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October 11, 2016

'Disturbing New Phenomenon' Emerges - Medical Experts Don't Know What It Is - Remember All Of The Dead Doctors, Scientists And Microbiologists? 'We're On A Collision Course With Destiny'


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

The story from Alexandra Bruce over at Forbidden Knowledge TV that Steve Quayle linked to on his website on Monday told us that a mysterious new blood bacteria that seems to act like a nanobot bioweapon has been discovered in people across parts of America over about the past 18 months. Strangely resembling tiny tadpoles, we're told they school like fish in large groups around blood cells, moving in unison and rapidly changing directions as if they are being controlled as one.

According to Dr. Nick Delgado who discovered this disturbing new phenomenon, the people who've been carrying these strange 'tadpoles' within their blood all describe having a persistent cough and Delgado isn't sure if these are some kind of new 'super bacteria' or possibly even a bioweapon, though he tells he is quite open to that last possibility. You can hear Delgado in 1st video below.

While the majority of the cases Dr. Delgado has encountered have been in California and Florida, showing us they are appearing from the East coast to the West coast, our author shares with us "it reminded me of Morgellon’s disease, a controversial condition described by officialdom (the crooked CDC) as 'delusional parasitosis'” (many believe morgellon's is tied to chemtrails). She also shared "as Dr. Delgado described their movement to me, I was reminded of the way swarms of tiny drones called Micro Air Vehicles (MAVs) can maneuver, as they are radio controlled using “swarming” software, which keeps the movements of dozens of MAVs in perfect unison."


As Dr. Delgado tells us, they seem to be possibly transmitted by contaminated water though no one knows exactly how and he's not sure if they're hiding in pockets but sometimes they suddenly "come out 'en masse'" after he taps upon a blood sample he's diagnosing as if they're alive and under some kind of control. Could we actually be witnessing the beginning of a new form of biological warfare upon the American people?

For those who still don't believe that nanobots can live inside of us, the 2nd video below from Christopher Greene of AMTV shared with us that Google Nanobot RFID chips were being created to live inside of the human. Keep in mind while listening to that video that it was made 3 years ago. What more have they come up with since then? Documented in movies such as the science fiction horror movie Splice, we see synthoid-sentinent demons and entitities are the likely end result of mad-scientists unleashed upon America with the synthetic biology era now here.

splice1.jpg splice2.jpg

Are they creating 'dragons' with the synthetic biology technology now available and have microscopic 'dragons' already been unleashed into the human blood stream and body, under control of some 'outside power' as seemingly detailed by Dr. Delgado? What kind of people might create such a nanobot bioweapon via synthetic biology that could be unleashed upon humanity without the masses even knowing about it and could such an 'attack' be used to cull the human race? 

  Dating all the way back in 1994, Steve Quayle has been keeping track of a still growing list of scientists, microbiologists, chemists and other experts who have met their mysterious and untimely ends. This extensive list of news articles on dead scientists has also been kept by Quayle. Back on March 12th of 2016, Erin Elizabeth over at Health Nut News shared with us a list of over 60 holistic doctors who had also mysteriously died in just over a year. That list continued to grow into September.

This story from Vice's Motherboard that Quayle linked to back in August of 2016 told us that 'Accessible Synthetic Biology' has raised new concerns for DIY 'biological warfare' leading Quayle to proclaim: "THIS IS WHAT TOM HORN AND I HAVE BEEN SHOUTING FROM THE ROOF TOPS FOR OVER 15 YEARS ON TALK RADIO AND IN OUR BOOKS!"

The Vice story goes on to tell us:

The potential for gene-editing techniques to engineer biological weapons of unprecedented power—coupled with the familiar shape-shifting ingenuity of nature itself, in which baleful bacteria and viruses mutate with such speed and vigor we just can’t seem to figure them out—will pose a significant challenge to the values and ethics captured in the BWC treaty. There was a reason we, as a global community, decided to close the book on biowarfare: You can’t un-invent a lethal weapon. But is it even possible to be exclusively defensive when confronting death by biology?


Anybody who has been paying attention to 'real news' know that the globalists who've been running America into the ground absolutely HATE real Americans as was recently examplified in this leaked email from John Podesta detailing Hillary Clinton's absolute hatred of 'every day Americans'.

Alternative news readers are also well aware of the Georgia Guidestones which details the need for a massive depopulation event so that the world can get down to 500 million people from the nearly 7.5 billion people living here now, a drop of more than 90%. We've long expected the globalists to unleash some kind of 'depopulation event' upon the world and specifically America where predicts there will only be 61 million Americans living here in 2025, down nearly 260 million from the 321 million Americans living here now, a drop of over 80% of our current population.

As we read in these recent stories coming to us from out of the News Journal Search, a rare blood infection was spreading across large parts of America as winter came to a close last March. Called Elizabethkingia, we were told last March that the CDC was baffled by this mysterious blood-borne illness that had killed 15 people by then in Wisconsin and another one in Michigan.  While 6 deaths were linked to Elizabethkingia in Illinois by April, the disease suddenly seemed to die out as warm weather arrived. With winter almost here again, might this mysterious blood borne disease break out again and might last winter only have been a 'test run' if this indeed was also some kind of nanobot biological weapon?


The first video below features Dr. Nick Delgado along with Alexandra Bruce discussing this bizarre new blood infection that nobody knows what it is though it certainly acts like its under some kind of intelligent control.

In the closing video we hear from Josh Tolley who was joined by Pastor Paul Begley and who shares with us a bizarre theory about some of the dead scientists, microbiologists and doctors recently that, while we won't endorse here, we have to take a look at anyways. Sharing a theory that some of these dead folks aren't dead afterall but have faked their deaths in order to go into their underground bunkers to get ready for a still unnamed event, we're told we're now on a 'collision course' with destiny. 

While we're quite certain that not all of the dead holistic doctors have faked their deaths as many of them detailed at Health Nut News were obviously enemies of 'big pharma' and the 'elitists', we wouldn't be the least bit surprised to hear some may be scurrying like dogs with their tails between their legs towards their bunkers according to Begley. The fact that Hillary Clinton is also allegedly 'disappearing' for 20 days prior to the election tells us Americans should have our eyes and ears open as we barrel down the homestretch of the most important days of America's life.

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