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September 29, 2017

Infiltrating Antifa: MSM Refuses Video Proof Of Antifa Planning Violence: 'You Have To Really Stab Them'


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

It is not often that we find an issue, a report where there are so many disturbing and upsetting aspects to it that we cannot highlight the "most" disturbing part, but that is exactly what I have come across.

Background: A late night podcaster had his producer dress up like a little Antifa thugs and infiltrate their group, basically living among them for weeks, wired for video and audio, as he documents their "tactical" discussions on weapons, violence, plans to "lure" their victims to places where they can harm them and more. When things finally got the point where this undercover producer felt it was time to get out of Dodge, so to speak, he extracted himself and they immediately turned the video evidence over to the police, who according to Steve Crowder, used the evidence to make arrests.

You will see below how the producer dressed up, wired up, then infiltrated the Antifa group. How Antifa has become paranoid after the negative media attention in August after their violent attacks on peaceful right-wing protests led to five people being attacked and 13 people being arrested, that they now require face-to-face meets with recruits as they add "encryption" applications onto those recruits phones in order to privately discuss their tactics going forward. You will also see a discussion where they discuss weapons, guns, as well as seeing illegal knifes being handed over to other group members to attack people with, and one segment where an Antifa member is telling others where to buy "K-Bar" knives, explaining what they are stating that "since this one is like tiny, so you have to really stab them," before talking about where to "lure" the victims.

By the end of video coverage below you will also see that Crowder offered the same video footage that they handed over to law enforcement, which according to him resulted in at least one arrest, to multiple media personalities that were on the scene, and not only did they not accept the evidence to report on, but did not report the existence of the evidence, even after violence did indeed break out at the University of Utah on Wednesday, as a conservative speaker was appearing.

Note- The link above is to ABC News, deliberately, because one of the media personalities who was offered the footage, was present in Utah, offered the evidence that police had by Crowder, and walked away, was a member of ABC News, and their article linked above, never once mentions it.

So, ANP readers, what do you find the most disturbing here?

The fact that it took a late night podcaster and his team, a comedian no less, to do what multiple mullion dollar media organizations can't or won't do?

Or the tactics discussed by the Antifa members?

 Perhapsthat Antifa groups like this one are planning a nationwide attack on November 4, 2017, with their stated goal, which ANP reported on back on August 20, 2017,  to "take to the streets and public squares in cities and towns across the country continuing day after day and night after night—not stopping—until our DEMAND is met," with that demand being "The Trump/Pence Regime Must Go!"

Or that the media is refusing to report it, refusing to inform their audiences how dangerous these little thugs are?



These type of activities have already been highlighted by the FBI and Homeland Security as "domestic terror," and have been since 2016, before Donald Trump even won the election.

How many news outlets can you find that are warning people of the Novemeber 4, 2017 terror attacks?

Unlike UC Berkeley which was aware of massive protests that were planned so they could spend $600,000 on security, or the University of Utah which spent $25,000 on security to prevent casualties from Antifa protests on Wednesday, cities and states across the nation have no notice other than a date, November 4, because Antifa groups are not scheduling specific locations for their protests to demand the overthrow of the duly elected government, they are simply calling for all supporters to take to the streets "across the country."

Will the media be held accountable for not warning the people of America what could be coming, for deliberately downplaying the pre-planned violence and tactics which are exposed above?

Use any search engine of your choice, search for "November 4 antifa nationwide protest," see for yourself how many mainstream media outlets are warning people, then note the few liberal websites such as BuzzFeed and Politico that are addressing them, are telling their readers they will be "Occupy-esque," referring to the snowflakes that popped tents in parks across the country in 2011 for the "Occupy Wallstreet" protest.

Of course the Occupy people weren't black clad, masked, domestic terrorists, carrying knifes, guns, clubs, mace and known for physically attacking anyone that disagrees with their ideology.

Buzzfeed's peice, which mentions the November 4 "occupy-esque" Antifa plans,  does so while describing the Refuse Fascism group, but the sub-header on their article which supposedly offers "everything you need to know about Antifa," states "Those who call themselves anti-fascists have had to wrestle with a social media ecosystem that has at once amplified their work and demonized them."

Reporting on their bloody encounters, their violence against anyone they deem a "nazi," for disagreeing with them, their riots, their destruction of property, their injuring those they have attacked physically, is "demonizing" them?

How about instead of liberals acting like Antifa is the "victim" who is being "demonized," they highlight Antifa's own actions are finally being noted and highlighted.

The fact that the media, for the most part has been downplaying Antifa's terrorism, refusing actual evidence of their tactical planning of violence against others, and are not warning their audiences of the true nature of what is being planned for November 4, 2017, in my view, makes the media complicit in any damage, injury or deaths that occur during their planned "nationwide terror attack" on November 4th.








Nuff Said?

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