the MSM and the Clinton campaign, with Assange promising more in the near future.

This was after he had released previous leaked emails damaging to Clinton, where Democratic strategist Bob Berkel, went on Fox News and said "The way to deal with it, and the national security of the United States, the way to deal with this is pretty simpe, we got Special Op Forces,  a dead man can't leak stuff, this guy is a traitor, a treasonist,  and he has broken every law of the United States........The guy ought to be.... and I'm not for the death penalty, so if I am not for the death penalty, there is only one way to do it... Illegally shoot the son of a b*tch."



The public found out in 2014 that the Clinton's had a "hit list" comprised of high profile political operatives that had "crossed" the couple throughout the years, which was labeled "saints and sinners," according to reports from The Telegraph and Politico.

We have to wonder if they also have another "hit list", those not to be "politically" punished for betrayal, but are literally targeted for assassination.

 Who would be on that list?

Those in the alternative media, less well known but just as vocal and willing to call out questions the MSM refuse to, such as their health, their scandals and their "body count?" What about whistleblowers determined the public know the truth? What about those going head-to-head online with a paid Clinton troll/operative? What about those bypassing the Hillary MSM shills and spreading information via social media?

As we prepare for company from Thursday to Saturday, on his way out to the store for last minute items, Stefan Stanford said to me "If I don't come back, Hillary got me"...... I assure you, he was only half kidding.


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