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August 20, 2015

Portland Builds Agenda 21 Bridge To The Future While Infowars Talks September 2015 Apocalypse - Full Show


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

With the US and global economies clearly in freefall and economists around the world bracing for a September that is building up to be a catastrophe of historic proportions, the Pope coming to America to talk one-world religion and world peace and CERN getting ready to be fired up once again at peak power, Dr. Edward Group joins Alex Jones in the new video below from Infowars to talk with us about September of 2015 and look into reports that the 'apocalypse' may take place next month.

Group joins Jones at the 51 minute 50 second mark to break down the myriad events that we have been paying attention to recently at ANP and get into Michael Snyder's recent story at 'End Of The American Dream' called "The Big List Of 33 Things That Are Going To Happen In September 2015".

In the meantime, we take a look at the future, a brand new bridge has gone up in Portland, Oregon that has Agenda 21 and the surveillance state written all over it. Just take a look at these pictures from Popular Mechanics to see what the future brings. Built only for mass transportation or pedestrians walking, if you own a car, you'll never get to drive across it and after taking a look at these images, we see architecture strangely reminiscent of the Denver International Airport and something we'd see in a futuristic dystopian movie.

The photo at the top of the story shows just a few of the ever-present cameras peering down at the 'walkers' as they ramble across the bridge, most likely completely unaware of what has been built up around them. Showing us a car-less future, how long will it be until cars are outright banned across America? From Popular Mechanics with more pictures at link.:

Walk it. Bike it. Take light rail, a bus, or even a streetcar. Just don't expect to ever drive across Portland's new Tilikum Crossing bridge. The city's first new bridge to be built over the Willamette River since 1973 opens Sept. 12 not only gives the Rose City a fresh way to cross from downtown to points east, but also becomes the nation's longest multi-modal non-vehicle bridge. And it's a shining example of a new way of building bridges to connect shifting urban neighborhoods.

Building the new bridge in all concrete—no steel—required exacting pours and finishes. That's especially true because the bevy of pedestrians and cyclists expected to use the structure will be able to see the details up-close as they cross.

"It is so beautiful," Dan Blocher says. "I just want to go across it."





This video begins with the latest 'Black Lives Matters' controversy, a leading voice who has been claiming black privilege while being white. Once again showing the sheer hypocrisy of 'Black Lives Matters', Shaun King claims to be black though he has two white parents and received scholarships to an all black college as a white man.

We also learn that recently, a 9-year old black girl was killed by a black man in Ferguson and nobody protested. Do black lives really matter 'Black Lives Matter'? Apparently, they only matter if they can be exploited for political gain and the 'killer' was a law enforcement officer just doing their job as exposed in the 2nd video below, a viral rant by a woman named Peggy Hubbard who exposes the blatant hypocrisy of 'Black Lives Matter'.

“They went to execute a warrant for an arrest for a very very bad guy, when they came to get him, instead of going peacefully, having his day in court, he decides to pull out another stolen gun, shoot at the police, police shot back, and he was killed,” explains Hubbard.

Locals and ‘Black Lives Matter’ activists responded by torching buildings and cars. The unrest continued for a second night, with protesters chanting “we’re ready for war” as they blocked traffic, bashed out car lights, and reportedly jumped one young couple, with a man being severely beaten.

Hubbard then references the case of a 9-year-old girl who was killed in Ferguson during a drive-by shooting, news of which emerged at around the same time.

Last night, who do you think they protested for?” asks Hubbard. “The thug, the criminal, because they’re hollering police brutality, are you f**king kidding me? Police brutality? How about black brutality?”

You black people, my black people, you are the f**king most violent motherf**kers I have ever seen in my life!” she continues. Hubbard went on to castigate protesters for “tearing up the neighborhood I grew up in” for a criminal while ignoring the innocent 9-year-old girl.

At 51:50, the conversation turns to September of 2015. What, if anything, will September of 2015 bring? Is September all blown out of proportion or will the warnings play out? As Jones warns us, there is clearly a buildup to something huge here in America and across the planet as ANP has been documenting in story after story over the last several months. Will September 2015 bring in the 'new world order'?

Language warning in the next video below. What do our readers think, is she spot on?

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