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August 11, 2017

Google 'Kill-Bot' Goes On A Murder Spree As SkyNet Starts Virtually Killing Hundreds 


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

As ANP readers proved conclusively in the comment section of a recent article titled "Google Labels Religious Beliefs 'Toxic' With Censorship AI Program," Google's AI technology is severely flawed due to the biases of the groups providing the information to "teach" the artificial intelligence how to rate the "toxicity" of a comment or phrase.

It appears now that the flaw, the biases, are being taught to all Google AI bots, across the board as their plans to go "full Nazi" on anyone with an independent opinion over at YouTube, has gone live.


On August 2, 2017, we reported that Google's YouTube had announced they would be hiding content that was "controversial but do not violate our policies," using "cutting-edge machine learning technology," supposedly in a quest to counter online extremism. They also informed their users that certain searches would be "redirected" to content Google/YouTube found more acceptable for users to see rather than the content they were searching for.

Well ladies and gentlemen, SkyNet has gone live online. 

Skynet, or Titan, is a highly advanced artificial intelligence. Once it became self-aware, it saw humanity as a threat to its existence (due to the attempts of the Cyberdyne scientists to "kill" it once it had gained self-awareness), and decided to trigger the nuclear holocaust Judgment Day. Later, it would develop and deploy an army of Terminators against humanity, whose survivor had formed a resistance group. It is the main antagonist of the Terminator Franchise.

Unlike in the movie franchise Terminator, Google's SkyNet is not sending out robots to kill human being in real life.. yet (we will address that issue lower in the article), but they are virtually killing off conservative commentators across the web. Their "perspective" AI bot has been programmed to label any commentary that doesn't fit in with their programmers' social justice warrior ideology as "toxic," and their AI bots on Google's YouTube have quite literally gone on a killing spree throughout that platform by mass demonetizing thousands of videos in one fell swoop.

Case in point, on August 10, 2017, outspoken Trump supporters Lynnette Hardaway and Rochelle Richardson, better known as "Diamond" and "Silk" announced on Twitter that 95 percent of their videos had been demonetized:


After confronting YouTube on Twitter, they received the same response that other high profile videographers are getting, a canned statement claiming that YouTube is making the appeal process easier.... which as you will see below, is an outright lie.

WeAreChange, with over 473,000 subscribers awoke the other morning to find that 660 of their most trafficked videos had been demonetized and the owner Luke Rudkowski confront them on Twitter about it, @TeamYouTube claimed "We introduced new $ icons to give you an easier way to appeal but revenue earned didn't change w/ this update."

A lie carefully wrapped up in a minute amount of truth. Previous income earned was not affected... that is the only truth in that statement.  Luke proves this with screen shots, shown below, where the "new $ icon" (meaning the video is demonetized) is followed by a note "not suitable for all advertisers, confirmed by manual review." 


@TeamYouTube's claim that it makes the appeal process easier is a direct lie, and even a video about dogs, totally non-controversial, nor political in any way, has supposedly been manually reviewed and found to be not advertiser friendly.

As to the videos that are eligible for appeal, WeAreChange would have to manually click each and every "request review" under the yellow money icon, then wait for someone to review each one, to even get a human being to look at it, then if they found it to be advertiser friendly, they could once again earn revenue from it. Having gone through this process many times, I can tell readers that sometimes it takes weeks for them to review those videos, meaning not a cent can be made during the process.

Below Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange gives you the latest breaking news on the beginning of new YouTube policy towards "controversial" videos on their social media platform.

Another example is Paul Joseph Watson who has just had every single video he has ever done on Islamic terrorism, demonetized. Truth is now not suitable for advertising.

Those are just the tip of the iceberg, hundreds, perhaps thousands of video creators are waking up to find the majority of their channels video content have "limited or no advertising," and they are starting to understand how wide-spread this mass demonetization and censorship has become.


My headline comes in part from a SQ note when Steve Quayle linked to an article titled "Google is the Engine of Censorship," where Quayle left a note stating "'SKYNET', IF THE TRUTH WAS KNOWN -GET READY FOR THE WAR OF THE 'KILL-BOTS' AGAINST HUMANITY."

In that article, they highlight the new scandal that has engulfed Google over an internal memo that did comply with Google's "group-think."

As 21WIRE pointed out last week regarding the controversy over the recent Google Memo and the firm dismissing employees who are seen to divert from the company’s prescribed group think, this same repressive political culture at Google is reflected in its broad new automated censorship program administered by algorithms on its Google search engine – a bold move which effectively disappears political views and articles it does not like, and wishes to bury.

The rot starts at the top, as Google has quite literally become SkyNet from the Terminator movies, controlling the Internet and virtually trying to kill off any content, or hide any content, it deems unacceptable, manifested publicly in the firing of an employee that dared to send an internal memo that did not match Google's ideology.

Google owns YouTube which is demonetizing videos from creators that do not preach their brand of "culture." High profile newspapers like New York Times announced they will be using Google's Perspective AI program to determine what comments in their comment sections are "toxic."

Everything we are seeing by way of censorship from Google products is trickling down from Google's management itself.



Now for the terrifying part, with all the above information in mind, the abuses on the part of Google's management to virtually slaughter Independent content that doesn't conform to their ideology, on all their platforms, what happens when they decide to turn their "robot army," controlled by their brand of AI programming, loose on the world?

In 2013, Gizmodo published an article titled "Here's why Google is building a robot army," where we are reminded that "Google bought Boston Dynamics, the company that makes those creepy Big Dog and PETMAN robots for the military."

Here is one of Boston Dynamics latest videos on "Handles" their new research robot that stands 6.5 ft tall, travels at 9 mph and jumps 4 feet vertically.

Now since Google's Boston Dynamics is building robots for the military, is there any doubt that what they are showing us, via their introduction videos, is not all they have built, but is rather only the ones they can publicly unveil?

On top of controlling the Internet, and creating AI programs that are trying to kill off Independent content on the Internet, they are also creating AI programs that are programmed to build other AI programs themselves, as was reported in May 2017:

One of the more noteworthy remarks to come out of Google I/O ’17 conference this week was CEO Sundar Pichai recalling how his team had joked that they have achieved “AI inception” with AutoML. Instead of crafting layers of dreams like in the Christopher Nolan flick, however, the AutoML system layers artificial intelligence (AI), with AI systems creating better AI systems.

In February 2017, Google's researchers learned that the more their AIs "learn," the more human traits such as "sabotage, greed, and aggression set in."

Now, researchers have been testing its willingness to cooperate with others, and have revealed that when DeepMind feels like it's about to lose, it opts for "highly aggressive" strategies to ensure that it comes out on top.

The Google team ran 40 million turns of a simple 'fruit gathering' computer game that asks two DeepMind 'agents' to compete against each other to gather as many virtual apples as they could.

They found that things went smoothly so long as there were enough apples to go around, but as soon as the apples began to dwindle, the two agents turned aggressive, using laser beams to knock each other out of the game to steal all the apples [...]

Interestingly, if an agent successfully 'tags' its opponent with a laser beam, no extra reward is given. It simply knocks the opponent out of the game for a set period, which allows the successful agent to collect more apples.

If the agents left the laser beams unused, they could theoretically end up with equal shares of apples, which is what the 'less intelligent' iterations of DeepMind opted to do.

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Google is SkyNet.



With Google's blatant display of willingness to virtually destroy anybody and everybody, from employees to websites to video creators online, knowing that they are indeed also creating AI robots, for the military no less, should horrify anyone that disagrees with their ideology, because the virtual massacre we are watching play out online now, will be nothing compared to what very well could happen once one of their "learning" machine robots are in almost every household and used by all branches of the military.

Right now Google is simply terminating free speech, what happens when they decide to terminate the speaker?

Below- Boston Dynamics (acquired by Google) is actively working on a robotics project and competition to program the robot to do tasks without any human intervention.

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