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March 27, 2015

Middle East And Entire World In 'Freefall' - Hawk - Jade Helm 15 Update


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

With Barack Obama now facing a slew of new crises' in the Middle East that have been called the worst of a generation, Hawk gives us breaking news on Yemen and the entire Middle East 'freefall' beginning at the 2:20 mark of the 1st video below, warning us of a the very real potential of a nuclear conflagaration flaring up in the region at any point in time.

Beginning late in the 1st and into the 2nd video, Hawk tells us about how everything in unfolding in the Middle East may end up playing out here in America as Russian spetsnaz are pre-positioned here, prepared to inflict maximum damage to our infrastructure, bringing down our entire electrical grid as a worst case scenario leaving millions dead within 18 months. At the 2:30 mark of the 2nd video, Hawk reads to us a note about an event that happened at a mall in Indianapolis that should make us all wonder what is going on as it seems like a very extensive plot may now be unfolding, especially with Russian troops training at military bases in America and Jade Helm 15 exercises unfolding across America.

At the 8:30 mark of the 2nd video, Hawk reads to us an email that he recently received from Stephen Quayle about military exercises that are now being held in Florida that appear to be coinciding with Jade Helm 15 as shared below.:

Operation Jade Helm 15:

Is now conducting military exercises in the Fort Lauderdale area.  My friends and I have been told by LE to..."stay inside, we don't need spectators"!  Who do they think they are in telling us to go back inside!  What are they hiding?  These Blackhawks are literally shaking the windows on our homes as they fly over the treetops with no consideration that people have to work the next day!

Observed detailed flight plan:

The Landing Zone is at Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport. From there the Blackhawks and Little Birds are flying military personnel south to Drop Zones over and over again.  Their operations begin around 8:30pm till 11:00pm.  The time from the LZ to the DZ and back is every 15 to 17 minutes.  We tried getting coms on HAM but its Jammed/Coded?  

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