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June 7, 2017

Will Death Ride In On A Green Horse? 'The Prophesied Events Yet To Come Will Not Be Cancelled And Will Come To Pass As Surely As The Sun Will Come Up Tomorrow'

- 'Our Job Is To Be Ready To Help As Many As Possible When The Green Horse Comes Forth To Wreak Havoc'

By Pastor Dick Carmack - All News Pipeline 

Considering the turmoil of the world over terror attacks, our problem is not in identifying Islam as the enemy of civilization, they do a good job of that without our help. Our problem is having the courage to call it what it is, not a “religion” per se but actually a crime family or crime syndicate, then stand fast and refuse to back down when the attacks begin. A crime movement? Yes, but that’s a longer story reserved for some other time. For the present, when the battle is joined with a deadly enemy who has vowed to destroy you, it helps a lot to have the ultimate authority of truth on your side. What does the Bible have to say about Islam?

Actually quite a lot.

If we are at war we need to know who the enemy is who wants to kill us. Genesis testifies it all began when Sarah doubted God’s Promise to Abraham the biblical couple would have a son. Doubting her own ability to conceive and bear a child (she was about 80), she urged her husband to go into her handmaid Hagar. He did and the result was an illegitimate son named Ishmael. From there things went downhill fast. About 15 years later the true son of wedlock (despite Sarah’s unbelief) was born and he was called Isaac. In numerous places the Bible testifies there arose almost immediate enmity between the two sons of Abraham that continues to this day, indeed in Genesis 16 God predicts Ishmael would be “a wild man,” and would be at war with “every man.” From there we can trace the war between the two boys to present day Islam (Ishmael), and Isaac (Israel), where it just gets worse with Islam not just at war with Israel, but now vowing to subjugate the globe.

But more biblical information is yet to come.

When we skip forward to Revelation we find an enigmatic passage in Revelation 6:8. It starts like this: “And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him…” “Pale” seems a strange description for a horse. The Greek “pale” translates as “Chloros: greenish, i.e. verdant, dun-colored:--green, pale.“ The word is found in only three more Bible verses, translated as “green grass” in Mark 6:39, and Revelation 8:7, and “green thing” in Revelation 9:4.

Thinking about “green,” two things come quickly to mind. First would be the extreme environmental “green” movement that has become prominent during the past two decades, secondly would be U.S. money or “long green” (“…the love of money is the root of all evil,” 1Tim 6:10). The third green thing, to our surprise is Islam. The reader asks; “How can you equate Islam with green and how can you link it with the “pale horse” of Revelation 6? First of all we just saw the pale horse is actually a green horse and when we look up the history of Islam we find mixed in amongst the red blood shed by the movement, “green” looming large in its vocabulary.


With an excerpt from a book “Death Rides a Green Horse” by this writer dealing with the subject, let me quote just a small part of documentation of the link between Islam and their chosen color:


(Islam reached 1 billion in 1985, in 2003 estimates run as high as 1.4 billion) The Flag of Islam is green, the garb, or the clothing of the prophet was green, The circus factions at Constantinople using the Muslims were blue and green. The supposed descendants of Muhammad the sherifs are distinguished by their green turbans, the Palestinian Authority painted the tomb of Jewish patriarch Joseph a bright green when it was given to them by the Israelis, green flags are all over TV news. The color green is dominant in dozens of ISLAMIC national flags. Red (or war) (Russia?) runs a close second. Abu Moslem, a Muslim general separated his factions by color and the Fatimas were distinguished by the color green.

The line between the Israelis and Palestinians in Jerusalem is called the Green Line (ed note: Wikipedia claims this is because of the “green ink” used to draw the armistice line on the map, but that is in error, because it can’t account for the green line in Lebanon), in Beirut, Lebanon the line between the Muslims and Christians is called the Green Line. Judith Miller in her book GOD HAS NINETY-NINE NAMES, lists several uses of green as an Islamic color. Muammar Qaddafi a Muslim fanatic and strong man of Libya wanted to name his parliament THE GREEN HOUSE until the meaning of the term in the West was pointed out to him. Qaddafi also uses his “GREEN BOOK, (Magazine THE GREEN PATH)” a book of his wisdom patterned after the RED BOOK of the Chinese Chairman Mao. “Libya still seemed obsessed with the color green” (p. 219). Flags of the World, Internet site goes into detail showing Green is the color of Islam.

The book quoted is now out of print but if anyone wants to read it for full documentation, just contact me and I’ll send you a free email copy.


We maintain the “religion” called Islam (actually a political/crime movement bent on world domination and spawned by Satan himself), fits perfectly into the puzzle of the pale horse of Revelation 6 who, according to biblical prophecy, will one day fairly soon ravage the world with wholesale death. It would do us well to study carefully the key verse predicting their reign written down about 1900 years ago:

Revelation 6:8 And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth. (KJV)

The prophesied events yet to come will not be cancelled. They will come to passs a surely as the sun will come up tomorrow. Our job is to be ready to help as many as possible when the green horse comes forth to wreak havoc on one fourth of the globe. Will your house or your church be found in their path? Those readers of a “prepper” frame of mind will note the reference to death by both the sword and with hunger. Should you store more food than you can eat? How about your neighbors who will suddenly be found without food? How about the starving masses who may one day be knocking on your door? Will you shoot or will you share with such as you have, when the green horse comes galloping down your street?

Pastor Dick Carmack's Amazon book page can be found here. He can be reached at: [email protected]

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