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March 16, 2016

Signs Emerge The Globalists Are Preparing To 'Lock Down' America - Message To Americans From One Who Cares: 'Don't Back Down, Double Down' 


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible make violent revolution inevitable." John F. Kennedy

All News Pipeline
 received a tip from a reader yesterday that we decided to look into because the mere sound of what we were told sounded so Draconian that we couldn't believe what we were reading.

Telling us that according to their accountant at H&R Block, Americans will soon need passports to travel WITHIN the United States, we decided to dig a little more deeply into this lead to find out if there was any truth to it.

An email conversation with a media representative with H&R Block yielded a sense of manipulation on their part as we were immediately asked a question by them trying to figure out who our sources were as seen in their response to us below.:

We do not comment on speculation or rumor. Can you verify who the reader was and who from H&R Block indicated this information?

Of course, ANP will never give away the names of our sources but we have to ask, why were they so interested in who both our reader and their employee were? Were they going to put their names on some kind of 'red list' for future nazi-style roundup? As our reader told us, the mere thought of needing passports to travel within states reminded them of Nazi Germany and the direction that America now appears to be headed under the current establishment and their forthcoming 'new world order'. 

We've also determined that there might be a very good reason for this warning, which we've not yet been able to confirm but of which there is compounding information that suggests this bizarre warning very well could be true as outlined below. We also have several new videos below including Gerald Celente with Infowars and a must-see video with some outstading advice from someone who cares about America deeply: "Don't back down, double down!"


Back in 2008, Russian academic Igor Panarin predicted that the United States would 'disintegrate' by 2010 due to an economic and moral collapse that would trigger a civil war that would put an end to this 240 year experiment in liberty. With Alaska going to Russia, the Western states going to China, a number of north and midwestern states going to Canada, an establishment of a massive 'Republic of Texas' and the Northeastern states and much of the mid-Atlantic possibly joining the European Union, we see Panarin's view of a 'future America' in the map above. 

While ANP has always frowned upon putting exact dates on potential future events, we look back on a warning given to us by John Moore the Liberty Man well over a year ago who told us that when a dreaded but still unknown 'future event' occurs, Americans would basically be 'stuck' where they were as travel would be 'limited'. The thoughts of 'Nazi Germany' police state roadblocks where one had to present ones papers to proceed immediately came to his listeners heads. 

Could Panarin have been correct about the forthcoming breakup of America, only 6 or 7 years off, and could a future Soviet-style breakup of the US be the reasons why Americans might soon need passports to simply travel between US states? As we've found out, some Americans DO now need passports to fly within US states due to the 'REAL ID' act. However, the IRS can quickly revoke passports for overdue taxes. Is this just the beginning?


With the global elite, who long ago began their attempt to take over America, now sweating bullets since an American, with America's best interests in mind, is now only 10 months away from the White House, we're seeing more signs that these globalist criminals will not relinquish their most prized treasure, America, and the American people may soon fall victim to their absolute most heinous scheme, a 'new world order' with an America bust into little pieces as Panorin suggested. 

The screenshot at the top of this story comes to us from the most recent Donald Trump ad, an outstanding video that lays it all on the line as seen in the 1st video below. As the advertisement asks, did anyone really think that those people who have been working to destroy our country would relinquish power peacefully? 

Hiring the unemployed to protest is well known in Pakistan, the Ukraine and other locations as 'color revolutions' take place across the globe funded by George Soros; with Americans angry and disaffected, will we soon witness a leftist-sponsored 'color revolution' in America that attempts to steal our election or worse? We already see that the leftists are going after the 1st Amendment Rights of Donald Trump himself as seen in the outstanding 1st video below - do we think that they'll stop there? Of course not and as Trump tells us, now's not the time to back down. We still have time to make America great again right now though we'll be the first to admit it will also take a spiritual revival unlike anything ever seen here before. 

We're also seeing more signs that the globalist criminals will stop at nothing to ensure that Clinton is in the White House in January.  


With America now clearly on the edge with economic collapse ahead of us and an absolutely do-nothing president in office seemingly working against the safety of this country, Trends Forecaster Gerald Celente joins Infowars in the 2nd video below to tell us that it's time to clean out the District of Criminals in Washington DC. 

Celente tells us why the Bernie Sanders political movement is literally destroying themselves as they continually disrupt others rallies rather than holding positive rallies of their own and as we hear in the 3rd video below from Infowars, every time Sanders followers attempt to shut down the 1st Amendment Rights of another American, more and more Americans are being drawn to who they are attempting to shut this case, Donald Trump. 

Please let us know what you think about the 1st video below in the comment section. By the way, this video was posted to Donald Trump's Facebook page and then removed by Facebook. Why? As the screenshot from the video below seen at the top of this story shows us, Facebook is clearly one of the globalists entities working to destroy America. If you're with Trump, please share this video and/or story with as many people as you can. The time to take America back from the globalists who have been working to destory us is now. It may be the very last chance we have. 


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