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August 19, 2015

All Hell Is About To Break Loose - Gerald Celente - 'Collapse Is Underway, It's Chaos!'


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

Trends Journal publisher Gerald Celente joins Alex Jones for an enlightening look at the facts behind the headlines, detailing examples of the countries across the globe that are falling like dominoes, telling us that "collapse is underway" right now and asserting "It's chaos!"

Jones starts the segment by going over the latest headlines and stating that "All hell is about to break loose," before introducing Celente who has spent decades using trends of the past to accurately predict what is going to happen in the future. Celente joins the show at approximately the 4 minute mark in the clip below.

Before watching that clip, we take note of the latest WSJ headline of "U.S. Lacks Ammo for Next Economic Crisis," where we see Policy makers worry fiscal and monetary tools to battle a recession are in short supply. 

With the U.S. expansion entering its seventh year, policy makers are planning how to respond to the next downturn, which history shows is inevitable. The current expansion is now 16 months longer than the average since World War II, and none has lasted longer than a decade.

“The world economy is like an ocean liner without lifeboats,” economists at HSBC Bank wrote in a recent research note.

Certain mainstream outlets are finally catching up with what Independent journalists have been warning about for the past couple of years. Central bankers are running out of options to manipulate the facts, the figures, and the dire ramifications of their policies. 

The MSM would have us believe the "recovery" is happening, rather than the illusion created by QE and as Tyler Durden from Zero Hedge so succinctly points out, the bubble will burst "only the date is unknown."

For those that think America won't fall with the rest of the global economy because all they have seen in their nightly news is Washington's manipulated numbers, let me give you an example of how they are twisting the truth.

We see blaring headlines of how the unemployments numbers have dropped from a high of 10 percent in 2009 to 5.3 percent in July of 2015,  but those are the adjusted numbers not accounting for those no longer in the workforce which is at a record 93,770,000

If the "recovery" was going as spectacularly as Washington wants us to think it is, why is there a record number lining up at food banks just to feed their families, while the food banks are saying they are running out of food? Another record number of Americans living in poverty? 

It becomes a case of "do you believe the MSM and Washington or do you believe your eyes?" Or in this case, your stomachs? 

While the situation is critical... it gets worse as Celente drops the bombshell below by using past trends to show what is coming next.  We are seeing currency wars, trade wars, and as history has shown us, the next step when the central bankers run out of options, is world war -  as the situation we find outselves in now is reminiscent of exactly what happened right before World War II.

Listen below to hear the real state of affairs.


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