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February 13, 2015

Hawk: Operation BOA And 'Lightning Strike' Launched Against Americans!


By Stefan Stanford aka Live Free Or Die - All News Pipeline

In this brand new episode of Hawk's radio show, Hawk tells us about information he recently received from his 'deep background source' about the coming of Operation's BOA and 'Lightning Strike', two new programs initiated by the NWO globalists here in America designed to root out those who might be considered a threat to the coming global government. Informing us that Operation BOA was created to silently round up Americans who are supportive of gun rights, the 1st Amendment and the US Constitution and 'squeeze' more information out of them, Op BOA is nothing compared to 'Lightning Strike', a plan that we see happening now in America as different 'threats' are simply 'eliminated'.

Hawk begins this show by telling us that, despite the fact that some events he has been warning about HAVE NOT occurred yet, we cannot put a time limit on the unfolding of Biblical prophecy, we simply KNOW that we must stay prepared for what is coming. We simply must have patience.

At the 6:50 mark, Hawk reads a letter from a listener in Hawaii who shares with us his own personal experience of the debauchery that has 'radiated down from the top and infected all but the faithful', with Christians now being slaughtered across the world with the full approval of the current government and MSM newscasters.

At the 9:25 mark Hawk gets into the foreign soldiers that are still here in America and the unfolding of Biblical prophecy that all seems to fit current events, leading into an in depth discussion about Operation BOA and Lightning Strike, two programs that we hope can be stopped by exposing them to the light of day.

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