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August 19, 2016

Anonymous Sends Warning To Donald Trump As Hitlery's Troll Army Prepares For The Steal

Anonymous Now Backing Trump Over Globalist War Criminal Hitlery?


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

On Thursday, Susan Duclos told us in a story on ANP that another liberal website had decided to disable the commenting sections on their website after NPR took it upon themselves to become an 'echo chamber' for tyranny by banning the rapidly awakening American people from having any discussion about their globalist-tilted stories.

Susan warned us 'our days are numbered' as websites across the country lead their sheep into virtual FEMA camps and we also now see Hitlery and the globalists plans unfolding in a different avenue on websites such as the Daily Mail where pro-Hitlery and anti-Trump comments on political stories have been receiving a huge amount of obviously 'fake' upvotes.


We also take a look below at a new video warning from Anonymous to Donald Trump; Hitlery WILL steal this election and in so doing, bring about the total and long-planned destruction of America. Fortunately, Anonymous also gives Trump some great advice on how to make sure that this election isn't stolen that we hope he'll listen to. The fate of our entire Republic and perhaps our planet is now at stake. It's been quite interesting to see many members of Anonymous turn to Donald Trump once they realized it would either be Trump or an America-hating war criminal in DC next January. Now that it's Trump vs Hitlery, the rest of Anonymous will have to either back Trump or back an elitist, globalist war criminal with American blood on her hands.

Several days ago while reading a story on the Daily Mail I noticed a pro-Hitlery comment on a story that had just appeared upon their website suddenly had a huge number of upvotes, literally thousands of upvotes, while not one other pro-Hitlery comment even appeared upon that comment thread! How did a pro-Hitlery comment suddenly receive thousands of up votes when not one other comment on that story was pro-Hitlery, the majority calling for the evil war criminal and mass murderer to be put in prison?


Thankfully, I wasn't the only one who noticed this and am happy to report that a user of the website Above Top Secret has taken the time to put together an outstanding thread documenting the Shillbots attempting to influence comment sections at the Daily Mail.

However, we shouldn't be the least bit surprised about this 'Shillbot' invasion of America. All we need to do is take a look at the sizes of crowds showing up for Donald Trump rallies vs the sizes of the crowds showing up for Hitlery as seen in the 2nd video below to see that America is awakening, and fast, as time is clearly running out upon our Republic and a Hitlery presidency will without a doubt be the 'final nail in the coffin' for America and for Liberty.

We'll also take a look at a video below from Weaponized News from 3 months ago in which he warned us about the $1 million+ that Hitlery was investing in her paid army of trolls that are now spreading 'Hitlery-dung' across the internet. Attempting to make others believe the putrid filth that comes out of their computers and out of the mouth of lying-Hitlery, it's clear they're merely running cover for the murderer and war criminal who has American blood on her hands. How much blood does Trump have on his hands?

This is an outstanding thread from Above Top Secret that we will republish a small portion of below via screenshot. You can read the rest of it here. Below this screenshot is a list of some of the obvious Hitlery trolls that the ATS user exposed.




Beep-Boop-Beep 1000


Karen Bishop



beckimouse 24, 000 green arrows for 24 comments in 24 hours.


As the globalists plans for the destruction of America fall apart with the continuing surge and popularity of Donald Trump, more and more Americans are awakening every day to the crimes of treason that have been committed against our nation and our people by 'enemies within'. It has long been warned that our nation would never be destroyed from powers from 'without' but from 'enemies within' and as we've seen with Hitlery and Obama arming the ISIS terrorists who are killing Christians around the world while allowing a countless number of 'trojan horse' sleeper terrorists into America, that very warning is now playing out before our very eyes.

The four stories below from merely the last few days also help to prove to us that time is running out on free speech in America, even if that free speech is being used to expose the terrorists who have been 'trojan horsed' into this country or exposing the fact that Islam IS NOT A RELIGION but a totalitarian political system that wants death for all 'non-believers'.

In Belfast, a woman was given a 6-month jail sentence for complaining about Muslims on Facebook recently. In the Netherlands, if you even complain about refugees, Dutch cops will come to your house. Elsewhere in Europe, a 20+ year employee of a school system was fired for a 'burka dog joke' on Facebook while the NY Times tells us that Twitter has suspended more than 200,000 accounts over 'extremism', many of those 'extreme acts' merely complaining about Muslims. Europe has clearly already fallen.

If Americans believe we have already seen 'the worst', we've got news for you. A Hitlery presidency will make an Obama presidency seem like a walk in the park. Will the most America-hating president in history soon be 'stolen' into office or will the American people rise up and take down Hitlery and her army of paid trolls? Only 80+ days remain until we find out the answer to that question.


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