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October 2, 2016

Up To 100 Million Americans In The 'Line Of Fire' - Is This 'Weaponized Beast' An 'Attack Upon America'?

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By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

The story over at Strange Sounds that Steve Quayle linked to this morning showed us some amazing images of 'red sprites' in the night sky seen on October 1st when 'monster storm' hurricane Matthew was near Aruba and the northern tip of Colombia. As Quayle told us in an SQNote he left on the story link, "this hurricane has been weaponized".

While most ANP readers and anybody who follows the websites of Quayle or Dane Wigington's Geoengineering Watch know, weather modification and weather warfare have a very long history going back decades now, despite the fact that the mainstream media will never admit to such a thing. Quayle's book "Weather Wars And Other Un-Natural Disasters" is a great reference for anyone reading this who is new to weather modification and weather warfare and as we learn in the 1st video below, we now have 100% proof that Hurricane Matthew is a geoengineered beast and very well may be a 'globalists attack upon America' as it becomes more and more clear that America is rejecting globalist, totalitarian rule.


The November 2013 story over at the Climate Viewer website told us the Department of Homeland Security had entered the 'hurricane hacking business' and proceeded to share with us an extensive list of Weather Modification patents from 2008 and 2009 alone. Wigington's Geoengineering website goes back even further, sharing linked weather modification patents with us going all the way back to 1927. In fact at this link on Wigington's website he goes back even further, all the way back to a July 16th, 1891 patent sharing with us a 'method of producing rain-fall'. 

With Matthew now the strongest hurricane near the East Coast of America in almost 10 years, 'weather experts' over at Accuweather (who will likely never admit weather warfare) tell us that the entire East Coast better keep its eye out in the week ahead as the devastating hurricane begins its churn up the East Coast, creating dangerous surf conditions along the ocean shores and possible massive destruction if it comes further inland. CNN tells us 'life-threatening flash flood and mudslides' are expected in Jamaica and Haiti as 150 MPH winds wreak havoc upon those two islands.


Is America now close to being under a 'weather warfare attack' in Hurricane Matthew? As YouTube videographer Mike Morales points out to us in the excellent 1st video below, there is no doubt at all that Matthew is now being modified and weaponized. Showing us proof of weather modification via microwave heating as well as pointing out to us the obvious HAARP interference that is quite obvious to see once he shows us what to look for, this July 2016 ANP story told us that even the head of the CIA recently admitted that man was attempting to 'play God' with the weather.

The new story from Weather Underground tells us that while Hurricane Matthew has stalled and weakened, the threat to the United States has increased as a result as the monster continues to slowly head North. The ensemble tracks models seen in the photograph below shows many different possibilities for where this monster might head next but as you can see, a few of them place it coming up the Eastern seaboard and on a path towards nearly 100 million people.


While the most recent models show Matthew likely missing Florida and some of the Southern states, experts tell us that the actual track may still change dramatically. With the storm clearly being 'modified' and 'weaponized', a few ANP readers have pointed out the Biblical association with this hurricane being named 'Matthew' and the obvious prophetic implications as shared in the 2nd video below, in which our videographer also shares with us more signs that this hurricane is being modified and weaponized.

As this new story from the National Hurricane Center tells us, Matthew is currently set to hit Haiti and Jamaica with between 15" and 25" and up to 40" of rain in some places while other Carribean Islands may get between 10" and 20" of rain, thus producing huge potential for flooding in the low-lying islands already surrounded by ocean.

As we're told in the 3rd and final video below, we see even more of the anomalies that surround this monster-sized hurricane as our videographer takes us directly into the eye of the storm in his compilation video which also shows us footage from some of the areas that are now being devastated by this beast.

After watching these videos, do you think that Hurricane Matthew has been weaponized to do damage along the East coast of America? Why do you think the globalists might do such a thing? Are you, too, in the 'line of fire'? Please let us know what you think about weather warfare, Hurricane Matthew and anything else on your minds in the comment section below.    





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