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August 31, 2014

Hidden "Base" Under The Pacific Discovered? Mysterious Red Glow Remains Unexplained

By Susan Duclos

This one definitely goes under the strange and unusual file as we see multiple reports of a "mysterious" red glow, captured in amazing images (shown below) which has pilots flying over the area baffled.

According to Dutch pilot JPC van Heijst, he captured these images when flying from Hong Kong to Alaska, around the midpoint of his flight, south of the Russian peninsula of Kamachatka. These images have sparked talk of underwater bases, with some asking if they are some type of "alien" bases, others like van Heijst guessing they are perhaps some type of volcanic eruption below the Pacific but no one seems to have heard of any volcano in that specific area.

Could this be one of the much-talked about underground/underwater bases that "conspiracy theorists" have been talking and writing about? There is ample evidence that underground tunnels, even cities exist, as well and top secret military bases, so obviously when images like the ones shown below are made public, the question of whether one of these previously unknown bases has been discovered makes the rounds. 

According to Daily Mail an investigation is being mounted to find out what these mysterious lights are.




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