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September 28, 2015

The Apocalyptic Doomsday Vision Of ISIS Forces All Christians To Become Muslims Or Die & Launches Global Armageddon As Islamic Invasion Of The West Plays Out Before Our Very Eyes

World In Unprecedented State Of Crisis! Is This The End Of Civilization?


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline

The story at the Gatestone Institute International Policy Council today is called "Migration Crisis: Islam Will Conquer Europe Without Firing A Shot" and in it we learn how the failed policies of the EU and US under Barack Obama have brought the Arab world to the brink of chaos as regime's they've helped to destroy are replaced by something even worse, a rapidly growing group of individuals who truly believe it's their destiny to bring America, Christians and the entire world to total destruction.

We recently learned that ISIS has a plan that could kill 90% of all Americans by 2016 in this story from DC Gazette. The Conservative Tribune recently told us of a chilling 6-phase plan that ISIS would use to destroy America. A story out days ago from Paul McGuire on Charisma News is called "The Babylon Code: Rise of The End-Time World State" and in it we read: The world is at a final turning point. An unparalleled convergence and acceleration in end-time signs is now occurring. These harbingers are geopolitical, economic, scientific, technological, cultural and moral.


Have we reached the point in world history long warned of in prophecy with an out of control, upside down world that seems destined to soon explode in destruction as ISIS warns the west of Armageddon, mega earthquakes and storms the likes the world has never seen before rip the planet and as this Brookings Institution report lays out so perfectly bluntly: The world is in an "unprecedented state of crisis."

The story also asks succinctly: Is this the end of civilization?

In this 1st video from the Brookings Institution they take a look at the ISIS apocalypse including the history, strategy and doomsday vision of the Islamic State. Much more below video including an in depth video on ISIS' plans to behead the Pope and kill hundreds of millions of Christians and Americans as well as a video that takes a look inside ISIS's territory and their promise of a nuclear tsunami.

In the next video below we see German author Frederic Todenhoefer inside ISIS territory and hear the warning straight from ISIS's lips, they will conquer Europe, it's not a matter of if, but when. Telling us they will kill hundreds of millions up to 500 million or more, we hear that ISIS plans the biggest religious holocaust in the history of the world and as shared in the 2nd video below, if they can't turn you into a Muslim they'll try their very best to kill us... Christians... every one of us.

Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch is the author of 'The Complete Infidel's Guide To ISIS' and in the newly released next video below, Spencer sends out a very loud and very clear warning to all Christians, ISIS has plans to convert us ALL to Islam or they will kill us. Telling us ISIS' long term goals of beheading the Pope in Rome on live TV for the entire world to see and launching the biggest religious holocaust in history that will lead to hundreds of millions of deaths of Christians around the world, this video is a must see for anyone who still believes we are witnessing ANYTHING BUT an Islamic invasion unfolding before our eyes that the Jihadis promise will lead to Armageddon and the return of the Muslim 'messiah', the Mahdi


Three days ago, ANP published a story in which we warned you of ISIS's plans for a 'nuclear tsunami' for humanity and as we learned in this ANP story from Susan Duclos, a mainstream Sunni website recently decreed that the Mahdi would appear in 2015 or 2016 to conquer the world for Islam. In this video we learn that they also believe Jesus will return but for a much different reason than Christians believe, according to Islam, Jesus will return to 'break the cross' and convert the world's Christians to Islam

Warning us about a 'number of very strange things' that are now happening in Europe with countless thousands of refugees moving into the continent, Spencer asks in this video why all of these refugees are Muslims when over a million Christians were displaced in Syria. He also asks us where these refugees are each getting the 1000 Euros that is being required of them to enter the European Union

Spencer concludes that countless members of this European invasion are agents of ISIS and will be used to force Europeans to submit to Islamic law and while that may seem far-fetched to some, all we need to do is look at what is happening elsewhere as 'Germany becomes Absurdistan', descending into total chaos. More below this video that everyone should see. 

We learned back on September 13th that 50 US intel chiefs had recently revolted against Obama on ISIS intelligence and according to one Pentagon official, Obama is lying about ISIS to us all. RT told us in May that ISIS was attempting to get nuclear weapons from Pakistan while a June story from Newsmax told us of ISIS' plans of smuggling a nuclear weapon across our completely open southern border. Meanwhile, the state of Texas shows once again they are way ahead of the curve, drafting a bill to halt the Muslim invasion being pushed by Barack Obama and the United Nations.  

If Robert Spencer's book and warnings of ISIS' intentions are correct, we are quickly running out of time to eradicate this total threat to liberty and humanity as they close in on their apocalyptic visions and in the final video below, Secular Talk asks why the Obama administration has 'dumbed down' ISIS intelligence as they race way toward's their perceived destiny, the total annihilation of the human race.   


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