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December 20, 2014

Hawk: Food Shortages Starting – Clock Ticking Towards Midnight…

By Live Free or Die


In this brand new episode of Hawk’s radio show, Hawk gets into the meat of this video at the 6 minute mark by warning us that we need to get prepared for WHATEVER might be coming soon including martial law and/or an EMP strike that wipes out 90% of the US population within a year, expading upon this at the 9 minute mark by giving us more proof of food shortages already being reported here in various locations across America.

Warning us that many in America who ARE IN DENIAL may soon ‘perish’ because of that denial, Hawk brings to light a very important lesson that we ALL can learn from, if we REFUSE TO SEE what is REALLY GOING ON, we’ll be SO OUT OF TOUCH WITH REALITY that we’ll be unable to do anything TO HELP OURSELVES and our families as the clock ticks towards midnight…

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