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January 26, 2016

Ominous Warning Of Coming Chaos From Former US Navy SEAL: 'When The Chaos Begins, Wherever You Are, That Is Where You Will Be Stuck'


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

The ominous warning from a former US Navy SEAL on the website of Steve Quayle in a new SQAlert is a huge reminder to all of us: When the chaos begins, wherever we are at that moment in time, that is likely where we will be stuck. Warning us that we should never assume that what we see on 'devil vision' is in 'real time', we're also told that much of what we're witnessing on TV with prominent world figures speaking at various events may have been pre-recorded and totally scripted to maximize the deception. 

This warning from 'SEAL Man' also touches upon recent statements made by both Pope Francis and Queen Elizabeth who recently stated that 2015 could be 'our last Christmas' and events that are now taking place in the skies above us, kept totally secret by those 'who know' while they go about taking precautions they hope will help them survive the coming days, weeks, months and years.

With the announcement of a 'Planet 9' by astronomers just last week, are we now witnessing the "unveiling of 'planet X'" to the masses as argued by some in this story from the NY Daily News and touched upon by Alex Jones in the 1st video below? In the 2nd video below, Esoteric Detective takes a look at 'Planet 9' and the facts that we know about this planet (which has admittedly never been seen before) and why some believe this is the long-lost 'Planet X' returning. 


We'll also take a look below videos at another SQAlert from one of his readers who shares with us a dream he had that he ties right into 'SEAL Man's' warning. The dire SQAlert from 'SEAL Man'.:


Everyone is hearing the sounds, now amateur astronomers are videotaping it and the main stream media is beginning to slowly mention it - the planet is getting closer. We have all the distractions in place, many which will actually occur. This is playing out exactly just as we have spoken about.

We had the pope state 2015 would be our last Christmas, we had the Queen state 2015 will be the last Christmas – yet no one believes anything earth shattering happened in December. Why would two of the worlds primary figures say something like this, to instill fear, I think not. Soon, we will see the pope probably retire early in order to get himself home and in place.

We need to be in place also, because when the chaos begins, where ever you are, that is where you will be stuck. I can actually feel the momentum building, feel anxiety building in the atmosphere around me and the frequency’s I have been hearing for a long time are now beginning to increase in volume.

The new world system is in place, now all we need are the major events that will help usher things in and the implementation to begin. Start paying close attention to things in the background when prominent world figures are shown speaking at events, addressing current issues and attending events. I believe much of what we are hearing and seeing on the news and other media type sources right now may possibly be pre-recorded.

Is an official announcement of the coming of 'Planet X' in our future or will the elite such as Queen Elizabeth and Pope Francis keep all of that information secret until the very end, when it becomes no longer possible to ignore? The dream below comes to us from the website of Steve Quayle from one of his readers.:

After I read seal mans post I thought of my dream and decided to share. Seal mans words Where you are is where you will be stuck

Hi Steve I had a dream last Saturday night I would like to share. I was with my wife, daughter, and the neighbor girl we were west of our
house ( we live in Spokane,wa) roughly 20 miles. We were in a large sparsely wooded park playing in the snow, other family's were sledding,
having fun exc.... My wife asked me to build a little camp fire so we could eat lunch and get warm. As I got down on one knee to dig a pit I heard a loud rumbling noise coming from the west and moving east as I looked out over the horizon I saw what at first I thought was a fighter jet heading right for me as it got closer it took the shape of a very large missile as it flew our heads I reached up and could almost touch it, the missile was painted beige, with a darker brown or green nose cone it had a very large red hammer and sickle painted on the side. The missile headed right for Spokane and detonated. i looked toward Spokane and thought my home, and my prepps all destroyed and, my bug out spot is going to be really hard to get to, because it is east also now I was just like everyone else, the word refugee entered my mind.
After I read seal mans post I thought of my dream and decided to share. Seal mans words Where you are is where you will be stuck. That is what stirred my spirit. Stay aware and watch your six. Your brother in Jesus. Charlie.


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