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June 3, 2017

'A Still Spiraling Disaster' As Internet Troll Goes Down In Flames, Now Cries And Claims 'Victimhood'

- Kathy Griffin, A Perfect Embodiment Of The Modern Left,  Trying To Abdicate  Responsibility For Her Own 'Vile, Disgusting' Choices


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

After Kathy Griffin's disturbing and some say mentally imbalanced decision to participate in a photo shoot where she held up a mock bloody head of the President of the United States in a ISIS-like piece of propaganda she mistakenly thought was "art" and "funny," the Internet, the left and the right side of the political aisle, united in condemning her poor choice to 1) participate; and 2) Tweet it out afterwards.

Make no mistake, it was not just conservatives or Trump supporters that found her choice unacceptable and disgusting, but even liberals such as Anderson Cooper from CNN instantly said he was "appalled," by the "disgusting" image, with far left progressive liberal Senator Al Franken canceling an event Griffin was slated to attend with him after originally saying he would honor the commitment, Chelsea Clinton calling it "vile," and Keith Olbermann saying "Nope. Too much. By a very long distance, way too much."



The website Twitchy highlighted a few reactions to Olbermann's denunciation of Griffin, many of which stating outright their dislike for President Trump while saying they agree, this went way to far, calling it appalling, "not acceptable under any circumstances," others using words like "horrific," and "grotesque."

While the Trump family also criticized the sick display as did conservatives across the Internet, along with her own fans and social media followers, note the reactions linked above are all liberal Democrats, showing the backlash against Griffin was "bipartisan," and immediate.

The reason I am highlighting the reactions from her own fans, friends and other liberals is because then Griffin issued a 30 second video apology after seeing "the reactions", to which the majority of commenters found unconvincing, and businesses and organizations started canceling Griffins events, and to show that it wasn't  just "Trump supporters" that called her out.


Griffin trolled the internet, she thought that to the anti-Trump segment of the population, nothing was too much, there was no such thing as going to too far, and her own base, told her she was wrong.... loudly.

On Friday, Griffin then doubled down when she and her lawyer Lisa Bloom held a press conference, in the midst of cracking bad joke after bad joke, she claimed she stood by her apology, but is now blaming and threatening to sue the Trump family for trying to "destroy her," claiming a legion of his fans are systematically trying to destroy what is left of her career, despite the fact that it was her own choices that caused the bipartisan condemnation.

Below are Griffin's comments at the press conference, for those that can stomach them, because one really has to see how one moment she is cracking jokes, claiming she is nervous, and the next she acts teary saying "he broke me, he broke me, he broke me," before becoming belligerent, while calling Trump a bully, claiming "old white guys" have tried to keep her down her whole career.

The poorly scripted performance must be seen to be believed, even if just to note that her claim is that her carer is going to be destroyed because the Trump family condemned her, without her even mentioning how many liberals who hate president Trump condemned her before any of the Trump family said anything. Note she claims Trump "bots" went after her........ hmmmmmmm, is Chelsea Clinton a Trump bot or supporter? Doubtful. Is Keith Olbermann a Trump supporter? Ok, even I laughed at that thought. Is Anderson Cooper? Nope, he just recently had to apologize for crudely talking about Trump defecating on a desk

Yes, Griffin chose to hold a mock bloody head up in an ISIS-like manner of beheading the President, she chose to participate in the photo shoot that produced the image and video, she chose to promote it on Twitter, but now she claims she is a "victim" because the left, the right and the middle, roundly criticized her for it, events were cancelled because of her own bad decisions and choices, but it is all Donald Trump's and his family's fault because they are "bullying" her.


Griffin has every right to her free speech, just as her supporters, other liberals, conservatives and the Trump family have every right to condemn it. Those that cancelled her events due to her own poor choices also have the right to disassociate themselves with her. 

Griffin is not only playing the "victim" card against the President and his family, but she is also now claiming she has been "betrayed" by Anderson Cooper because he "dropped her from his CNN New Year’s Eve broadcast like a hot potato," according to Page Six. 

But a source said, "Kathy totally misjudged this. She truly believed that Anderson would stick up for her. She considered him a friend. While she has nobody to blame but herself, she feels somehow betrayed." Griffin appeared in a tearful press conference on Friday where she sobbed of Trump: "He broke me." No word about Cooper.

If Griffin thought for a second her claim of victimhood was going to garner her sympathy, a look at the Twitter hashtag #kathygriffin, shows she miscalculated badly as now we are seeing her previous hate tweets dug up and shown to the world, such as when she called Sarah Palin's child that was born with Down Syndrome, a "retarded baby," back in 2009.


USA Today hit the nail right on the head when they report "You didn’t have to be two feet away from comedian Kathy Griffin at the press conference podium Friday morning, as I was, to see that this media event only worsened a still-spiraling disaster."

The reporter also described what happened after the cameras stopped rolling on Friday:

After a bizarre end featuring an outspoken, critical reporter hijacking the press conference, Griffin retired to a back office and canceled a series of interviews with individual reporters. Bloom handled a few of these follow-up interviews before abruptly canceling them as well (including one with USA TODAY) without explanation.

As Twitter exploded, Bloom tersely re-emerged from her office to ask the remaining journalists to leave. Not just the office, but the building.

By the time the whole thing was said and done, the only clear objectives achieved were further proof of Hollywood political disconnect from the rest of the country and renewed vitriol — but it was still directed at Griffin, not Trump.

In other words, her attempt to play the victim card, failed spectacularly.

It is very hard to generate any type of sympathy for anyone that thinks mimicking ISIS propaganda shows good judgement. There is no sympathy for someone that only apologizes because people "reacted" badly and criticized her. No sympathy for someone that apologizes one day, then accuses "old white men" of trying to destroy her when the condemnation was universal.

Absolutely no sympathy for someone that cannot take responsibility for their own choices, their own actions and bad judgement and instead wants to blame someone else.

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We are seeing this type of abdication of responsibility across the board by liberals, from Hillary Clinton's "excuses tour," where everybody and everything was responsible for her presidential election loss, except her because she is a "victim,"  to the violent suppression of free speech at colleges where the rioters and oppressors are claiming they are the victims because hearing a differing opinion rips them out of their safe space without a trigger warning!

Kind of like punching someone in the head then blaming them for hurting your hand with their face.

This goes beyond Kathy Griffin and Hillary Clinton, as Tucker Carlson points out below, Griffin is the "Perfect Embodiment of What the Modern Left Believes." This ia societal problem, a "victimhood" mentality, where people like Griffin feel they can do anything they want and if it proves to be universally unpopular, they can claim they are the ones being wronged.


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