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April 1, 2016

'Insidiously Evil And Deadly' - Millions Of Americans Are Being Sickened Nationwide In Their Own Homes - This Is NO April Fool's Joke!


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

What Steve Quayle once called 'insidiously evil and deadly' and the 'health crisis of our time', a wave of deadly illnesses are now being unleashed upon unsuspecting Americans and I'll quickly report that I was a recent victim of one such 'attack'. 

All across America in recent years, 'smart meters' have been being installed on Americans homes and tens of millions of Americans are likely paying the price in illnesses and adverse health effects as clearly outlined in the videos below including one from the mainstream media's USA9 in Washington DC in the 1st video. Proving deadly radiation is being constantly emmitted by a device attached to our own homes, and the deadly health effects associated with smart meters, are just the start of it as they're also being used to spy upon Americans.  

Putting off a constant stream of microwave radiation that quickly works its way into the brains and bodies of anyone who is close enough to them, the videos below offer us numerous reasons to avoid having them installed upon our homes in the latest bid by the 'control grid' to control everything. 

The health effects that Americans are now suffering from due to smart meters include fatigue, ringing in the ears, sleeping problems, headaches, learning problems, heart problems, problems with balance, leg cramps and eye problems among the most reported. 


Tapped into the 'smart grid', the health effects of smart meters are just some of the huge worries experts have as cybersecurity becomes a huge issue; will terrorists take down our 'smart grid' by hacking into it and thereby take down much of our society along with it? Other concerns include privacy invasions, cost increases, increased potential of fires or explosions and other issues as documented below. 

“It [Smart Meter] collects the data every five minutes, then after midnight, the cellphone that’s built in here comes on, makes one call, and calls it in to the database that we and the customer, through a password security system, have online access to their consumption,” Long Beach Water Department General Manager Kevin Wattier was quoted as saying after using smart meters to bust a local business that “overwatered” its lawn.

“The accuracy is just incredible, because we get the data the next day.” Using data collected by the warrantless-surveillance meters, Wattier said he knew exactly when to send out his employees to gather videotaped “evidence” of the “infraction.” “We are using it specifically for an enforcement tool to go after those customers who we’ve gotten lots of complaints about,” the water boss continued, adding that smart meters would be used to target homes and businesses alike.

According to Washingtonsblog: 'Smart Meters' are now being used by authorities to crack down on “water wasters” in California, but this is just the tip of the iceberg as far as what they can be used for.  Ultimately, 'Smart Meters' are designed to be part of an entire “smart grid” that will enable government bureaucrats “to control everything from your dishwasher to thermostat“.


I can personally attest to the interference that people have with sleeping as I am normally a very sound sleeper but over the Easter weekend and after spending several days with family, my bed was literally less than 10' away from a smart meter with nothing but a wall in between us. 

The experience that I felt while attempting to fall asleep all night long could only be described as 'interference'. My normally sleep-tuned brain waves were being interrupted by an outside source that I could literally feel tapping into my skull. 

Many others have described the same sensations and to say that Susan and I are happy to be back in our smart-meter-less home is an understatement as our bodies readjust to mountain air and much less electrical interference than one always gets in the cities or the suburbs from tens of thousands to millions of such devices on many homes now. 

In the first video below we hear from a WUSA9 reporter about the fact that smart meters emit a constant stream of radiation while in the 2nd video, we hear from a public health physician who graduated from Harvard and specialized in electronic fields sharing with us his own warnings. In the 3rd video below, though a year old, we learn more about the negative health effects of smart meters that have been clearly documented

We open the comment section up for those who have had similar experiences. We also welcome the comments of medical doctors, alternative health practicioners, martial artists or others who are highly tuned to the various energies put off by smart meters and other forms of 'electronic harrassment' that are daily interfering with our own human energy fields. 


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