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May 11, 2016

Hillary Is Toast In November, Campaign Paralyzed As Polling Tightens And Trump Attack Ad Hits Home - Team Clinton Just Does Not Know What To Do About Trump


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

For months we have heard the same rhetoric from Republican presidential candidates that we have heard from Democrats and liberals across the Internet, all running with the meme that according to general election match-ups Hillary Clinton leads over Trump in all the polling, the implication being that if Republicans choose Trump as their nominee, Hillary would win the general election and become president.

Having spent the first years of writing covering straight politics and watching patterns and trends during capaign seasons and then general election campaigns, I have consistently argued  here at ANP that general match-up polls mean ZIP until nominees for each party have been chosen and voters unite behind their parties respective nominee, because with a divided field polling is skewed by people who had a "preferred" candidate still in the race.

Due to Hillary Clinton massive and frankly unfair "super delegate" count, and despite Bernie Sanders winning primary after primary as he did in West Virginia yesterday, it is still general knowledge that Clinton will be the Democratic nominee and as of the suspensions of both Ted Cruz and John Kasich from the Republican field, Donald Trump has emerged as the Presumptive Nominee for the Republicans.


Since the suspensions of all other Republican candidates two separate polls have come out indicating that as predicted, the general match-up polling is tightening up with a recent Reuters/Ipsos poll released on Wednesday showing "41 percent of likely voters supported Clinton, the Democratic front-runner, and 40 percent backed Trump, with 19 percent not decided on either yet."

Via Reuters:

The results reflect a big increase in support for Trump since he knocked out U.S. Senator Ted Cruz of Texas and Ohio Governor John Kasich last week to become the last Republican in the White House race.

This comes as a swing state poll from Quinnipac University, surveying Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania voters finds that Clinton is down to a one percent lead over Trump in Florida and Pennsylvania and Trump takes a four percentage point lead over Clinton in Ohio.

Via USA Today:

The Quinnipiac Swing State Poll says it "focuses on Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania because since 1960 no candidate has won the presidential race without taking at least two of these three states."

While we are seeing a tightening of the race, we are still months away from the actual election and those numbers will change as party line supporters start gravitating toward their respective parties nominees. A percentage of polling number changes will also be dependent on whether Sanders' decides to support Clinton once she reaches the threshold to become the official presumptive nominee, and whether Cruz and Kasich keep their pledge to support the eventual Republican nominee, where Jeb Bush has already indicated he would go back on that pledge (which Bush is receiving quite a bit of flack for in the comments of his announcement), and Marco Rubio has stated he will honor the pledge, stating "I signed a pledge that said I would support the Republican nominee and intend to continue to do that."

NOTE - Considering Sanders is vowing to stay in the race until the convention and it has been less than a month since Trump has been the presumptive nominee, all general match-up numbers should be taken with a grain of salt and only be used to see which way voters are trending, what pattern is being seen as an average rather than depending on the actual numbers at this time.


There some very insightful commentaries out describing Clinton's "paralyzed" campaign strategy for the general election match-up between herself and Donald Trump, where we see in the words from a Commentary Magazine article, "Clinton appears to have learned nothing from the pile of Republican bodies Trump left in the wake of his scorched earth primary campaign."

“She’s married to a man who was the worst abuser of women in the history of politics,” Trump said of his friend, golf buddy, and the inspiration for his 2016 presidential bid, former President Bill Clinton. “She’s been the total enabler.” The celebrity candidate added of the former first lady. “She would go after these women and destroy their lives. She was an unbelievably nasty, mean enabler, and what she did to a lot of those women is disgraceful.”

Team Clinton’s response to this brazen assault on her dignity and character was… Nothing.

“I have nothing to say about him and how he’s running his campaign,” Clinton responded. “He can run his campaign however he chooses.”

“I’m not running against him. He’s doing a fine job of doing that himself,” she added. If “that line sounds familiar, it should. “I’m not running against Donald Trump” is the assertion made by those Republicans who ultimately lost to Donald Trump.

Proof of Commentary's assertion is clearly shown in the first two attack ads the Hillary Clinton campaign released, to which many see as helpful to Trump, who has taken out 16 Republican rivals by campaigning against traditional establishment "party line" ideals and NWO career politicians, as well as speaking to the majority of the country that feels America is headed in the wrong direction (65.1%)

First Clinton releases an ad showing the very same NWO "establishment" Republicans to which GOP voters have turned on,  criticizing Trump, and then follows up with an ad where she shows all of America Trump's "controversial" stances, you know, the ones which vaulted him to the top of the polls and helped him trounce 16 rivals.

Trump on the other hand is releasing ads that hit Hillary where it hurts in the first video showing her Benghazi lies, and providing a serious message while offering entertainment in the second video.


In mid-March the New York Times published astounding graphics which showed that during the primary season Donald Trump spent less on advertising but received billions of dollars worth of free or "earned" media than any other candidate.




Those numbers covered free or "earned" media up until February 2016. A look today at what political stories are the most talked and written about across the Internet today, shows Trump domination of free media continues against Hillary. Screen shot below taken on Wednesday May 11, 2016.



Those are just samples taken from the top of the Memeorandum website page today.


Hillary Clinton is following the exact same strategy that the Republican establishment and Trump's Republican rivals used, making the same mistakes while intending to run a "traditional" campaign against a candidate that has shocked pollsters, confused analysts, and upended the whole political process by being unconventional, making outrageous statements that captured free or "earned" media while spending less on paid for coverage.

Hillary's own statements show that she intends to continue along that same path, proving without a doubt that Hillary and her whole, huge campaign team, have no clue what to do about Donald Trump.

If the next six months run along this same trajectory, then Hillary Clinton will be toast in November and Donald Trump will become the President Elect.

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