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July 27, 2016

'The Final Nail In The Coffin' - Hillary And The DNC Drop Massive 'Bombshells' On Themselves! Many More 'Bombshells' Coming Wikileaks Warns! 


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

With the Democratic Party attempting to show 'party unity' by threatening to take away Bernie Sanders signs from his supporters at the DNC and Sanders himself urging his supporters not to protest, we get more proof that Hillary Clinton and the entire Democratic Party are on the verge of total self-combustion. As we hear in the 1st video below, the DNC email scandal unearthed by Wikileaks is 'the final nail in the coffin' to many voters who formerly considered themselves in the 'left' column. 

With their own karma coming back to haunt them with the Wikileaks email scandal that is now threatening to completely blow up in their faces, we see why Hillary and the entire Democratic party are so very nervous - more leaks are coming! Hillary and the Dems have no one but themselves to blame for the 'email bombshells' now dropping on their heads. 

In fact, if what has ALREADY been leaked by Wikileaks prove that Hillary and the Democratic party are treacherous liars who deserve to be put out of America's mysery (legally and peacefully, of course!) before they get to the White House, we now hear that more damning information is on the way that could totally implode Hillary and the Dems.

We also see why they should NEVER, EVER be trusted! Rather than blaming themselves for the emails that they sent, they blame Russia as trying to help Donald Trump. Are you kidding us? 

Talk about total self-denial. These are emails from DNC staffers, not Russia! Just imagine what might happen to America should the evil witch make it to the White House. This total self-denial in itself shows us just how easily Hillary would think it would be just fine and dandy for her to level another nation then blame Russia or China. Hillary has proven to us she is a 'walking/talking' false flag ready to happen.  


Does America really need someone who might have brain damage leading our once free nation? Imagine a totally brain-damaged Hillary with her hands on the nuclear trigger with the destruction of the entire world in her hands. We can already hear her 'blow-hole' bellowing after she annihilates China while blaming Russia: "WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE??!!??!!" 

Hillary once warned that 'they were losing the information war' to the 'real' media, alternative media. The next leak from Wikileaks (that Hillary will surely blame once again on Russia) should be the final battle of that war before the American people have the final say in November and decapitate the 'globalist beast' by voting in Trump and an 'America 1st' rather than 'America last' as Hillary and the DNC want. The fact that the DNC didn't bring in American flags until the 2nd day of their convention tells us all we need to know about these folks. THEY HATE AMERICA

Should Hillary and the DNC somehow dodge these 'truth bombshells' from Wikileaks and she be elected president in November, we'd certainly have one more reason to believe the entire country was doomed to follow in Hillary's footsteps and self-destruct as well. 

Despite the fact that ISIS has just announced that Washington DC will be among its next 'targets for terror', not one speaker at the DNC named ISIS (probably because the terrorists who CREATED and FUNDED ISIS are within the US government and have  names such as 'Clinton' and 'Obama'). We see that a Clinton presidency and administration will only continue the legacy of the Obama administration and Clinton's own legacy - death, destruction, terrorism and weakness


With Sanders supporters in Philadelphia bashing the Clinton nomination while clashing with the police we have to remind them, the police are not your enemy. However, the Clinton Foundation and Hillary Clinton are clearly the enemy of all of America, including the cops that Sanders supporters are mindlessly clashing with as Barack Obama and his adminstration have proven. Why do Democrats hate cops and law and order?

While neglecting to invite any of the families of law enforcement officers recently slaughtered in cold-blood by cowardly killers tied to radical groups, the DNC was happy to hold 'criminal appreciation night' and invite members of the families of Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin to speak at their convention. Why is the DNC supporting what is clearly a hateful terroristic group? Brown and Martin might both still be alive if they had followed the law. As we have reported again and again on ANP, if 'black lives matter' really cared about the lives of blacks, they'd be going after the biggest killer of black lives in America - themselves. 


As we enter the final few days of the DNC, we expect that things could quickly turn from very bad to much worse for Hillary and the entire Democratic party with the release of the next batch of emails from the 'Clinton crime family' via Wikileaks. Will this next batch be enough to finally take down the Hildabeast? The fact that Politico just told us George Soros has announced a new round of $25 million donations to Hillary and his causes should tell us this contest is just heating up. Americans working with Trump to take our country back from globalist criminals can't let up until January, when America is firmly back in hands of Americans who love this country and out of the hands of hitlery's globalists and war criminals.  

As we hear in the 2nd video below, if elected, Hillary will flood America with ISIS terrorists the likes of which America hasn't yet seen but are clearly taking over Europe. Why would Hillary (and Obama for that matter) allow so many people into this country that hate us? In the final video below we hear more about the Wikileaks email scandal that threatens to take down Hillary and the entire Democratic party, while they hillariously blame Russia for their own emails. 

As we've seen proven, Hillary and Obama created the same terrorists that Hillary wants to allow in. Why? If Hillary and Obama can't bring down this country to our knees legally, they'll do it any way they can, including allowing ISIS terrorists they created into the country to slaughter us. According to this new story from US Defense Watch, the gravest threat to America is the Democratic Party. Seeing how the 'coronation' of 'queen hillary' has gone so far, we'd have to agree - this party is an absolute mess. For the sake of all Americans and our country, we pray they aren't given the opportunity to destroy us any longer. 


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