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March 28, 2018

† US Senator's Ominous Warning About Russia And China Should Stop The War Drums Beating: 'Right Now, We're Helpless'

- Obama's Decimation Of US Military Paved The Way For America's Destruction†

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

According to MSNBC as heard in the 1st video below, on April 9th, President Trump and America will take a huge step towards nuclear war with John Bolton officially taking over his role as President Trump's new national security advisor on that day. With RT warning in the same video that President Trump's choice could have dire consequences for relationships with a number of different nations across the world, the video also mentions that 'the elite' are still preparing to bug out to 'doomsday camps' as more 'wars and rumors of wars' surround us. And as their video wisely suggests, we should all get prepared for this event we pray never comes yet the signs of something huge ahead continue to besiege us.†

In this new story over at the Daily Mail which Steve Quayle linked to on his website on Tuesday morning they report that much of the world has now turned against Vladimir Putin and Russia after the US and at least 22 other countries kicked more than 100 Russian diplomats out of their countries in what some believe is another step along the path that could lead to World War 3.

As Kit Daniels reports in this new story over at Infowars,†the mass expulsion of Russian envoys wonít go unanswered according to Russian officials with Russiaís ambassador to Washington, Anatoly Antonov, saying "the US only understands force." However, as Steve Quayle mentioned in an SQnote he left while linking to that story, "Obama destroyed the US military, and the intel community is totally stacked with (Obama) loyalists, and Russia gets the blame? BULL SHEEEET!"

With Putin now warning that he'll soon be making a 'final decision' on how Russia will respond to the mass expulsion of their diplomats from the West, including the 60 expelled from the United States, former US Congressman and presidential candidate Ron Paul recently warned that the 'neocons are back' in Washington DC with a big war budget and big war plans while asking, "who's next for the warmongers? Iran? North Korea? Russia? China?"


And while we here at ANP absolutely understand the concern being voiced by Ron Paul and many others, people both on the left and on the right, that Bolton back in the White House will lead to 'the next big war' that turns into the 'next big mistake' for the human race, much has changed in the last decade that leaves the US in far too vulnerable a position for us to be launching any TEOTWAWKI wars.†

As Dr. Peter Vincent Pry reported in this March 4th story on ANP, the policy of mutually assured destruction (MAD) that had long been an overriding factor that had helped the world avoid a nuclear war for many decades is no longer applicable thanks to 8 years of the presidency of Barack Obama. With that 'game changer' leaving America now 'unilaterally vulnerable' to nuclear destruction, that in itself should be a 'deterrent' that prevents President Trump from launching a major war.††

As Dr. Pry reported, under the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty of Obama, termed "New START," our already dangerously deficient nuclear deterrence and warfighting capabilities were further weakened. And while President Trump wisely seeks to reverse the damage that was done to our military which became more concerned about 'social justice' than defending America under 8 years of Obama, numerous recent stories that have come out across the msm and independent news medias prove we are no longer the 'biggest kid on the block', with both Russia and China having hypersonic and 'unstoppable' nuclear weapons that could incinerate our nation.

And now we learn†US Senator James Inhofe recently warned about us falling behind China and Russia, "Right now, we're helpless".

Who wants to get into a war that we can't win? Only psychopaths would seek out a battle which they know there is a very good chance they'd be destroyed in. Yet if the INTENTION is to get the US into a war that can't be won, a war that would leave the US in shambles like never before with that war coming here to US soil, then we may be in more danger than ever before. And as we see shared in more detail below, we may have already been 'set up' to be in such a position.†


And while knowing that we could be completely destroyed 'unilaterally' should we get into a war with China or Russia is a bit unnerving, it should also be 'quite humbling' and a very tough pill to swallow for those who might be pushing for a war when they know they can't win it, a war that could also quickly lead to the US being massively depopulated, just as is forecasting.†

While then-candidate Trump roundly criticized the disastrous years of Bush wars that the US was unable to win, will 'the office' he's now in turn him into a war-hungry Bush clone or another Bill Clinton or Barack Obama, eager to turn a massive profit for the military-industrial complex while selling out the American people and the US military men and women who put their lives on the line every day for America? We'll agree with then-candidate Trump, we should never again get into another war we can't win.†

And as we've previously reported on ANP, should President Trump guide us over the next several years through the minefield that Obama helped to create internationally via kicking the can down the road on North Korea and continuously antagonizing while helping to arm Russia, President Trump should win the Nobel Peace prize, an event that would be doubly-delicious by forever triggering the hateful libs who celebrate President Trump's every perceived failure.†


And while North Korea might seem to be a 'pushover' for anyone who's just looking for a war to be fought 'just because', as we've previously warned on ANP, the potential threats that North Korea poses extend far beyond delivering an EMP which takes down the electrical grid or firing a nuclear ICBM into an American city, both of which would be unimaginable tragedies.†

As Michael Snyder reported over at End of the American Dream back on April 13th of 2017, North Korea's biological weapons programs are among the most lethal in the world and as Snyder asks in his story, "where will you go when North Korean agents release biological weapons in major US cities?" Is America ready to face the scenario detailed below as repercussions for us carrying out an attack upon North Korea as Snyder details in this must read story?:

In the aftermath of a massive U.S. military strike on North Koreaís nuclear facilities, North Korean agents that have been embedded inside the United States for years quickly start going to work. In Washington D.C., New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco, small containers that had been covertly smuggled into the U.S. are opened and dropped on the ground in the middle of large groups of people.

At first nothing seems to happen, but pretty rapidly those that have been exposed start developing puffy white sores and blisters on their skin. When this hits the news, panic begins to spread as people realize that this appears to be a coordinated attack. Before too long, others that have been exposed to a different bioweapon start bleeding profusely from their eyes, ears, mouths and noses. People drop dead by the thousands, and a national health crisis is declared.

Economic activity comes to a complete halt as everyone becomes deathly afraid of leaving their own homes. Hospitals and other medical facilities are completely overwhelmed because they can only treat a small fraction of those that are dying. Because these weaponized diseases were designed to spread like wildfire, pretty soon nearly every community in America is affected.

The federal government attempts to intervene, but it is powerless to stop the spread of these pandemics. Thousands of dead bodies lie rotting in the streets of our major cities because there arenít enough people willing to take the risk of burying them. And because virtually everyone is camping out at home, essential public services start to break down very rapidly and our society descends into a state of utter chaos.

We also must remind you that during the 1990's, before Barack Obama's 'open door to terrorists' immigration policy, North Korea had at least 5 commando units upon US soil, prepared to attack nuclear power plants and US cities †with chemical and biological weapons should the US have attacked North Korea†according to now declassified US Defense Intelligence Agency reports. How many more such 'sleeper units' do they now have upon US soil after 8 years of Barack Obama's policies, prepared to attack US cities should President Trump start a war with North Korea?†


Several days ago, ANP received an email from one of our readers named 'Jack' who shared with us this very interesting theory that could unfold and that could bring about nuclear war upon this planet, a theory he says he hasn't seen mentioned anyplace.

As we've reported previously on ANP as is also reported in this September of 2015 story over at the National Review, Islamic extremists want to hasten the coming of their 'mahdi' who they believe will only come at the time of an 'armageddon-style' nuclear war against the West. For their long-awaited 'madhi' to arrive, they NEED nuclear war. So let's take a look at Jack's theory:†

Ok, what do the European countries have in common? The UK, France, Sweden, Germany, and others? A Muslim invasion.†

What does the UK and France have that the others do not? Nuclear weapons.†

With London now having a Muslim mayor, how long will it be before the muslims get their hands on nuclear weapons, and remember, these are bombs ready to launch right now. Same in France. So this scenario could very well play out.

Imagine the USA or Russia going to war with the UK or France to remove the nuclear weapons from these countries. Wouldn't it be ironic that these countries whom the USA has defended in two world wars would have to be invaded to protect ourselves from the Muslims who would now have control of weapons of mass destruction?

With the UK already having fallen to nearly full-scale tyranny where the rights of people to speak freely have already been vanquished and criminalized showing the totalitarian direction they are headed, the fact that Islam is really a totalitarian political philosophy hidden within a religious element should be of great concern with their acquisition of power growing should they acquire nuclear weapons and truly do seek to 'hasten the arrival' of their 'mahdi'. Was Barack Obama an 'agent of Islamic change' to hasten that arrival with his total decimation of our military during the 8 years he was in office?††

And while it's not yet time to go down into the bunkers and hunker down for the next few years as we hear in the 2nd video below some 'elite' are preparing to do, with the level of danger now cranked up several notches and 'rumors of wars' worldwide, we'd be foolish if we're not prepared for whatever may come in the days, weeks and months ahead as global powers manipulate events behind the scenes and move their game pieces into place.

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