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November 4, 2016

'Hellish Book Of The Dead' Unfolds In Final Chapters Of 'World's Craziest Year' - Still Unfolding Horror Story Of The Sellout Of America Reaches Danger Zone


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

According to Wikileaks' Julian Assange, Donald Trump won't be allowed to win the US election on Tuesday. Also confirming for us that both the ISIS terrorists who want to slaughter us and Hillary Clinton are funded by the same money, we see America's final days now passing before our eyes. You can hear from Assange himself in the 2nd video below.

We've warned over and over and over again on ANP that if the globalists who've been working for decades to take down America felt their candidate was 'unelectable', they'd either outright steal the presidency for her at the voting booth with Clinton Foundation funded voting machines or they'd use their 'terror proxies' to launch a terror attack upon America so big that Barack Obama would suspend the election. And with the recent announcement from US intelligence experts that 3 US states have had terror warnings issued for the day before the election while Hillary's campaign continues to crumble, we see the globalists end game for America now in play.

As Susan Duclos asked in her new story today on ANP, to what lengths will Barack Obama go to prevent Donald Trump from winning the presidency? Taking that one step further, having absolute proof now that Hillary's campaign manager John Podesta practices 'black magic' and takes part in satanic rituals we have to ask, is the 'sacrifice of America' now on the globalists table?

The Weekend Vigilante's Sheila Zilinsky tells us we're now witnessing the 'world's craziest year ever in the history of mankind' with the recent World Series win by the Chicago Cubs erasing 108 years of history joining this historical election year that is bringing us a 'complete wall to wall insane asylum' quite unlike anything we've seen in our lifetimes. Sheila and Steve Quayle have a great discussion about what we're now witnessing in the 1st video below in which Quayle tells us we're watching a 'hellish book of the dead' unfolding with recent Wikileaks emails exposing just how corrupt, satanic and treasonous our so-called leaders really are.

A true 'circus ridiculous' unfolding before our eyes, the upheaval now occuring has long been warned of.


As Quayle tells us, he is on record as warning 5 years ago that before Russia and China attack America and destroy us, God would reveal the sins of our leaders to the people and the people's sins before the Holy God. With absolute proof now coming to America that Clinton's entire chain of command is corrupt beyond our worst nightmares and the Clinton cartel exposed, Quayle also tells us we're watching something supernatural unfolding with the rise of Donald Trump at a time when such evil prevails across the nation.

Telling us that knowing who hates Trump is a good reason to back him as we see the entire mainstream media, establishment, war criminals and corporate crooks aligning against him, Quayle tells us the entire political spectrum is now at a 'flash point' with nameless faceless American heroes coming out of the woodwork in the intelligence and law enforcement fields. Trying their very best to try to take down what insiders within the FBI have called 'the anti-Christ' with Hillary involved in every form of trickery, chicanery and treason in the still unfolding horror story of selling out our country, it's clear that we're closing in upon the final chapters of this story.

Telling us "God raises up whomever He likes and whenever He likes" and "who's to say that Donald Trump isn't being helped by Him", Quayle tells us what we're now witnessing is supernatural: "no man can stand up to media lies and innuendo and the entire establishment on their own strength...Donald Trump is being supernaturally strengthened by the living God".

Urging Trump if he's elected president to drop all economic sanctions against Russia and begin the process or normalizing our relationships with them, Quayle also warns us why we're in such danger if Hillary is allowed into the White House and why the current adminstration seems to be in a headlong rush towards destruction.


With our military now eviscerated, emasculated, castrated and adulterated under a president who seemingly is doing everything in his power to leave our military in harms way and unable to fully protect America, Quayle tells us why every single Bernie Sanders voter across America should be voting for Trump on election day: It is in YOUR very best interest for America and Russia NOT to be involved in a nuclear war.

With Putin being on record as saying if Hillary is elected, it will lead to nuclear war, Quayle tells us that is exactly what Islam eschatology needs in order for them to usher in their own 'messiah'. Islam NEEDS the apocalypse to bring in their 'Mahdi'. Telling us we're now on a collision course with World War 3, Quayle warns another Clinton presidency will bring no hope for our children and grandchildren unless God intervenes.

Telling us also that he believes any Hillary Clinton presidency will likely be very short, the 'moloch madness' coming out of the Clinton camp shows us God is exposing evil before not only our eyes but for the entire world to see.

With Bill Clinton recently blackmailing the Department of Justice's Loretta Lynch while on an airport tarmac, Quayle asks us how the entire criminal cartel isn't hanging right now for high treason. Telling us they can try to buyoff, blackmail and kill to get their way but the CCF has met their ultimate kryptonite, the combined efforts of US intelligence agencies who see that the fate of our entire nation is now at stake with the globalists working double time now to bring down America.

Only a Hillary Clinton presidency is waiting for them to complete their overthrow and takedown of America. Quayle tells us that many good men and women working in US intelligence and law enforcement capacities across America will not serve a Hillary Clinton president and she has to be defeated for the sake of the Republic and all of future humanity.


With 'Clinton Christians' stuck in their 'sipping tea with Satan mode', Quayle and Zilinsky call out the hypocrisy of those who think that Trump is some kind of 'philanderer' while accepting the never-ending lies and crimes of Clinton, war crimes that have left Americans dead and the world in complete chaos, and as Zilinksy tells us, Christians who support Hillary Clinton have given themselves a 'death curse'. As Quayle tells us, "when it all comes out, the die hard demon wraps will still be voting for Hillary."

Telling us "Hillary calling herself a Christian is like a rat getting into a bowl of chocolate chips and calling itself a cookie", Quayle reminds us that "at the end of the day, after all is said and done, the rat is still a rat and the cookie is still a cookie and no matter what is said and done, the rat's not a cookie".

Quayle also reminds us that throughout history, God judges nations just as people and with people abandoning the Word of God, He is bringing this nation to our knees and cleaning house.

With God now showing America evil at a time when evil still holds much power over the US and the world, Quayle tells us now is the time to get right with Jesus if we haven't already. "While no man knows the day nor the hour, one can learn the seasons we are in" Quayle warns, it's clear that America has arrived in the danger zone.


Warning "if this all goes to hell, people won't be able to get anything", we're also reminded how throughout history, food has been used as a weapon against the masses, asking us to read the book "Savage Continent" while telling us that as recently as World War 2, women have been sold into sexual slavery just to feed their families. "Food becomes the most precious commodity" he tells us. What would you do to survive if you couldn't get food due to stores shutting down, WW3, cyberattack, EMP or other chaos and catastrophe?

As we're told, with America and the world now at the precipice of 211 degrees fahrenheit, the only things that we can control are how we respond to events that are out of our control and Quayle reminds us, God absolutely responds to prayer and His people. He also tells us that getting into preparation mode and survival mode isn't a lack of faith but is putting our feet to faith. Imagine if Noah had done nothing prior to the coming storms. God always does His best to help those who help themselves.

With Quayle also imploring us to 'boycott every single vomit broker' within the MSM and put them out of business, he also reminds us that its not the end of the world we're now witnessing but the end of the age.

With Russia recently testing NATO's response times in Europe and every day bringing the world closer and closer to a World War 3 that could quickly lead to the end of the world as we know it, Quayle urges us to do what we can and trust God for the impossible. "God loves His people."

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