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September 27, 2016

'Nightmare Scenarios' That Lawmakers Have Been Warning Us About - Imagine Waking Up To No Internet

(Image Screenshot - Norse Live Attack Map, †9/27/16)

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

Many of us have suffered through an Internet glitch, an outage or even a defective modem that had to be replaced, stripping us of the abilty to get online, but image if the entire Internet was taken down.... permanently.

In Stefan Stanford's most recent article he speaks of an Internet D-Day, when Alternative News sites could not be accessed and given examples he provides of how the Hillary Clinton campaign openly acknowledges they do not even recognize the right of certain conservative news sites to exist, the ramifications of a Clinton November win in the presidential election, could mean the end of "truth" leaving the country with nothing more than Washington's propaganda machine known as the mainstream media.

†While that thought is horrifying to those awake and aware of the MSM manipulations of the news, understanding the nation could be thrown back in time where the public was only "informed" of what the powers that be want them informed of, and information the public finds important would be hidden if DC deemed it should be, there is a far more disturbing piece of news I found highlighted this morning on Steve Quayle's site.

The article if from Fortune, titled "Someone Is Testing Methods for Taking Down the Entire Internet," and†quotes Bruce†Schneier, CTO of IBMís Resilient and a fellow at Harvardís Berkman Center, who revealed that he has been in contact with sources within companies that "run critical pieces of the Internet," as he details how hostile states or hackers are literally testing the defenses against cyber attacks to determine an "exact point of failure."


†Via the Schneier on Security website:

First, a little background. If you want to take a network off the Internet, the easiest way to do it is with a distributed denial-of-service attack (DDoS). Like the name says, this is an attack designed to prevent legitimate users from getting to the site. There are subtleties, but basically it means blasting so much data at the site that it's overwhelmed. These attacks are not new: hackers do this to sites they don't like, and criminals have done it as a method of extortion. There is an entire industry, with an arsenal of technologies, devoted to DDoS defense. But largely it's a matter of bandwidth. If the attacker has a bigger fire hose of data than the defender has, the attacker wins.

Recently, some of the major companies that provide the basic infrastructure that makes the Internet work have seen an increase in DDoS attacks against them. Moreover, they have seen a certain profile of attacks. These attacks are significantly larger than the ones they're used to seeing. They last longer. They're more sophisticated. And they look like probing. One week, the attack would start at a particular level of attack and slowly ramp up before stopping. The next week, it would start at that higher point and continue. And so on, along those lines, as if the attacker were looking for the exact point of failure.

Schneier comes tot he conclusion that "Someone is extensively testing the core defensive capabilities of the companies that provide critical Internet services."

A look over at Norse Live Attack Map shows that there are hundreds of cyber attacks happening globally, every hour, every day, seven days a week, 365 days a year... they never stop and the U.S. is getting hit more than any other country.

The Fortune article highlights the suggestion by†Graham Templeton at ExtremeTech that perhaps these attacks are meant to send a message to those being attacked, being "you can see that I have a weapon of last resort, so make sure never to put us in a situation where I might want to use such a thing," but the very fact that these hostile states or hackers have that weapon of last resort and are actively conducting "drills" for taking out the entire Internet, should be extremely worriesome to each and every one of us.

What if they are not flexing their muscles, but are logging response times and detailing each companies "exact point of failure," in order to determine how not just to take out one critical piece of infrastructure, but how to coordinate attacks to take down the entire Internet, all at once?



Other than not being able to access your favorite websites, unable to text or perhaps even use landlines, no television due to cable and satellite systems being offline, no electronic banking, and even the inability to access funds physically from your bank because their systems are dependent on the Internet, there are a number of other serious issues to consider.

A few examples below.

Food shortages - Inventory and shipping routes are all stored on systems dependent on the Internet, so stores shelves would empty pretty fast as evidenced by how panicked shoppers managed to empty shelves in preparation from a Winter storm back in January 2016.

Economy - Companies such as Google, Microsoft, Amazon, in fact any web based company would lose billions and would be totally wiped out, with hundreds of thousands of people being left jobless. The majority of financial transactions are now conducted using the Internet so we are looking at a global economic collapse.

Intelligence - Intelligence communities across the world are dependent on satellites, and the information shared within our intelligence community as well as globally, would be gone, leaving the U.S. open to attacks like sitting ducks.


That ladies and gentlemen is the best case scenario...... the worst, is if some of the companies referenced by Mr. Schneier, are those responsible for our power grid infrastructure. Schneier did not name which companies he obtained the information from, so we have no way of knowing if any of these "drills" are targeting the grid.... if so, †imagine us all going dark.

We already know that an EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) attack on our grids could result in the death of 9 out of 10 people, as was testified to in congress by†Peter Vincent Pry, a member of the Congressional EMP Commission and executive director of the Task Force on National and Homeland Security, but as The Hill reported in May 2016, a cyber attack against America's power grid could be just as devastating.

Stores are closed. Cell service is failing. Broadband Internet is gone.†Hospitals are operating on generators, but rapidly running out of fuel.†Garbage is rotting in the streets, and clean water is scarce as people boil water stored in bathtubs to stop the spread of bacteria.

And escape?

There is none, because planes canít fly, trains canít run, and gas stations canít pump fuel.

This is the "nightmare scenario" that lawmakers have been warning you about.


While those in the Alternative Media have often been accused of "fear porn," for highlighting these threats and the extreme ramifications of successful attacks against the grid, we now see that even the manistream media and the FBI are all issuing dire warnings of the threat of cyber attacks against our nations power grids. Knowing now that there are active drills going on in order to shut down the entire Internet, blamed on hostile states with no conclusive evidence pointing to which ones are actually responsible, we feel the need to prepare is more urgent now than it ever has been.

Does anyone doubt that if a hostile state manages to perfect these attacks, which we see they are working towards, they would cripple America in a heartbeat? Or to rephrase... a "keystroke?"

If we wake up one morning with no Internet, there is a high probability, given how dependent our entire infrastructure is on the Internet, that we will all be thrown back to the dark ages.

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