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August 5, 2016

Expert Warns Of 'America Split In Half' - If Election Is 'Stolen', Will We See Civil War Upon US Soil? Globalists Prepare For The Steal As 'Hillary's Body Count' Grows Again! 


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

"I wouldn't be surprised to see this country split in half." Harry Dent

We have reported over and over and over again on All News Pipeline that the globalists who long ago hijacked America on the way to our nations deathbed have no intention whatsoever of allowing Donald Trump or ANY OTHER 'America 1st' president into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and we're now getting much more proof that our warnings have been right on target.

Between a recent announcement by the 'terrorist-supporter-in-chief' Barack Obama himself that Donald Trump is 'unfit to serve' as president and Trump is 'woefully unprepared to do this job," we have to publicly ask Obama, does being 'fit for duty' mean that whoever takes your place is ready to arm our ISIS enemies who want to slaughter us? 

If that's the case, it's quite clear why Obama is backing Hillary Clinton - Clinton has proven that she is more than ready to have Americans killed

Besides the fact that Clinton already has a lengthy record as a war criminal, and clearly has American blood on her evil hands, Clinton has been outed again and again as arming those who are now killing innocent people around the world. Yet Americans are still prepared to put her into office? As we hear in the final video below, 5 more names have recently been added to the 'Clinton body count' in just the last 6 weeks including an activist by the name of Shawn Lucas who mysteriously died soon after serving the DNC with a fraud lawsuit.

Seriously! What more can we say? As our videographer tells us, Hillary's globalists now appear to be on an 'all-out killing spree'. If All News Pipeline winds up mysteriously dead in the near future, you can be sure, 'Killary' killed us. We certainly have no intention whatsoever of doing ourselves or anybody else any harm.   


As Michael Snyder asks in this story at "End Of The American Dream", will Barack Obama attempt to stay in office if Donald Trump wins the election in less than 100 days? In the 1st video below we hear from Gary Franchi of the Next News Network along with Harry Dent who discuss a very real but horrifying possibility: Civil war breaking out upon American soil. Dent shares that Trump might even lose the election and take millions of Americans with him to form 'Trump nation'. 

If Obama attempted to subvert the US Constitution and ignore the legal will of the American people, would that make him our first 'dictator'? Certainly in so doing, all rule of law would officially be gone in this country though the fact that Hitlery still remains in the running for US president and not at the Hague for war crimes prove some families who like to think themselves above the rule of law really are, they hope. However, such people have forgotten one thing.: 

Globalists like Clinton seem to forget, the laws of 'God' always triumph over the laws of man...especially in 'the end'. 

The 'awoken' American people are now overwhelmingly saying that we want our country back from the globalists criminals who have attempted to steal it from us and in so doing, are backing Trump 'en masse' despite what the dying, dinosaur media might be saying. Despite that, there's still a chance that our Republic will be forever gone by 2017.

As we hear in the 2nd video below, the mainstream media and the Clinton News Network (CNN) are absolutely destroying themselves by recently saying that Donald Trump was going to drop out of the race. Talk about desperate. As we've warned over and over again on ANP, they'll do anything at all to stay in power and Obama has all of the executive orders that he needs to do so simply by declaring a state of emergency.  

From Snyder's story:

If Barack Obama truly believes all of the things he said about Donald Trump, does he also believe that he has a responsibility to keep Donald Trump from taking office?

Absent a major national emergency of some sort, this would be very difficult for Obama to do. But if there were some sort of enormous national crisis between now and next January, Barack Obama could potentially employ some of the extraordinary emergency powers that have been endowed on the office of the president over the past several decades.

There is not a single statute, regulation, executive order or presidential directive that contains all of the powers that a president would possess during a major national emergency. Rather, these powers have been layered on top of one another for a very long period of time, and they come from literally dozens of different laws, regulations, court decisions, executive orders and presidential directives.

One document that I would refer you to is National Security Presidential Directive 51 which was put into effect during the Bush administration. It is all about “national continuity policy” and it defines a “catastrophic emergency” as “any incident, regardless of location, that results in extraordinary levels of mass casualties, damage, or disruption severely affecting the U.S. population, infrastructure, environment, economy, or government functions”.

In such a scenario, the president would have almost unlimited power, and he would wield enormously powerful executive orders such as this one. If there was a big enough emergency, the president would potentially be able to declare martial law, suspend elections and essentially become a dictator.

Let us hope that we never see such a thing play out in the United States of America.


Would Obama and the globalists take away a legally won presidency from Donald Trump and the American people and quite literally risk civil war in doing so? We pray to God that war never again comes to US soil though we feel that we're watching it silently unfolding all across America at this very moment after reading this story from Michael Snyder telling us that an entire church in the US recently ended up on an 'ISIS kill list'

As Snyder aptly laid out for us in this story, all of the executive orders are already in place for Obama or whomever is in office to deal with such a reality. Story after story throughout the alternative media dictates we could very well be witnessing the 'end' for America within the next few months.

If Trump is legally elected on November 8th, what will the globalists do to hold onto power in America and continue their enslavement of the American people and the human race? Will the 'sleeper terrorists' that have been 'trojan horsed' into this country 'en masse' attack us like never before so that a 'state of emergency' is declared?

As we count down the final few months until the election, we wouldn't put anything past a man who made it his goal when entering office to tear our country down. If that was really Obama's goal, he has succeeded mightily. All we're missing now is the official coronation of a dictator or that of America's first queen. 

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