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January 13, 2015

Is It Too Late To Save The Dollar? Experts Agree, Yes It Is! "We Are In The Pre-Anarchy Stage" - Coast to Coast With Steve Quayle

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine


Top financial experts have been beating the drum, warning Americans that the fall of the dollar was coming, that the next recession and collapse will be worse than the 2008 catastrophe, and that when it happens we can expect to see a major war break out around the world, anarchy and revolution in America, food shortages, riots and martial law.

We have heard from Dr. Jim Willie, Gerald Celente, Marc Faber, all in interviews that can be found around the web and on YouTube, most dealing with the different aspects of what is being seen, interpreting events, following past trends and connecting them to recent events that all indicate we are approaching the mother of all collapses.

The US dollar is now barely worth the paper it is printed on with no "gold standard" applied, meaning there is no physical gold backing up the paper, yet the US continues to keep printing Greenbacks that are worth less and less with every batch printed up.

Bluntly speaking, the US  is broke.

In the interview below, Coast To Coast is joined by Author and researcher, Steve Quayle, who breaks down what is being seen, the warning signs, the "missing gold in the US., the manipulation of the gold price, China's accumulation of gold, and the possibility the next world reserve currency may be a basket of currencies, including the Chinese Yuan and the Russian Ruble, all backed by gold," as described by the Coast to Coast website

Quayle revealed, noting there are no longer real markets left. He contended that Russia and China have amassed large quantities of gold in order to leave the U.S. dollar as the global reserve currency. China considers its gold holdings as a strategic weapon against the West, he added.

There is nothing backing up the money the United States prints, Quayle continued, pointing out that the country is broke and the buying power of one dollar has fallen to just four cents. He suggested that private pension funds and 401Ks could be taken to service the nation's outstanding debt. "All of the assets of the United States and its people in those funds have been already pledged to others," Quayle asserted. Gold is tangible, the only asset not pledged multiple times (like derivatives are), and is accepted universally, he explained. Gold is also beyond the manipulative power of the central banks, Quayle noted. "If you can't hold it, you don't own it," he said.

Quayle joins the show around the 43 minute mark, and at approximately the 1:51:00 minute mark the host asks his opinion on the recent reports of Lord Monckton's statement that suggest  we are only months away from a totalitarian, one world government," where Quayle states unequivicably that the basis of the statement is correct, although he doesn't exactly agree on giving a timeline due to power of manipulation. 

When asked if it is his belief that it is too late to save the US Dollar and put it back on a firm footing, Quayle responds that in his opinion it is "because we have transferred our manufacturing overseas, we have transferred our jobs overseas."  

Other points made in the informative show below include a statement that "we are in the pre-anarchy" stages in the United States as evidenced by the recent protests, riots, racial tensions, all fomented in order to push the "globalists plans to set up world upheavel so that they can bring everybody under a global mechanism with a single currency, a single religion."

These are only the tip of the iceberg of the information provided in this interview below. Things are explained in a  clear, concise manner, the dots connected to events we are watching play out on the global stage right now, and is definitely a must-listen.

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