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October 9, 2015

IMF Paints Grim Picture - Message To World Bankers: Batten Down The Hatches - Turbulence Ahead!


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

The new story from The Guardian is as sobering as can be; according to the latest IMF global stability report, "the next financial crisis is coming" and as ANP readers know, "it's just a matter of time now." Hearing this straight from the IMF should drive this home with new meaning...especially considering this final warning at the bottom of their story: "batten down the hatches."

When reading this we should keep in mind, this information isn't coming from 'conspiracy theorists', anonymous sources or the financial experts whose videos we often use here on ANP but from the International Monetary Fund and is more confirmation of what ANP, countless financial experts and many other alternative news websites have been warning of. We are rapidly approaching a coming storm, there is danger ahead and we best buckle in for a bumpy ride.

Considering all of the other news we've been reading recently, it's probably best that we prepare to batten the hatches down on many different levels. We learned from Pamela Geller that a captured ISIS fighter has a full map of targets for a Berlin takeover - we also learned from a related story on Sputnik News that there's a 'new color revolution' going on, led by none other than George Soros, but this time it's in Europe and under the guise of a refugee crisis. What does the future hold in store for Europe with this new 'color revolution' recently launched via 'trojan horse' invasion

"Fires, riots, toppled governments and total destabilization" — more or less as has happened recently in Ukraine, independent Poland-based journalist and publicist Konrad Stachnio predicts.


How long will it be until the same things happen to America with a quarter-of-a-million Muslim refugees coming into this country each year, according to Breitbart, with even more now on the way with the Syrian crisis ongoing? Even Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump recently warned that this crisis could be a 'trojan horse set to topple the US' according to this Newsmax story

With news also coming out of Venezuela, as shared in this story from J.D. Heyes at Natural News, that the Venezuelan government is telling hungry Venezuelan people to 'eat fried rocks' as food shortages caused by socialist policies threaten widespread starvation, we're now seeing society coming unglued in pockets all across the planet.

All we need to do is take a look at the chart below from this Zero Hedge story called "Why This Feels Like A Depression For Most People" to see why many Americans may soon be 'eating fried rocks', too, with 14% of the US population now receiving food stamps - what happens to all of them when it all comes crashing down here? That's 46.5 million Americans depending upon govt assistance, a huge increase from prior years, just look at the huge jump since Mr. Obama became US president!!! 


Over at the Economic Collapse Blog Michael Snyder tells us there are clear signs that the 'great derivatives crisis has begun' while the Daily Sheeple tells us that China is now dumping US government debt at an alarming rate. The signs of global collapse and creeping totalitarianism in America are now coming in at break-neck speed. Since the US government has just officially 'crossed the rubicon' after an arrogant federal judge ruled that he had jurisdiction over one of the biggest banks in China and demanded that the Bank of China hand over their financial records to his court, we're beginning to see how this is going to turn out. 

We've included several videos below discussing the recent announcement by the IMF that the risk of global crash has increased and to 'batten down the hatches' below. We learn from CNBC-TV18 in the 2nd video that the IMF global financial stability report that 'paints a very grim picture' and they expect 'turbulence ahead'. In the 4th video we get a 'countdown to Lima' where the world bankers will be meeting over the next several days in Lima, Peru and where these same bankers will be told: "batten down the hatches". 



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