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March 26, 2016

ISIS Infiltrates Western Transportation Hubs And Threatens Wave Of Bloodshed While Recruiting Left Wing Activists In America As The Globalists Prepare To Turn America Into An Islamic State 


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

The story the Drudge Report linked to from Breitbart Friday afternoon could very well be the final red-flag warning that America and the West get before all hell breaks loose. Telling us that ISIS agents of terror have infiltrated Western airports, metro stations and other 'sensitive facilities around the world' we have to ask, is anybody in charge or is America just being set up for a massive fall? The new story Drudge linked to this morning from CBS This Morning tells us that alarming evidence has been found in Brussels of a 'Europe-wide jihadist cell'. Do we really think that the same thing HASN'T been set up in America?

Many of our intelligence agencies have spoken up, warning about how they are unable to properly vet incoming refugees for terror ties, and long ago we were warned that there may be 'sleeper agents' who have long been 'embedded' in America, living their lives under the radar but preparing nonetheless for a future day when they would be needed. Why has nothing been done about them? Is America so afraid of lawsuits being filed against us for religious discrimination that we refuse to take the necessary actions to make sure that those who harbor ill intentions against us are identified and removed from the country before they can be a danger? 

As Gary Franchi from the Next News Network tells us in the 1st video below, ISIS has trained 400 fighters to attack the West in what they hope will be the 'unleashing of a wave of bloodshed'. Franchi tells us that these terrorists have been instructed to act on their own in a way that they feel will unleash maximum chaos leading us to ask, how can our own authorities even track down such potential terrorists here in America and Europe when they're seemingly being protected by their own families, friends and communities and govt is seemingly too afraid of civil rights lawsuits to do what needs to be done? 


These warnings come out during the same time period as a new warning from the United Nations 'Atomic Chief' Yukiya Amano who says that nuclear terrorism is a danger that the world might need to face in the near future as the usage of nuclear material by terrorists carrying out an attack cannot be excluded as also shared more in the 2nd video below. Just Thursday ANP warned that the jihadis in Brussels had hoped to attack a nuclear power plant and as we told you in that story, there are over 100 nuclear power plants in the US that we hope are receiving extra security now that the terrorists have made some of their plans known.

In Brussels, 11 nuclear power plant workers have now had their clearances revoked over fears of 'insider help'. Is that what needs to happen in 'secure facilities' such as nuclear plants across America? The fact that a nuclear power plant guard in Belgium was murdered two days after the Brussels attacks and had his security pass stolen is another huge red flag.

We strongly call out here to any Muslims who might be reading this story at this moment, if you know someone who is involved with planning terror, please contact the proper authorities immediately by calling 911. Whether or not they may like it or agree with it, if another massive Islamic terrorist attack happens here, it's becoming more and more likely that Muslims will be targetted for surveillance, mass arrests and removal from the country. Seeing that it is almost impossible to tell 'peaceful Muslims' from 'radical Muslims' who intend to commit terror, are the only answers preventing ALL Muslims from coming into the country and removing ALL Muslims who are currently here from America?

It's also becoming more and more clear that the globalists who hate America and who are currently in power WILL USE Islamic terrorism to crack down upon the Rights of law-abiding American citizens and we see more and more every day their plans to turn America into an Islamic State as shared in the final video below from Infowars. With ISIS now recruiting 'left wing activists' as we learn in the 3rd video below, we have to ask, how long will it be until they are able to unleash their bloody hell upon our nation again? Will those left-wing activists joining ISIS be held responsible?

The mere fact that they have threatened nuclear terrorism on the West and have taken the steps to do so as outlined above should be enough to get this govt busy protecting the American people rather than dancing the tango. If they fail to protect America, despite the hundreds of millions of dollars spent upon surveillance and spying upon the law-abiding American people, will they be held responsible when these terrorists attack us once again? We highly doubt it. 

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