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August 19, 2015

Catastrophic Kill Zone Up And Down West Coast - Expert Warns: "It Could Be The End"


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

In this new story from the LA Times we learn that the biggest oarfish in years has washed ashore in the Los Angeles area. The headlines at ENENews for the month of August alone read like the slow motion opening scenes from an apocalyptic horror movie except that they're all too real. In a story dated August 18th we learn of "thousands of millions of fish" washing up dead in Alaska; according to one official: "I have never seen anything like it." The newly released videos below tell us what the pictures and the mainstream media won't.

An August 13th story told us that giant whales had been found dead up and down the Pacific Northwest coast, leaving scientists 'baffled'. The govt. says 'troubling'. Experts say 'alarming spike'. On August 11th we learned that 'trillions of becquerels of radioactive material is still flowing into the ocean' at Fukushima leading one TV journalist in Japan to declare that "contaminated seawater will circulate around the globe..."... a "disaster expaning every day".

On the 9th we learned a toxic bloom was "basically eating the West Coast alive" with unusual deaths up and down the pacific coast. "All populations of marine mammals are way down" experts warn "largest ever recorded...never seen an event like this."

While the list goes on for the month of August 2015 we have to ask, when was the last time you heard a peep about Fukushima death encroaching America from the mainstream media? Did they report the August 8th story of the die-off of birds all over Alaska beach that 'seemed to be starving'?

While the US government told us "we don't know what's going on" in the Pacific ocean where ill baby seals are being abandoned and dozens of walruses have been found dead along with dying whales, birds and fish, we learn from another govt expert that radiation is always on people's minds when it comes to the mortality "like we haven't seen before..."


On August 3rd we learned of dead dolphins and whales washing up in San Francisco; an inexplicable summer trend marine officials report. The August 1st story told us 'ocean conditions have gone to hell' and this dire warning of extinction..."it could be the end." 

The local news stations along the West Coast are paying attention. Check out some of the headlines culled from those outlets about the local salmon alone. After reading, please try to tell us with a straight face that we shouldn't be alarmed. Have we forgotten, this is our food!:

sal_sore.jpg salm_col.jpg

KOIN transcript: Half of the sockeye salmon in the Columbia River are dying… Biologists are calling this die-off unprecedented… (Nick Blevins, fisherman:) “The fish are not looking in good condition… Some of them will have lesions… The sockeye already have gill diseases“… It could be the end for these endangered species. (Blevins:) “For something that’s been here longer than us that’s going to go to extinction, we’re not too far behind then.”

Spokesman Review,: “Never in my entire (29-year) career have I seen anything like this,” [Jeff Korth, fisheries manager] said. “A minimum of 300,000 adult salmon have died… We’re seeing big gaping sores… 15,000 sockeye tried to go up the Okanogan last week… They all died… My goal was to retire before ocean conditions go to hell again.”

Seattle Times: … the Columbia [has turned] into a kill zone where salmon immune systems are weakened and fish die of infections… Some [are] suffering from a bacterial disease. Others have backs covered with a mottled white fungus. All are expected to die… 

Spokesman Review: “Catastrophic“ is a word that’s being used as scientists begin to unravel the mystery… [They're] finding dead fish, both shad and sockeye… the words scientists use to describe what’s going on are freakier than the photos:

  • WA Dept of Fish & Wildlife: “Very bad news… carnage is ugly… conversion rates… 2-5%”
  • Scientist from B.C., Canada: “Catastrophic losses… have begun to occur… It may be advisable for DFO communications to identify “talking points”… very soon to get out in front of events… [in] more than 40 years and cannot remember anything comparable to what were currently seeing unfold on the coast!“

Chuck Hindman  with Mid America Land Restoration shares with us what we face in America with the ongoing Fukushima radiation in Japan. While many may think what's happening there won't affect us here; they'd be quite wrong.

Was the dead oarfish in California due to Fukushima radiation or something else entirely? Oarfish have long been known to be possible predictors of earthquakes when they surface...rarely. Does this dead oarfish signify a massive quake coming to the LA area? For the record, the one found Monday near LA had an 'empty pocket in its stomach', "this could mean it recently stopped eating, a potential sign of distress or sickness."


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