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October 30, 2018

While The Communist Takeover Of America Was Almost Completed, This 2020 Nightmare Could Cement Their End Game

-  A Huge Number Of The 45 Communist Goals For America Have Been Fully Implemented  


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

While we had hoped and believed that on the night of November 8th of 2016, America was finally done with Hillary Clinton after her humiliating defeat after a brilliant presidential run by President Donald Trump, she keeps coming back as the American Mirror reported in this new story which the Drudge Report had linked to directly below the photograph above which ANP reader Battlesheep U.S.S. Deplorable had also posted in this ANP comment section with his dead-on comment: "If the shoe fits, wear it!"

As the American Mirror reported, in a recent interview with Recode’s Kara Swisher, the subject of the next presidential election came up and while Hillary answered “” when asked if she would make one last run for the presidency, she also admitted: “I’d like to be president.” And in Hillary's interview with Swisher, she also gave America a perfect example of the 'liberal double standard' after the host mistook Cory Booker for Eric Holder, leading to Hillary claiming to thunderous laughter: "They all look alike". Seriously? If President Trump had said something like that about anybody, it'd be the end of the world to the msm. 

And while close Hillary friend and Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe recently responded to the speculation claiming "Hillary is never going to be on the ballot again", the fact that Hillary also said she'd wait until after the mid-term elections next week to give America a firm answer on whether she'll run or not hints that should the Democrats take the House of Representatives as predicted, she may just throw her 'haunted hat' in the ring again. Anybody else ready for a "Hillary's 'Weekend at Bernie's' Redo"?

As Susan Duclos mentioned to me earlier, should she join the Democratic circus, she'll instantly become the front-runner in that race with a much bigger base than any other potential candidate along with the 'complicit in treason' mainstream media, big tech, Hollywood and likely parts of the 'deep state' lining up behind her. And while President Trump would welcome such a rematch, how often do the Democrats actually play by the rules? So we'll remind you below what's on the line for America should she run again and somehow succeed at stealing the general election in 2020, with many of the Communist goals for America already accomplished, and the far left in America pushing for socialism as the answer to what they perceive ails us.


As Susan had reported on ANP back on November 27th of 2016 and again on August 24th of 2017, a huge number of the 45 Communist goals for America have already been completed and if you're one who believes these '45 Communist goals for America' are just a 'conspiracy theory', they were actually read into Congressional Record all the way back in January of 1963 by US Congressional Representative A.S. Herlong, Jr. from Florida. At the very bottom of this story we've embedded a scribd document of the Communist Takeover of America, with a full list of the 45 Communist goals. 

And Hillary had openly stated numerous times that she dreamed of 'open borders' and with the Democrats fully backing sanctuary cities and allowing as many illegal aliens into the country as possible (hoping they'll illegally vote for Democrats while overwhelming the system), we can only imagine that if Hillary were in office right now, the 'multi-thousand man march' now headed for the border with who-knows-how-many terrorists within it would be welcomed in with open arms, free to hide in big American cities or small towns. Anyone really think Hillary would send troops to the souther border to stop them as President Trump is? 

And while ANP is fully in support of our legal immigration process and all of the wonderful people who've done their time, homework and very hard work to legally become American citizens, we stand fully against moves being made by globalists such as George Soros and most of the Democratic party who want to hand away American citizenship to anyone as if being an American is akin to cheap, haunted halloween candy. 

But what better way to take down a Republic than a 'stealth overthrow from within', the kind that we've been witnessing for more than a decade though it is no longer even stealthy with globalists coming straight out and admitting to global government while big tech does everything in their power to steer the mid-term elections in the Democrats favor by censoring Conservatives while the msm continues to pound their globalist beat.

Just imagine what Hillary and the Democrats might do to put a final end to the US Constitution and the 1st and 2nd Amendments, with 'big tech' already saying to hell with the 1st Amendment online for Conservatives  and much worse ahead guaranteed should Democrat/globalists ever get back into power again. 


And if one really has to ask to what depths might globalists and the left might fall to should to complete their 'take down' of America, we get it in not only Hillary's own remarks about re-educating Americans in what she insanely called 'fun camps' but by taking a look at history of socialism and communism and the continuous and never-ending 'mass cullings of humanity' that took place under those regimes.

With many of those roundups and death sprees carried out by the same kind of riled up mobs we're witnessing in America today, it's clear that there's never been a more important time than now to be prepared for whatever the future might bring while each of us do our very best to awaken those still sleepwalking through history about the cataclysm that socialism/communism would bring to America. 

And while you might say that what has happened over and over and over again throughout history could never happen in America today, all we need to do is take a look at what has been happening in Venezuela over the past several years where the 'once shining gem of socialism in the America's' has fallen to tyranny and mass starvation. 

The fact that more people died at the hands of corrupt socialists and communist governments than world wars should be another wake up call, especially with many on the left completely riled up and calling for blood. 


So before closing, we'll take a look once again at what the mainstream media will surely call a conspiracy theory, and it may just be, but what was called a globalist '16-year plan to destroy America' came dangerously close to completion before our very eyes with only President Trump's election stopping their 'end game'. 

As we see in the chart above, practically all of Barack Obama's goals of weakening the US globally already came true, with our military being completely ransacked and devastated, his administrations funding of terrorism while his open borders policies allowed anyone who wanted to come in to the country to come in.

Also targeting Conservatives, removing many 'good guys' from the government and selling out America to the highest bidder, imagine America right now had Hillary had the chance to complete the globalists agenda, revising the US Constitution, further weakening the 2nd Amendment and completely shutting down websites such as the Drudge Report, Infowars,, ANP, Zero Hedge and the many others publishing or linking to what the globalists have called 'dissident' news and thought. 

So with Hillary considering a run once again for the highest office in the land representing the globalists agenda for America, we thank God that President Trump was able to win the presidency in 2016 while knowing we're all going to have to do this two more times next Tuesday and in just 2 years to keep the wolves who've long been working to destroy America and Western civilization finally at bay.

In the 1st video below, we hear Hillary's recent remarks about running for President again while in the final video below from Infowars in what they call a 'red alert', we're told that the desperate globalists may launch false flag mayhem with the mid-terms potentially turning out not as well as they had hoped and more and more people awakening to leftist extremism and their call for more and more mobs but less jobs, less freedom and less security for Americans with their invading army bearing down upon our southern border. The full list of the 45 communist goals for America is at the bottom of this story with a 'scorecard' of how many have already been either fully or partially implemented (or thankfully rejected) which can be found here

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